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Turkish girl & Polish guy marriage. Will his parents ever accept me as a non Christian female?

7 Apr 2015 #31
Levi, given that you've never lived in Poland or even met even one Turkish girl who has married a Polish man, why do you insist on repeating the utter bollocks about that subject that you so frequently pollute this site with? Speaking as somebody who knows a number of Turkish girls who are married to Poles (unlike Levi, who has never even met such a woman), I can assure the OP that she'll face no problems.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
8 Apr 2015 #32
"Levi, given that you've never lived in Poland"

You repeat 100 times that i didnt lived in Poland will not change the fact that i lived in Poland, more specifically in Lodz, Baluty. I Will not prove it to you anyway.

What is wrong with you?

"or even met even one Turkish girl"

After India and Egypt, Turkish are the 3rd biggest number of immigrants in the country that i live, being around 4% of the Population. So yeah, i met lot of them.

Admins: I know that this is a off topic comment, but Harry came with clear untrue comments about my person, which means personal abuse. Should that deserve a Warning for him too like you made with me?
Giorgio Zario
13 Apr 2015 #33
hi there, my name is George from Egypt & Christian, I've read what you wrote & i think that there are so many steps have to be followed to gain their parents trust :

1- start by calling his parents dad & mom,then try to hear them not to talk too much or trying to explain why you chosed your bf also he's Christian but wait .

2- at the moment they ask you about such point you tell them honestly about your feelings toward their son .
3- then try to remind them what Jesus Christ told for accepting those who are of other religions by example of Jewish priest & the good sameri,it's a story in the bible which was given by Jesus Christ & confirming that also turkey is a Muslim country but better than all other Muslim countries in this way .

4- make them feel comfortable about raising their grand children in Christian schools & churches as they need and that you don't mind at all .

5- show them that your religion is your right and you are free to choose what ever you believe in as a religion as they do exactly .

6- tell them you have choosed to be polis and raise their grand kids in Poland and this final .
p.s : if you'd like to ask me any question just mail me,plz : gezo_onnet@yahoo
i'll be happy to answer your question hoping to help you so much
13 Apr 2015 #34
"or even met even one Turkish girl"

Even by your standards, that is pretty damn pathetic. My actual statement was that you have never "even met even one Turkish girl who has married a Polish man". You never have, have you. Personally I know four couples where the man is Polish and the woman is Turkish (I met another couple this weekend, they're friends of one of the couples I've known for years). None of them have ever said a word about anybody in either family having any problems with the marriage.

i lived in Poland, more specifically in Lodz, Baluty.

What colour is the boathouse in Baluty?
rock - | 429
13 Apr 2015 #35
As a Turk, I want to finish this nonsense argument. A Turkish girl can marry with a Polish man.

Levi it is very funny that you try to interprete Kuran. I am quite sure you are not a muslim. It is none of your business ;)
14 Apr 2015 #36
What colour is the boathouse in Baluty?

I live in Lodz, but I didn't eve know there was such thing in there lol

@topic: I think the problem might be even beyond Muslims and Christians marriage, but about religion in general.

I am not Catholic, although I believe in God/Jesus, but my girlfriend, Polish, is Catholic. I really don't know if there will be a problem in future if we keep being together and end up being married.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
14 Apr 2015 #37

There is not a problem i. As i stated before, the catholic church doesn't veto the marriage of Non-Catholics with catholics.

In Poland this is not different.

Even some instances (Opus Dei) disagreeing with that, this is not usually a problem.

Levi it is very funny that you try to interprete Kuran. I am quite sure you are not a muslim. It is none of your business ;)

Yeah, i am not a muslim, but It is of my business because i live in a country where the laws are the Islamic (Sharia) laws and before move here i needed to study every single law, including the one that doesn't allow Non-muslim man to marry muslim woman.
rock - | 429
14 Apr 2015 #38
Turkey is a secular country and the rules are not sharia. On the other hand, sharia does not mean all rules comes from Kuran. There are many fictitious rules which were set down by so-called religion masters. That is same in every religion.

And islam in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran or Indonesia are all different in practice.

As a result a muslim Turkish women can marry with a Polish man.
OP PT2014 1 | 9
28 Apr 2015 #39
Hello again! I just saw the new replies. Thank you all for taking your time to reply my question. I appreciate that.

Piotr and I got married and we are doing fine. :) His parents accepted me and they are nice to me. Different religions did not cause any problems so far. Piotr is such an understanding and respectful person. He even woke me up for suhoor a few times. In my opinion, international marriages can be super interesting and nice. Both Piotr and I learned a lot about each others culture. For example I am still learning how to make dishes from Polish cuisine which has awesome dishes. Thankfully I faced nothing bad but it must be because Piotr and his family are respectful.

So... Wish you guys all happiness. I am myself super happy with my Piotr. :)

Oh and about marriage rules... As rock stated before, in Turkey people can marry whoever they love. Religion does not matter.
Turkish Boy
19 Aug 2017 #40
I Turkish Boy And I Love Polish Girl
25 Dec 2017 #41
I as a Catholic, if I want to marry (highly doubt it due to religious reasons) would never marry someone who is not Catholic/Orthodox.. It's very dangerous to marry from different religion, which religion and commands my children will follow? I mean follow Mohammed and Jesus at the same time? or Jesus and Luther?? when they are complete opposite.

Jesus said you can't serve two masters period! If I have an advise for my fellow Catholic/Orthodox I would really warn them against marrying someone outside their religion.

Same thing I would tell Muslims/Baptists/Hindus/Buddhists etc.... the same thing don't marry outside your circle!!! Peace & Love and Merry Christmas !! I really do love
pawian 222 | 24,343
18 Mar 2020 #42
Good chances are they would.

For some people faith and religion are important issues, for other - not. It all depends on individuals, one can`t say anything for sure until people meet and talk.

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