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Should I forgive my cheating Polish girlfriend?

Mary Perry
27 Jan 2013 #61
And in the Republic of Feminism where every gender is the same, total equality between men and women,
there will be:

-Obligatory military service for women
-Women will invite guys to drinks and pay dinner
-Women will make the first step to meet guys (which means approaching them in the street and calling them afterwards)

But that is of course not going to happen since it’s not to the feminists advantage....
15 Jun 2014 #62
no, i forgave my EX polish partner after the first time she played away (as a fool in love would do).
I gave her trust and faithfulness on my side to be abused. I moved to Poland to be with her with mixed emotions as i still was wary over what had happened. And blow me just before i got there she played away with someone she knew and it took a hellish month to get her to confess. Never again am i really going to trust polish women again as i have seen this with others as well. So basically turn your back and get the hell out of it quickly before you get hurt again.
15 Jun 2014 #63
i can't believe how limited you people are. hahaha like if i said "i'm not going to date british people because i met a few of them the other day and they were so dumb"
15 Jun 2014 #64
i wouldn't say we are all dumb as i wouldn't say all polish women are the same as the ones i've met or fell for. i wouldn't judge a full country just for a few errors in my life.
mrcruz27 2 | 8
15 Jun 2014 #65
Once a cheater, always a cheater ?? Dumb her !
15 Jun 2014 #66
I had been with my polish girlfriend for 2 years

Yes, you should forgive your girlfriend, forgiveness is a mother of all things good.
stolatte 2 | 3
25 Jun 2014 #67
OP. Causing conflicts and not being able to admit being wrong are standard Polish traits. Nothing new here.
ChristianIrish - | 1
5 Jul 2015 #68
Merged: Polish woman cheated need to move on


So I'm Irish and I got with a Polish woman older than me in the u.k I loved her dearly and she cheated. Whilst at work she packed her things and just left without a goodbye... Not i know i need to move on and I love polish! That much she did show me how caring and kind polish women are. Help? Advice?
Pork Seller - | 3
5 Jul 2015 #69
Help? Advice?

Life goes on bro,move on..
6 Jul 2015 #70
she found someone better than you. it is normal female behaviour.
So try to improve your looks and social status and try with different birds.
it is a myth that Polish girls are better than Westerners.
Trust me I lived abroad for over a decade before returning to Poland last year.
Polish girls will have sex with you once or twice and then never return your text.
In london at least they tried to date for 2 months+ most of the time.
I also got my first STD in Poland.
1 Dec 2021 #71
Grow your self a pair of balls and get rid of her, most polish woman will cheat on you it's there nature.

Polish woman in London cheat the most. You are too sucked into her whilst she is using you.

She is mixed they say, she used you to get a ticket out of Poland could you not read between the lines?
Strzelec35 36 | 988
4 Dec 2021 #72
Polish females are so ****** up you guys dont even know

They are like f-ing witches or from another planet of every age literally. They also lie to themselves thinking they have some morality. Yet they sell themselves for money and use sex as a weapon or a commodity but think they have some ******* morality.

yes such moral people where their teen sluts sell vids of themselves or hooking and throw themselves when on vacations abroad at foreigners but they feel inside they are so moral doe.
Alien 12 | 2,770
5 Dec 2021 #73
Well, Polish woman are like a best chapagne. Everybody wants them, but only very few can afford them, and even fewer can realy enjoy them. Sorry pal.

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