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Just started dating Polish guy - what is typical of a man from Poland? Cultural differences.

Lyzko 40 | 8,757
30 Nov 2015 #31
Frank to a fault, opinionated, usually well informed, if somewhat biased in an academic direction, a tendency to become unusually emotional in arguments in which national pride and history are at issue.

That's been my experience at any rate (both for Polish guys and gals):)
Jardinero 1 | 405
1 Dec 2015 #32
I am interested in any opinions concerning these issues and slavic men

No offence to you, but this is the sort of question one could be inquiring about Jamaican (rum) and Italian (pasta)... why would you mix nationality with people's personalities remains a mystery. I understand it is convenient to pigeonhole people based on their nationality; but baby - life ain't as simple as that...
Levi 12 | 450
2 Dec 2015 #33
people's personalities remains a mystery.

The personality is a product of many ingredients, among then the context in which the person is inserted.

Even the multiculturalists insisting so much that nationality doesn't matter, anyone that had been at different places (like me, that already had been at every single continent in the world) realize that together with nationality come some standard patterns.

Eg: Most japaneses or koreans men will have a much more cautious approach to woman than latin men (Of course there will be exceptions) since latin woman will not fell by someone asking her phone number while japanese woman will not give you that instantly even if they like you.

Most latin people will be far away more unpunctual than slavic or germanic people (of course there will be exceptions) since they live in a culture where punctuality is not a standard.

So yes, nationality matter.

Said that, i would say that it is pretty complicated say the "Common behaviour" of a Slavic man. I mean, you need to have a ground of comparison. As a latin, i would say that the common slavic man (again, there are exceptions) is much more serious than a latin, for an example. But i would not say that in general they are much more serious than, lets say, a finnish.
slav intrigue
3 Dec 2015 #34
jardinero... I expressed also that I found it bizarre to link ones nationality to thier personality. As I said it was a view projected onto me by others and since the entire thread before was discussing this and I had in fact noticed similarities between the two men in question I was interested in the opinions of other people who do link nationality to certain character traits.
Datieno 1 | 3
6 Jan 2016 #35
hey am Dinah 26 years,am a Kenyan,living and working here, i need a Polish Man to Marry and settle with,any help/advice?
johnny reb 40 | 7,839
6 Jan 2016 #36
Polish men generally don't mix races.
Another big factor is what is your dowery worth ?
Bianka - | 1
1 Jul 2016 #37
I have been dating a polish man online for a month now..he never forgets to say halo daily..his very lovely in his speech and we are planning on my journey soon to leave together though his much older than me am 2o..his 56 but I love him alot and very loyal to him

He asks for my nudes freuently even when he has for the previous day which I find unusual them..his online and never chats with me.only emails though he shows interest..I have not loved before and am curious,confused..please advise me...Does ge really love me?

I have a very attractive face and okay body..what are Polish men into..thanx
NobleLemur - | 5
1 Jul 2016 #39
Father being a Polish man, pretty sure Dreamergirl is the girl he was telling me to stay away from.
Dreamergirl 4 | 273
2 Jul 2016 #40
Because as a girl I like sex a lot and enjoy polish men?
16 Jul 2016 #41
I just started talking to a polish man couple weeks ago. We send each others pictures and text all the time. And we talk on the phone. We have not met yet. Is it normal for them to said you are my wife and love you in a week. He is very sweet. And when he goes out of the country he calls me. He tells me that I am his. That God sent me to him. I am concerned about this. And starting to have feeling for him.
16 Jul 2016 #42
homophobic.......ironic really since most are so unsure of their own masculinity.
kamiska - | 1
12 Jan 2017 #44
Hey there! I've just started dating a Polish guy from the past 2 weeks. He is super super super kind, gentle, romantic and have excellent manners. We are not intimate yet and he is not forcing it at all.

I am just a bit scared because we've dated 3 times and he is talking about marriage, serious relationship and assuming I am his girlfriend :)

We are both divorced having kids and he is 35. He offers to do the grocery for my house, take care of my daughter and myself and it sounds like crazy to me from somebody I met 2 weeks ago!!!

Is it just a typically Polish characteristic? Should I be worried? I don't honestly see or feel that he is a player.
We've very good communication and lots of things to talk. We're always laughing, joking and he's super funny!
Is this all normal? I'm sorry but I been thru so bad that sometimes is difficult to believe in good.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
14 Jan 2017 #45
Is it just a typically Polish characteristic?

No, we are roten too like a Roten West. We are just people.

Should I be worried? I don't honestly see or feel that he is a player.

The key to success is to believe that you are the person you pretend to be;)
12 May 2017 #46
I am talking to a Polish man for a couple of weeks from a dating site. We moved to texting and he said he loves me!

I was like WOAH... we havent even talked on the phone yet, Do started to think hes a scammer looking to rip me off for money or something. So I told him, when we go out he has to drive and pay because I am broke and no job. He didnt text back the rest of that day, so I thought AH-HA! Still no text the next day so I sent him a text to tell him off. Then he finally texted me back and was upset and asked why I was being so rude and accusing him of being a scammer. So we started texting again and he said he was just busy at work and doesnt care if Im broke.

So then we talked on the phone today and again said he loved me and one day soon wantwd me to live with him and be his wife!!

Is it normal for Polish men to have this love at first text thing?? Hes only seen pictures of me!
I asked him how he can love someone he doesnt know at all, he just tried to say, we are all human and no one is perfect, but I have the qualities important to him, based on my dating profile. I said, "How do you know Im not lying or posting fake photos?" He said ARE YOU?

It seems frustrating to talk logic with him.
Lyzko 40 | 8,757
12 May 2017 #47
As already posted, Poles of either sex tend to be frank to a fault, blunt as a spoon, even for a first encounter, and usually make no bones about expressing themselves along with the necessary obscenities (particularly in EnglishLOL), LIKE IT OR NOT!!!

Older Poles, over fifty-sixty onward especially, will typically be far less "in your face", as the saying goes, albeit nearly as opinionated as regards politics and national culture:-)

I once dated briefly a Polish woman shortly after grad school, and was struck by how straightforward she was in comparison with American women especially.

There was no warming up in the bull pen, so to speak, and I noticed that even in Polish, she seemed to dispense with the small talk right from the start.

Unlike Swedes, Dutch, and Germans though, she was never hurtful, rude or errantly nasty, merely impatient like a child, almost demanding simple answers to complicated, above all, often highly personal questions.

Wish to emphasize here, I'm only speaking from my own limited experience first hand.
faye16 - | 1
10 Jun 2018 #48
Hello.. I've been dating with a Polish guy for over a year but I am still married and he knows the situation. And he found out from our second meeting that I am married. Any advice?
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
10 Jun 2018 #49
Invent a no-brainer conflict between him and his mother and see whose side he takes and why.

If you don't like the outcome and the explanation, drop him and run. Few things are more exasperating than dealing with a mama's boy.

Also, say no to dogs. They will be sleeping with you or watching you while you are at it.
8 Jul 2018 #50
with polish guys you just have to reassure them that you are there for them and if they really like you they will say I am so happy you are my friend. slowly slowly in any relationship but with poles just be there for them if they need you. from a sexual point of view if you sleep with a pole straight away you are not relationship material. try hard to get but still be intimate and you will gain loads of respect. compliment a polish man on everything including his bad dress sense.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,072
8 Jul 2018 #51
you will gain loads of respect. compliment a polish man on everything

No you won't, you will just end up downtrodden.
8 Jul 2018 #52
with the last comment about dogs watching you I agree so get your own dog a british springer spaniel.
i am still with a polish guy are you?
any way its all to do do with personalities you are either someone to be used or someone who looks after your best interest at no cost.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
9 Jul 2018 #53
Men who like their mothers are suspect. Loving your mother is OK. Men who ask their mothers for advice are to be avoided like a plague.
Lyzko 40 | 8,757
9 Jul 2018 #54
Guess then you'll have to avoid most of Italy, particularly the Southern region, as even these days, unmarried sons especially, continue living at home

and their mother will typically still cook their meals, wash/iron their clothes and let them sleep in their boyhood room:-)

I see nothing wrong with that from their perspective. We Americans however, couldn't even begin to imagine such a life. above all, if the man in question can

afford an apartment of his own and is making a decent living.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
9 Jul 2018 #55
If his parents live in NY and yours in Florida, move to Oregon.
Lyzko 40 | 8,757
9 Jul 2018 #56
...and meet somewheres in the middle, is that it?
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
9 Jul 2018 #57
If his parents live in NY and yours in Florida, move to Oregon. help keep their wisdom away.
Ms. Asian
22 Sep 2018 #58
We have been talk for long time by online, and we have plans to spend our Christmas together, I think I know him a lots and so him. We talk everynight, laughs and do something like a normal couple but he never said 'I love you', Is it hard to say 'I love you' for polish guy ?
jon357 72 | 21,310
22 Sep 2018 #59
It depends on the person.
Joker 4 | 2,590
22 Sep 2018 #60
Im sure she could have of thought of that herself, do you post things, just to post?

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