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Do Polish date Spanish people

panienka 1 | 205
12 Apr 2008 #31
I'm Spanish and I can swear I have dated many more than her and I still wouldn't be able to describe that typical "Spanish attitude".

Polish girls distrust italian guys and maybe spanish ones.I do not know why.

I know how Spanish or Italian men treat foreign, especially Slovakian girls... i have had the opportunity to check it more than once... they try to impress us just to take an advantage.... many of them aren't faithful. I 'm not talking about every Hispanic man, because i'm not able to judge them, but this is not only my opinion... even honest Spanish or Italian agree with this statement...

panienka i agree with you am spanish but i think you right

Slovakian, i mean Slavic in general :)
LCzachor 6 | 68
14 Apr 2008 #32
I'm brazilian, though i agree totally with you. As the south and central Americas were colonizated by spanish, portuguese in general (but in brazil we had a BUNCH of italians) I can tell the meaning of not-being-faithful statement. :D You are all right, though we have exceptions...

As we all say: Latino's stuff...... (shame, but true)
brownsugar - | 1
15 Apr 2008 #33
well i am from new york and parents from mexico and i got to date 3 polish girls
and i think they are more open and they nice people and thats why i attract becasue they are nice unlike the russian girls from moscow are so stuck up there ass
taiji000 1 | 13
22 Apr 2008 #34
we do date Spanish girls for sure, me at least :P
25 May 2010 #35
omg from my experiance a lot o f guys go for white girls.. i'm polish and when i'm walkin all the latino man turn around and stuff not only to me but all polish girls i know even that not all of them are that pretty and there's a latino girl walkin that is pretty as hell and guys still most likely check out the white chick.. Of course they'll check ouyt the latino girl too but most latinos dont like girls with attitutes.. at the begining yeahh but later on they get bored with it and look for sweet hearted girl which most white girls are.. i'm not a racist just saying .. i have a lot of latino friends and they're as sweet as they can be just love these people.. i'm just sayin the facts
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
25 May 2010 #36
at the begining yeahh but later on they get bored with it and look for sweet hearted girl which most white girls are

Hmm...thats strange, Spanish men in general tend to stick to Spanish women..Also not sure what you mean by "white" Spanish men (from Spain, Europe (just making that clear) are considered "white" - you'd notice this if you ever visited Spain in the winter months...They dont keep their colour all year round like asians..They just have olive skin, mexicans are a totally different breed and we dont call Spaniards latios.
Kegan1121 - | 1
6 Jul 2010 #37
My father is Polish, brown hair with hazel eyes, and my Mother is from Spain, black haired with brown eyes, and I am one of 3 kids. Is this a rarity? Yes, I find it is. In my entire family my sisters and I are the only ones that are mixed. I know my polish grandparents are old fashioned and were unhappy with my fathers decision at first. But he didn't let it stop him and they've been married for 21 years now. My sisters take after my father and don't look mixed at all. I, on the otherhand, have black hair and tan skin like my mother but with blue eyes like my grandmother. As far as a "spanish attitude"? I'm aware that some may be macho and chauvinist but I think that's a product of your enviroment. I have a Puerto Rican friend's father who is a little man that rules his home with an iron fist. It's unpleasant to be around but thankfully I grew up with pretty relaxed, modern parents. So I never felt the need to act out or be aggressive towards others.
katherinebk - | 6
17 Jul 2010 #38
Yes. My last boyfriend was from Peru. When you love someone you do not care about if they are Spanish or not.
George8600 10 | 632
25 Jul 2010 #39
know how Spanish or Italian men treat foreign girls

Throw Greek men in there too. I've seen it happen in front of my own eyes with italians and greeks. I hate to generalize since I'm half Greek, but it is true that most of these men seem to have some sort of a childish 'superiority complex' over these women. It's disgusting...
25 Jul 2010 #40
It was a jab of the pervasive racism in Poland that most Poles are not willing to admit exists

at least spaniards are...

you are not spanish mate, ,,,you are hispanico , a big difference!!!!

30 May 2017 #41
You know what Australian,Pakistani and Italian men are most handsome in general
idem - | 131
30 May 2017 #42
I would say it is your personal opinion- I don think I saw many handsome Pakistani men.... and Australian?- It is mixture of emigrants from all over the world......historically mainly English I think.
Lyzko 45 | 9,394
30 May 2017 #43
"Matrimonia italiana", a concept made into a movie with Mastroiani and Loren in the early sixties. Illustrates this point completely.
GREAT film too!
4 Mar 2020 #44
You guys who talk about spanish attitude are f**ked up. First please learn the difference btw latinos and spaniards. Then, don't fall into sterotypes because you show your ignorance. Not only spain has one of the lowest gender abuse rates in the world but it is one of the leading countries regarding feminism (together with USA, Chile, Argentina and Swden). Check first your country before talking about the "macho attitude" (ridiculous). Cause Poland is very progresist... or was it the other way?
pawian 222 | 24,343
6 Mar 2020 #45
Check first your country before talking about the "macho attitude" (ridiculous).

I read stories by Polish women in Spain. They complain that Spanish males still like to show off as machos but it is a false pretence and girls who look for the so called "true men" in Spain will be gravely disappointed.
luisv768 - | 1
16 Aug 2022 #46
@LondonChick can you give me evidence of this because I think this happened to me
pawian 222 | 24,343
16 Aug 2022 #47
Do Polish date Spanish people

Now I am speaking for myself.
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,191
16 Aug 2022 #48
if many Polish girls date Spanish people ?

Not even one. There is a ban on dating Spanish people. Once you will show your passport that is over for you. No girl will date you!
pawian 222 | 24,343
16 Aug 2022 #49
There is a ban on dating Spanish people.

Did rabid nationalists introduce such a regulation??? I haven`t heard of it. They will do it when they come into power but they are not ruling yet. :):):):):)

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