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Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Find Polish Women Attractive?

JamesJames 1 | 4
3 Jan 2015 #61
Polish women are exquisite! I even like the old ones in mohair berets. My Polish wife and two half-Polish daughters are terrific looking.
Blanketsniffer 1 | 25
3 Jan 2015 #62
There's nothing wrong with not finding Polish women attractive.

There is noting wrong with it ?? . dont be that nice to people please its not that subjective :)
johnny reb 29 | 5,406
26 Jun 2018 #63
People here have talked about physically attractive Polish girls.
Now let's talk about their horrendous demeanor when they cop an attitude.
I find this so unattractive not being able to laugh at yourself or getting over it quickly.
It seems Polish girls are just miserable with themselves most of the time and want to make everyone around them miserable.
Like they enjoy seeing others miserable including family and friends.
Of course there are exceptions to the rule but most Polish girls do have that nasty mean streak in them and seldom laugh.
They carry a grudge forever.
I would never even consider having a Polish girl for a partner no matter how good looking she was just for that reason alone.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
26 Jun 2018 #64
They carry a grudge forever.

Tell me about! My wife - and I love her dearly - remembers every single stupid thing I said or did during our 48 years of marriage down to the day of the week and the time of day. I don't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

And no sense of humor. That is why I like cruizing America alone and act as stupid as I wish with the locals I meet. With her next to me - no way.

I read somewhere that there is no such thing as lesbians - only ugly women no man wants. Since Polish women are lookers, I wonder how many lesbians are in Poland.
johnny reb 29 | 5,406
26 Jun 2018 #65
I would have to guess a higher percentage then other E.U. countries do to their orneriness.
You just don't seem to see smiling chipper Polish girls when it comes to interaction with men.
When the Polish women are together shopping or cooking they seem to be in total bliss.
And if a man is not spending his loot on them they often have that lesbian controlling scowl on their faces followed by that, "Listen to me growl, listen to me roar, I am woman" feminist rhetoric.

It becomes walk on egg shells around me or else !
And if you say one word that crosses them they round up the wagons with several of their kind attacking you at once.

I like cruizing America alone

It works for me as I have met some soft hearted forgiving and understanding beautiful women to share some laughs without feeling like I had a ball and chain attached to me.
26 Jun 2018 #66
you are "looking for someone to have sex with" and that's why they didn't want to talk to you about history or anything else?

what else would you expect any 22 yo male of any country primarily be interested in? heck male species in general or any mammal species, what is their primary motivation? sex and breeding and not some long monogomous relationships that's for sure. there is nothing wrong with that or him for it.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,714
26 Jun 2018 #67
Polish women put up a tough act with all the b1tching and complaining. If you don't put your foot down first you're going to get walked all over. This isn't any different than other countries its just polish women know they're a hot commodity and are a bit more clever than your average chickenhead so they use that lever much more effectively. If there were a bank for all the money polish chicks have scammed out of dudes all around the world one way or other it'd be as big as jp morgan.

Another thing worth nothing is the many polish dudes in their 40s 50s and beyond that have two families that they both support and keep contact with. The story is almost always that same - dude leaves Poland for UK or USA and leaves his wife and kids in pl promising to send money back regularly. After a year or two he gets a side piece, usually a polish girl who also left in search of work. Sometimes they have kids too w the new girl. But almost always its accepted by both women as they see the pros end up outweighing the cons.

But still I'll take Slavic girls over any other in terms of looks and overall attractiveness...
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
26 Jun 2018 #68
If you don't put your foot down first you're going to get walked all over.

So true. It gets really ugly when I feel I am being disrespected, typically by getting the advice how to drive, wash dishes, and s*** like that. And they always want to have the last word.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,714
26 Jun 2018 #69
**** my girl won't even touch the stereo lol. Men have become so scared to quite frankly be a man. It's a great time to be a confident woman that's for sure. You have all these autonomotons just falling prey and not even realizing it.

Gotta set clear boundaries, rules and punishments. Before it was men setting those, now it's women. That's why divorces are so high, there's so much infidelity I mean I can count on like 2 3 fingers the couples that don't **** around, are friends and lovers and would do anything for each other. Then again only time will tell if it stays that way. That's why I love my Jewish princess we got a good thing going now for a while
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
26 Jun 2018 #70
Before it was men setting those, now it's women.

The pussyfication of America in full swing...
26 Jun 2018 #71
Being a lesbian seems like a great option when one reads this thread :D
johnny reb 29 | 5,406
26 Jun 2018 #72
If women would just learn how to listen they wouldn't have to force themselves into that option.
Are there a lot of lesbians in Poland ?
All the Feminists need a man for is his sperm and paycheck.
Besides that what good are they to them ?
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
26 Jun 2018 #73
Are there a lot of lesbians in Poland ?

Do they have to register and pay a fee?

I have another question. Why would a man want to "transition" into a woman? If it's just for appearance, that can be done easily without disconnecting the hose.

If to actually date other guys, a full disclose and a signed waiver would be a good idea to protect the crossdresser from the extreme violence upon being discovered to have what women normally don't. The trauma at the time of discovery is typically nothing compared to the treatment by the boys in the bar.

No, that was never my experience, so don't go there. As always, I am just trying to be sympathetic.
Mr Grunwald 30 | 2,002
29 Jun 2018 #74
Yes there are a lot of Polish women who are simply not ones cup of tea. Now shoo! Begone! Let them meet me instead
Warnick - | 4
12 Jul 2018 #75
You're about the first man I've heard does not find Polish women attractive. Quite unusual but there's nothing wrong with that.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,714
13 Jul 2018 #76
They're okay... as long as you keep some valium around
30 Sep 2018 #77
No you are not the only one. I dont find them attractive either although I'm not into "fake-up" most polish women are caked in that ****. Their faces are fake from the get go. I live in England and the ones we get are right up their selves when you first meet them. They mellow out around you in time but they showed their true snooty colours already. I wouldn't ever date a Polish woman no matter how attractive she was. Their personalities and demeanors stink which makes them ugly to me. Most guys calling you gay and ganging up against you here are just your average thirsty simps anyway. These polish women are only a commodity to any man who is dumb enough to fall for the bull****. I'd rather date a humble woman or a down to earth woman than an on edge and insecure one which most of them tend to be going by the amount of projection and stone face going on. Plus their a**es are as flat as a pancake. No shape to most of their bodies.
Miloslaw 9 | 3,032
30 Sep 2018 #78
I think Irish women are the best looking,but I'm biased.....I married one....
3 Feb 2021 #79
It's true that polish women are ugly, plain at best in general, and even when educated they present uneducated mentality. The world is tired of being bombarded w too many ugly models from Poland, Germany and England, when there is far more true physical beauty from other countries. Polish people, you are physically ugly, your food is sour, plain and disgusting as your presentation, and the world is tired of poles lying about themselves and lying TO poles w fake compliments because we feel sorry for their clear insecurity at being so genetically, physically deficient, like walking science projects, and cold like their refrigerated pickles, though not bad, the exception.
Mr Grunwald 30 | 2,002
3 Feb 2021 #80
So what is your motivation with writing all this toxicity? It can make somebody really sick reading this stuff
Strzelec35 28 | 1,587
3 Feb 2021 #81
I feel the same way. feel sero attractiveness for them.
Barney 15 | 1,476
3 Feb 2021 #82
I'm sure they will be devastated
Strzelec35 28 | 1,587
3 Feb 2021 #84
I would find someone like Paulina absolutely hideous even if she had a nice body and a nice ass because of her personality and the fact she is Polish. It is weird with us guys or men how a woman just stops being attractive if we dont like them as a person or their personality huh?
Paulina 10 | 1,857
3 Feb 2021 #85
@Strzelec35, the same is with women - when I find out that some guy is a pedo or an ephebophile or a sociopath or a misoginist (or all of the above put together) his attractiveness goes to the below zero level for me.
Strzelec35 28 | 1,587
3 Feb 2021 #86
believe me all guys are eyephiles some just hide it better until they reach a certain age. There is a reason teenage **** is the most typed search on the internet. you're in denial if you think im somehow different or weird or other ****. ive never been a pedophile. look up the actual definition. even Polanski isn't considered an actual pedophile. you on the other hand are a wannabe feminist drama queen and a lair someone who tries to make lies a typical pollack trait to win arguments. you couldn't prove your last lies and just quit talking so maybe you should do the same here. you claimed i like to choke teenage girls where did i ever say this or what is your source for this lie? who the **** would want to **** a lair or be with some female feminist lair?
Mr Grunwald 30 | 2,002
3 Feb 2021 #87
Fair point
I have to work with my "psychopathic" side, and some might add other things that aren't true. That has more to do with my social ineptitude more, then anything else. Work in progress as I like to call it
cruisepatron 1 | 128
3 Feb 2021 #88
Polish people, you are physically ugly

Boy that's some serious punch. What stood out to me is their ability to lie at a sinister level, especially the women.
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 488
3 Feb 2021 #89
Wait... Has she linked her photo somewhere?

And personally I prefer some more exotic ones... Asian or African
pawian 176 | 15,325
3 Apr 2021 #90
Asian or African

Diversity rulez!

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