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What to do for my PL girlfriend on her name day?

ashley0001 1 | -
6 Jul 2011 #1
Hello can some one help me please my girlfriend is polish and it is her name day on 26 july as i do not understand what you are suppose to do on a name day can someone help me please .. Do i have to buy her a present or what do i have to do celebrate this day with her ..I love her very much and i want to show her that i respect her beliefs and i want to make her happy.. So what should i do . Can someone please help as i am not polish and i have no understanding of this day .. Also is there any other days that i need to be aware of ..

P.S. hope someone can help me and i only understand English.. sorry .. I am trying to learn polish ..
Alligator - | 261
6 Jul 2011 #2
Name day is similar to birthday, so you can buy her a present and take her for a dinner.
In Poland name day party is mostly organised by host in his/her home. Family and frieds come on that day with presents and name day wishes. Women (especially older) also are given flowers.
urszula 1 | 253
6 Jul 2011 #3
Get her some flowers, a box of chocolates and a card.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
6 Jul 2011 #4
Provided she doesn't have an obscure name, you should quite easily be able to find a keyring with her name on it :) It's a nice, added extra.
17 Jun 2020 #5
A personalised digital names day card in Polish is a nice surprise, especially when they live away from their home country. Language is so important in Poland, so any gift with Polish language would be nicely received.
pawian 176 | 13,997
21 Jun 2020 #6
Get her some flowers, a box of chocolates and a card

Yes, that`s traditional approach which is always appreciated.

Somebody might be more adventurous, though. There are hundreds of possibilities.

E.g., a mug with personalised inscription:

I am generally a good girl. It is people`s fault I feel unnerved.

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