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Learn about the nuances of relationships with Polish men or women. Dating tips and marriage advice. No ads! (page 2)

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My girlfriend meeting my mum
How long should i wait to romance a Polish girl after she broke up with her boyfriend of three years?
11 - I am from the uk but my grammar isn't exactly great. I did use WORD to write it up...

Loverumination - 26 Dec 2017 rumination - 23 Jan 2018
Polish guy offered me money for sex
18 - No. Males like you. hahaha I don`t think it is so bad. :):)...

LoveAllura - 9 Dec 2017 pawian - 18 Mar 2020
I dont get why you guys think are too young for sex even though aoc in Poland is ok  2
Dating Polish ladies on a serious note.. How to find a girl from Poland in the UK?
Polish women and Romance
9 - @DominicB Ok...

LoveJames890 - 30 Nov 2017 James890 - 9 Dec 2017
My wife cheated on me abroad with a Polish guy  2
× Weird situation am I going crazy (chicks, hotties, nastolatki)
How common or culturally accepted is divorce in Poland?  2
43 - Honestly, we often don't know what happens behind the closed doors....

Loveunknownuser1 - 25 Oct 2017 kaprys - 28 Oct 2017
How do I get a shy Polish man to make a move?
Are Polish people very family oriented?
What do you think of Polish girls?  2
32 - What do you expect when the questions was: Compared to what kind of success ? It...

LoveWarsawGuy - 31 Aug 2017 johnny reb - 20 Mar 2021
What type of documents do we need to get married in Poland?
6 - Dziekuje! So much stuff to take care of but so worth it. Weddings in Poland are the most beautiful...

Lovesunshine1991919 1 - 19 Jul 2017 sunshine1991919 - 20 Jul 2017
British girl only interested in Polish guys...
6 - Awe come on Ms. Atch, nothing wrong with having a thread of soft porn by a plump girl troll....

Loveredpyramidthing - 28 Jun 2017 johnny reb - 29 Jun 2017
I am in love with a Polish man but he is trouble
Do Polish girl interested in Indonesian guy?
Advice needed... Canadian guy to meet a Polish woman in Poland
What kind of birth certificate do I need to present in order to get married in Poland?
I want to know, how do I show the Polish women that Im interested in knowing her?
10 - Just display a peacock train. We aren't saints and angels ;)...

LoveImKevin - 20 Apr 2017 peter_olsztyn - 22 Apr 2017
Polish girl "loves" me, despite not meeting in real life first  2
56 - @AussieAusBorn Sorry I am new to this forum and am not Polish but I live in Poland for...

LoveAussieAusBorn - 18 Apr 2017 Towarzysz - 24 Apr 2017
Urgent Relationship help - wife wants to stay in Poland  2  3  4
118 - If he earns 10'000 PLN he is doing very well in this country....

LoveBritboyByd - 13 Apr 2017 Towarzysz - 27 May 2017
How Do Muslims Approach their spouse for marriage in Poland ?
Why the Polish girls are not laughing?
My Polish girlfriend and her change of behavior
Fell in love with Polish girl at work : /
21 - Take my advice , forget her. My wife is polish, my son is half polish and my best friend...

LovePolishlovebug - 13 Mar 2017 Ysoserious - 10 May 2017
Australian woman connecting with a Polish man - a bit overwhelmed!
Are girls aggressive to chase men in Poland?
How much Polish guy cares about ladys' age? I'm from Japan.  2
How do I find out if someone is a bigamist?
Do I move from UK to Poland or not? (I met a Polish lady)
English Pre-marital courses in Krakow
Should I follow her? I met a beautiful Polish woman who has been working in the UK  2  3
62 - Itch, I believe everyone who is on this forum is a touch odd in some way or another... I...

Lovebritabroadmaybe - 17 Jan 2017 after2020 - 22 Jan 2017
Wedding after engagement in Poland
Will Polska likely have the women I am looking for?
I do not understand this Polish girl, is she playing with me? :( , I am Belgian boy
My Polish Girlfriend Broke Up With Me Very Suddenly, Did She Use Me?
Do Polish guys understand subtlety?
Classic Car Rental in Sopot - for wedding
Impressing a Polish girl who's not talking to me much anymore?
Polish Girl Friend (Im Turkish)
Polish wedding traditions/ toast ideas
Polish guy and courting? Confusion.  2
Baby naming in Poland - name chosen by the father?  2
48 - Veles it's fine I'm not easily offended just trying to understand....

LoveDreamergirl - 19 Jul 2016 Dreamergirl - 26 Jul 2016
Polish relationsip and translation - help needed...
Polish boyfriend and swearing
15 - All polish men? I don't know if all polish men are the same...

LoveDreamergirl - 11 Jul 2016 Dreamergirl - 11 Jul 2016
× Polish mother of my child - 'No money, no daughter' - ADVICE NEEDED  2
PhD qualified British guy is in love with Polish women - where to meet nice ladies from Poland in England?
17 - His English is perfect in pm and we have chatted quite a bit...

LoveScientist 32 - 2 Jul 2016 Dreamergirl - 2 Jul 2016
A surprise visit to Poland - need a general advice? Have no idea..
4 - U should tell him you like him before suddenly going and tell him your intentions...

LoveCherryChapstick - 30 Jun 2016 Dreamergirl - 2 Jul 2016
Don't get a child but adopt one? What Polish men think about women who don't want to get children?
Wedding invitation to work colleagues? How common in Poland?
Polish Wedding present - how much money for the couple?  2
40 - I am edited.....

LoveAussiePol - 3 May 2016 smurf - 10 May 2016
Wedding in Poland's Pałac w Ostromecku!
Do women in Poland change their surnames to a feminine form of their husbands' surnames?  2
× Polish men penis size
Contents of the interview at Urzad/Church in Poland (pre-wedding)
Polish Ring Sizes in US sizes?
2 - Number 12 in Poland should be the equivalent of number 6 in the US....

LoveSoiLong - 4 Apr 2016 Nathans - 4 Apr 2016
Polish relationships with over seas ladies and men
I am a friendly wee bubbly soft hearted artistic scots lady come talk to me:)
Turkish girl is going to meet her Polish boyfriend's family - needs tips.  2

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