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Books about Polish girls

Kaper1 1 | 1
8 Mar 2013 #1
Recently the book about ukrainian and polish girls appeared by Roosh V. The first one is in internet at least in .epub format. What about polish variant something like that Bang ..reading about ukrainian girls was received a new information. Maybe cause it was about girls about kharkiv. Anyway i also is interested about talking about your girls. And to compare with situation in Ukraine? Maybe there are another similar books.
ShawnH 8 | 1,507
8 Mar 2013 #2
Please provide a link to the epub that you speak of. That way we can adequately compare and contrast the various stereotypes associated with the two groups you are interested in.

By the way. Happy International Women's Day.
OP Kaper1 1 | 1
9 Mar 2013 #3
I have this book at my pc. So the link was valid two week ago. It is not difficult to find it. But it is not such easy. Anyway i could send this file to you for example in private message or upload it fileshare. But if only i would get the same link or file about poland or another book about pickup in poland despite hut is not my aim but the psychology of polish girl and the communication with them is interesting.

I do not want to make this thread a monologue. It would be better make it dialogue. So i found this book also at epub format at one of ukrainian fileshares sites along with other books of rush v. So i am interested now at another book. For example the book of Piotr Czaja-autostop po polsku, chuli sex...seems to be interesting along with two girls at coverpage. What this book is about, who is author, where at least download this book.
johnny reb 40 | 8,663
14 Jul 2021 #4
The book called, The Warsaw Orphan during the Uprising will tear your heart out.

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