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Polish women are the most beautiful in the world!

isthatu2 4 | 2,704
6 Sep 2011 #1,261

maybe not,but sure got a taste for Amphetimines...............hey loopy lou, lets see your photo then,show us how gorgeous you are........
6 Sep 2011 #1,262
The flaw in your well written diatribe is that you as a woman haven't the foggiest notion of the visceral attraction men have for women.

There is no visceral attraction about a Polish woman, save for emotional, non-physical attraction. You think I'm a woman? I always was in advanced in subjects like writing. You haven't the foggiest of what attraction is if you think Polish women are attractive. What is visceral to you? And do you understand that you like Polish women because you are Polish, and if you were not Polish, you would not give them a second look? In other words, do you realize you are in denial and insecure because of how you were raised, ie brainwashed? No one but Poles like Poles, save for a very few hapless characters. When you write an accusation like "you," back it up with something, ya ignorant stupid pollack. Back your insecure, brainless rhetoric with fact. Understand? Probably not. Pollacks don't understand anything realistic except work, that's why the entire world makes fun of them, though they are white, and Christian. Stupid is the only reason left for making fun of them, and that they are. Stupid, hard working animals. All I've seen on this site are pictures of a few subpar famous women who are not the best in the world, only the best in Poland, and a bunch of ugly polish women. You fools post pictures of ugly women and say they are, what...pretty. Your stupid posting serves only to defeat your purpose of brainwashing people by making you look downright stupid. I did look on, and I advise everyone to do the same. There, you'll see how ugly polish women are. Open your eyes, and stop lying, dumb ugly pollacks

Someone has to retitle this site to "What Pollacks Think of Themselves."

And stop making excuses for your ugliness: no, I'm not jealous (that would indicate possession, and I don't have, want or ever want that), or envious, or been dumped by a pollack, or someone taken by a pollack, or whatever else you psycho poles come up with. Stop trying to figure me out, and start figuring yourselves out. Thats why you are stupid, because you attack other people instead of understanding the reality of what are yourselves and other people. Like, how your behavior is ignorant, void of truth, and therefore stupid to all others. Like, how you are blind to real beauty, and compare real beauty like Russian or Ukrainian, to some of the ugliest women in the world, like those from Poland. You would be no less crazy if you began writing about how Samoan, aborigineal Australian or Tongan women are the most beautiful in the world and I would be no less disgusted. From what I have seen, polish people are so ignorant and stubborn that they will support everything polish regardless of the truth. I simply have a distaste for these type of lying maniacs. Get over beings victims of communism and realize that you are behaving like control freak communists yourselves. Listen to you old people, you will hear the same sick, ignorant crap they have to say as well.
modafinil - | 418
6 Sep 2011 #1,263
Visceral attraction is precisely what I am attracted to without reference to anyone else ideas of beauty. I don't need a plastic surgeon with his formula to tell me what is attractive any more than I need a butcher to tell me a piece of meat has turned rancid.

Facts? Anthropologically, beauty is equatable with health. Your bitterness is very unhealthy.
6 Sep 2011 #1,264
O, To the honest, or non-pole: when you look on, look at it realistically by surfing around on your own, randomly. Not with the lying, brainwashing tactics of the ugly, stupid pole, which ignorantly points out only which specific ones they want you to see, ie the very few attractive females the site contains (because that is manipulating and lying, and nobody respects or likes that ****). They are so damn pointy, have too thin or flat nasal crevasses, flat, thin or wide faced and ugly, aren't they! Now do you see what a joke they make of themselves by creating this site! Call it Website of lies. Idiots. To the dumbfckn ugly poles who propogate all the bs about your females: I'll have something for you, but it wont b what you want. When you are uncomfortable, that's when you are improving. Save your pills for your loopy self, isthatu2; looks like some type of pill might help you, might.
6 Sep 2011 #1,266
Visceral attraction is precisely what I am attracted to without reference to anyone else ideas of beauty. I don't need a plastic surgeon with his formula to tell me what is attractive any more than I need a butcher to tell me a piece of meat has turned rancid.
Facts? Anthropologically, beauty is equatable with health. Your bitterness is very unhealthy.

What you are doing is writing personal opinion about what kind of women you like. The subject of this thread is that Polish women are the most beautiful. If you want to write your opinion, go ahead. I will definitely write mine. You only serve my arguement that Polish people are stupid, immature, ignorant and lying when you write:

you as a woman haven't the foggiest notion of the visceral attraction men have for women

I love that you give me a real example of a stupid Pollack. First of all, you assume way too much about me, but you don't think consider what I meant from what I wrote. Dumba$$. Second, you accuse me of not understanding what men find attractive in women. After I have given many true examples of what physical attributes that people in general find completely ugly in Polish women, because these traits are examples of what men find unattractive in women-- ugly. I will repeat that, you stupid Pole: I was writing about what is NOT attractive to men, and your accusation to me was about what IS attractive to men. If you want to write about what you like, go ahead. But don't put your sick BS on me or this site by stating your opinion as a matter of fact, especially without backup. Typical arrogant Pollack; you think you know something, but you don't know. People like you who talk like you know, in reality you know nothing. Funny how that works. Knowing is backing it up dumba$$.

You obviously don't know the first thing about what is attractive to men. I'm guessing you are not a man because you defend this dishonest site that says ugly women are beautiful by attacking my true documentation and well-backed opinion. If you don't agree with me on what men find attractive, if your opinion is so different from mine, look up studies done on what men and women find attractive in one another. You will see that my opinion and examples match with those studies. Thats documentation. Did I say Poles are uneducated? I add that to my list, because no matter how much education you plug into them, they still choose to stay ignorant because deep down, they believe only what their mothers tell them, and other stupid $hit like that. That really is stupidity. Unless your mom is open-minded enough to tell you to go out and find something for yourself, you are a dumb Pollack. Usually, women from this type of culture are not open-minded and they talk like they know everything. They don't say, "I don't much about that, but I'll point you to someone who may know," they just pretend to know so people don't realize how stupid they are. Which defeats their purpose because talking like you know about what you don't know, is stupid, uneducated, insecure, prone to jealousy, etc. The Polish men do it too. Thats being stupid by nurture, you all learn ignorant behavior from birth.

You are just plain ignorant, stupid, immature, and you are lying when you write about the subject of anthropology, because I do know what men find attractive, and bitterness as an example is not about the subject of anthropology at all. Your example is about mental health and fitness. And my mental health is fine; I have written my opinion in a way that shows my distaste for this disgusting subject with fact, documentation, and reasoning, which this makes 100% sense. To a non-Pollack, and maybe a few rare, realistic ones as well. A stupid Pollack would hate this and accuse, and argue against it instead of accepting and respecting the truth in it. Your mental health, however, is deteriorated, by your own unrealistic, unfounded said accusations, and the fact that anthropology is about how humans adapted and evolved to survive. If you want to talk psychology, I am more than able and willing, and I am not accusing without basis, I am pointing out fact and backing it with your own example: Your disposition about your opinion is mentally unstable and unhealthy, as is most Polish mentality, because you accuse someone without sound reasoning or documentation, as though you are an expert, with the arrogance of someone who pretends to know. Your reference to anthropology is stupid because its not what you mean. What you meant was, you hate that I know the truth of why Polish women are ugly, but you want to divert attention from it by covering it up with an attack on my mental health. All you did was show how unhealthy you are by accusing and attacking me without cause. You simply don't like my opinion. But you cant argue with it, and you hate that. Because what I write is the truth. If you want to belittle someone, start with yourself. Without knowing, you already have by writing your crazy babble about me not knowing something but not knowing how to prove it. So you write about something else which doesn't fit at all. The link between anthropology and this subject is, if you don't want to be an ignorant Pollack any more, is that physical beauty is healthy and vice versa especially when genetics are mixed. Polish genetics are not mixed, or diverse, as are those of truly beautiful women from countries that did diversify. Such as Russia, Brazil and the Scandinavian countries for ex. Polish people developed as a result of having ancient Slavic roots long ago, to sharing roots more recently with Germany, then cutting off diversity by interbreeding amongst themselves primarily. Thats why, even though they were off the map for example, they still retained their language and way of life. They could not have done this if Poles had not bred only amongst themselves. They were exclusive only with themselves. While Russia was getting raped by Mongolians and everyone else around their territory, and Brazil was being colonized and bred with genes from around the world, and the Vikings spent more than 1000 years taking only the most beautiful of women from everywhere and bringing them home as slaves, sex slaves. History isn't always pretty, but it show that what made Polish people strong is what also made it weak, and is the reason anthropologically why they are so frkn ugly!

If you want to talk psychology, we can do that too. Polish people, like you, are in denial. Because you are ugly people. One look at is evidence enough. Or the fact that ugly Poles from universities travel around the world in the summer looking for work. Just go to Poland and look on the streets at the females walking by. They are just plain or ugly. You got really f-ed over by Russia with communism and all, but you now behave communist by this thread for example, and the fact that Polish people talk about how they are the best on so many levels, but they don't have the goods to back it up. What I'm saying is realistic: write the truth, be honest about yourselves and write about what you are truly good at. Not what you WANT to be good at. Stop being so mentally damaged and start being honest. You make fools of yourselves by writing a thread like "Polish women are the most beautiful in the world." If that were the case, they would be everywhere on the internet like are Sweden, Brazil, India, Venezuela, and even small, relatively unknown countries like the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia, etc). Poland is a lot bigger and better known than the Baltic countries, and yet they still are overlooked. Because Polish women are plain and ugly.
legend 3 | 664
6 Sep 2011 #1,267
People will talk about northern Europe, the Baltics, south America, russia and a few other Slavic nations,etc but no one will say, go to poland to find beautiful women, because this is not possible, nonexistent.

What a joke.
First he/she writes a wall of text. and then puts moronic comments. Northern Europe woman? Only ones people in large masses might like are Swedish blonde girls. South America? Brazil. In general people do think Slavic women are 'hot'. And that applies to Poles. The Baltics.... buhahahahahahaha. I have never in my entire life heard someone say hey those Latvians are hot. And why would they the population there is tiny.
6 Sep 2011 #1,268
Nope, you need help, especially if you're a denial freak pollack

People will talk about northern Europe, the Baltics, south America, russia and a few other Slavic nations,etc but no one will say, go to poland to find beautiful women, because this is not possible, nonexistent.

No, you and the other lying freaks on this thread are the joke. Because you're all stupid pollacks in denial that you are ugly. That's why nobody talks about Polish women. People do talk about those tiny Baltic nations, they are on a travel sites top 10 list, dumba$$ pollack. Nothing I wrote was a moron. That's all you can say because you probably can't follow it. You have no idea what I'm talking about, too lazy to sit and think about, you simply start hurling names without reasoning capabilities. Only serves to strengthen my resolve on how pathetic polish people are, and how sick you are to start up a retarded thread like this. What a joke...yep, it sure is! All those mushy brain pollacks who lie on this site are jokes, and you know it. You just can't stand someone saying it, you hate the truth. Yes, masses like Swedish, in fact, they are number one on most sites. A stupid pollack like you has obviously such a tiny brain you cannot imagine a quiet country in the Baltics can have better than a big country like yours. Because you are arrogant, nasty pollacks. But they do have better than Poland, and in fact, everything about Poland is ugly, not just the women. The land, the people, the food, the culture, the healthcare, how you educate your kids, everything. To non-polish reading this, the teachers in Poland will openly and seriously argue with teen children if a mistake has been made, instead of taking the high road and instructing the kid to learn from the situation. I saw this myself, and was shocked at the insecure attitude the teacher was teaching to the polish kid. No wond they are so stupid, and they never think they are, or do anything wrong. People like this are the plague of the earth. Fortunately this type of mentality is confined usually only to third world or developing countries. Polish people should be ashamed of their behavior, but they are not. I guess they figurenthey were treated so badly so now they can go and treat others badly. You need the faking help, u Duma$$ pollacks. Everyone thinks you're stupid, even those of us who don't believe in stereotypes, and just know how you are in general. Even the nice polish people can be extremely ignorant. Stop writing stupid blogs and start gathering information before you expel it, there's a thought! Damn the people who constantly choose to be stupid; nationals of Poland. It's ugly like germany, except Germans are master business manipulators, so at least they have something to fall back on. Let's see, what other trash did the retard talk...o yeah, and what are u laughing at the Baltics for, loser! They look way better, probably behave better as well. Even the ugly Germans hate you because you're so pathetic, your arrogant, bragging, immature, obnoxious culture. Even some poles say they are afraid of their own people when abroad. It doesn't matter how tiny a population a country has, they still have more beautiful women in one square mile than Poland has anywhere on earth. If you want to keep posting lies, I'll keep posting the truth, which is clear on travel sites, dating sites, and lists of the most long as they are not controlled by pollacks, you ugly, lying denial freaks. The truth, education, an honest attitude steeped in reality, and reasoning ability beats out the polish blindness, lying, bragging (about nothing), insulting psychotic babble anytime. Whether you are insulting Russian women, Ukrainian, Estonian,etc by comparing polish women as if they even approach the physical beauty of these women, or honest, correct people like me who speak out and flip your little la la land around, you are disgusting.
hot_latin_guy - | 16
6 Sep 2011 #1,269
Yes they are... Im from chile.
they are the BEST,,
if you want to meet a nice and hot latin guy just send me a private message

6 Sep 2011 #1,270
O yeah, and legend says people think Slavs are hot. Not. People in general say specific countries have hot women, like Russia and Ukraine, and this Slavic hotness you talk about definitely does NOT apply to Poland. I have travelled around the world, probably have had a longer, definitely fuller life than u, Duma$$legend, and I have never heard anyone talk about polish women. I heard people talk about how they want to go to Sweden, spain, Russia, Ukraine, Czech, estonia, even France. Never Ever ever Poland. I have seen people write about how "hot" Estonians and the other Baltic women are. And never Poland. And won't ever hear it, unless it comes from a dumb faking pollack. You know what I mean when I say fake. Or, not, stupidos. Don't like someone calling you what you are...then don't insult Russians or other beautiful women by comparing the ugliness of polish women to them. Polish do not look beautiful like Russians or other eastern people. They are more similar to Germans, with few Slavic exceptions, and just as ugly. The Slav in itself is not beautiful. Just like south americans are not all beautiful in general, only a few. Europeans are not so special or different. They have some of the best, but not solely the best. I am fully European and can speak the truth, see! People can be honest, though I know a dumb pole will probably never understand the concept of an open mind or thinking outside the box. You stupid poles are generally a bunch of cows following each other and no one stops to question anything; like, as long as it's "polish," it's correct to you. Eeeechgh, wrong! Back to beauty... In fact, the best beauty of the world is composed of a mix of several cultures, thats a nod to biological fact. Only specific countries teem with beautiful women, and among the Slavic people's, those are limited only to a few, and they do not include Poland in the least. Stop lying and trying to jump on the beautiful people band wagon, you will get only resistance ya dumb idiots. It's your choice, animals.. And legend, people are supposed to put up text and comments- this is a blog site, duh. Do you realize how dumb you are! Or are you like typical polish, and happy to be stupid! How much more stupid can you get! Wait, if you are polish, don't answer that. So you dumb poles who buhahahahahahahahahahahahaha like legend, go ahead and laugh, make yourselves even more idiotic. Don't speak or consider something different. Be afraid of what's different, like you always are. Be pathetic and ignorant. No amount of education will help you, so you might as well spend your money on something more useful, like more sour krout, pickles, blood sausage, beats and other nasty **** that smells like burp or barf, or both. You are what you eat pollacks. And you UGLY. Buhahahahahahahahahaa. When I say pollacks are immature, I'm talking about those like that idiot legend, and theres the proof.

Dumb pollacks are annoying. When I say annoying, I mean like the type of annoying when someone does something utterly useless like scratching a chalkboard and thinking it's funny, just to be stupid. People who speak the truth, and its well supported and others can relate... our kind is annoying only to the idiots, like the dumb pollack.

That reminds me...a stupid little pollack girl got beat by the envy stick when people gave another girl compliments, but not to her. So she had a fit and started bragging about how a Mexican guy told her she was the most beautiful girl. The same Mexican was heard the day before saying how he lied to this polish girl that she was the most beautiful girl because he was trying to get into her pants. When asked if he actually liked her, he said he would rather she put a bag over her head, but if he thought he could get some easy tail, he would say anything. He since moved on to finer pastures after he got his treats. So there you go, the pollack is yet again the laughing stock, brunt of the joke, when she thought she was the only one laughing. Shes so stupid and evil that we dont mind having some fun. After hearing this episode, people were just shaking their heads in amusement at how desperate and stupid the pollack girl was. The dumb pollack girl went on to give more oblivious, pathetic episodes at the amusement of others. True story. If you want this girls number, I can give it to you, but you have to fill us in. If you are polish, and therefore you may end up actually liking her, you have to send us a picture of yourself. We in the locker room would appreciate it.
teflcat 5 | 1,032
6 Sep 2011 #1,271
Not, etc. Over eight hours banging on about how ugly Polish women are. You are going to feel terrible when the drugs wear off.
modafinil - | 418
6 Sep 2011 #1,272
You obviously don't know the first thing about what is attractive to men. blah blah blah

The 'blah blah blah' represents your maniacal verbose rehashing of what you have said before. Your tirades are becoming as sterile as Polish food.
As you have pointed out your evidence/back-up is just opinion. I have no interest in what other men find attractive, you do, for what appears to be research for plastic surgery. I care little to 'study' beauty. Why would I when it's meant for enjoyment. Certainly, I am not insecure enough to look to others for opinions on what is beautiful. What kind of idiot needs to check with someone else regarding attractiveness?Eunichs perhaps. Or elderley folk who are under dosed on HRT.

I often hear many glowing comments from non-Polish friends on how Polish women brighten up the local environment, especially when about town, that's as far as my study goes.

Bitterness is a reactive emotional state not a mental illness. Ugly women are treated worse by society, undoubtedly this must leave them bitter,too.

On Antropology: Mating is a very large branch of it's study it's globally shown, with some variations, that mate selection by men is intuitively on health to producing healthy offspring. A second argument is that unhealthy matings die out before getting to produce a second generation.

On your bitterness: It falls under Facts, not Anthropology.
On Psychology: I have no interest in you except where it sheds light on your opinion.
Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
6 Sep 2011 #1,273
Spot the bitter, ugly girl who got turned down by a Pole, because he could get a much better-looking Polish woman... :)
southern 75 | 7,096
6 Sep 2011 #1,274
The common accusations against slavic women from local women:
Seanus 15 | 19,706
6 Sep 2011 #1,275
I see fewer and fewer but if pensioners are your thing, you have a wide selection here.
isthatu2 4 | 2,704
7 Sep 2011 #1,276

Love,if you are a woman, trust me when i say this, you may be a hottie now,but, Amphetamine abuse will destroy your teeth and ravage your skin...........maybe it already has,thats why you still have not posted a picture of yourself to back up your boasts, come on, a non slavic bloke waits with baited breath to compare your beauty to those you discredit.
legend 3 | 664
7 Sep 2011 #1,277
dumba$$ pollack

Judging by your tone, spelling and vulgar words I would say you are an angry teenager who is wasting time talking nonsense on others forums. Keep it up. Right another wall of text it'll make you smarter lol. Id probably guess your IQ is next to nothing.

If you aren't a teenager then I will have more to laugh about.

like Russia and Ukraine, and this Slavic hotness you talk about definitely does NOT apply to Poland. I

It does apply to Poland. But since you were raped as a child and are now venting about it I understand your anger.
We Poles are just better than you.
7 Sep 2011 #1,278
That reminds me...a stupid little pollack girl

Your anti-Polish ethnic slurs and characterizations of Polish people, especially about Polish women, sounds similar to what the Nazi Germans would say about Polish women.
f stop 25 | 2,513
7 Sep 2011 #1,279
I can't talk my way out of a speeding ticket anymore.
Beauty fades.
beckski 12 | 1,617
7 Sep 2011 #1,280
I can't talk my way out of a speeding ticket anymore

I'm certain you still could :)

Beauty fades

Outer beauty may fade, inner beauty continuously grows stronger ;)
f stop 25 | 2,513
7 Sep 2011 #1,281
Re:"inner beauty"
That's not the beauty they're talking about. ;)
But, there comes a time when you really don't care what people that would judge you by your looks think. Except for that damn ticket
BigBrownEyes 3 | 20
7 Sep 2011 #1,282
Polish men are not ugly, at least not all of them.... i dont know about polish girls. i suppose is the same thing.


southern 75 | 7,096
7 Sep 2011 #1,283
Polish women in clubs mostly look like those depicted in song Suczci.Amazing.
BigBrownEyes 3 | 20
7 Sep 2011 #1,284
haha.. im latin girl too.. and i have a crush with a polish guy, omg he's so cuteee, he's tall, green eyes, kinda funny and very hardworking....

i think everyone, no metter if they are americans, europeans, asians.. etc.. they are beautiful anyway to somebody else's eyes. For example, me.. im latin, brunette, i have met guys from my city who are really handsome and i cant stop look at them even if a nice really cute european is infront of me. And i have met european boys who are really good looking guys for me... and i can imagine that if i go to Europe, that guy wont be that good looking for a European girl.. maybe...

I have read also a lot of comparison between latin ans slavic girls... and i have to admit, me as a latin girl, that slavic girls are really beautiful... but latin girls are too... and assian, an european, an american...! come on, dont fight becoz of that... and that "Notadumbpollack" he/she has a lot of hatred... leave him alone. dont listen/read to him/her... is kinda boring and blah blah......... like in spanish we say: Hacerle caso a un pendejo es engrandecerlo. Translate that into ur mother language... and u will know hehehe. =D
southern 75 | 7,096
7 Sep 2011 #1,285
Yes,but what of someone prefers suczci?
BigBrownEyes 3 | 20
7 Sep 2011 #1,286
hehe, yeah... You prefer suczki bcoz ur a boy hehe.. but im talking in general... men and women all over the world are beautiful, handsome, good looking, nice, cute, pretty to somebody else's eyes..!
southern 75 | 7,096
7 Sep 2011 #1,287
And what do you prefer?Pan Valentino?Or XL deluxe?
BigBrownEyes 3 | 20
7 Sep 2011 #1,288
uh?? Pan Valentino??? no idea.... XL Deluxe.. never heard about them... =)
southern 75 | 7,096
7 Sep 2011 #1,289
He seems to have lots of cash.Anyway who is your favourite slavic sex idol?(apart from James Bond)
BigBrownEyes 3 | 20
7 Sep 2011 #1,290
i don't know who's XL Deluxe nor Pan Valentino.. i dont know them... and my fav slavic sex idol.... i dont have it haha, i dont know. Maybe that polish guy i have just met... i really like him, but i don't know who he is... he's just my teacher, (just one year older than me), nothing more. I just have a crush on him. But he seems to be kind with everybody. so... Where are u from, btw?.

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