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Polish wedding traditions/ toast ideas

Karinkanowskaja 1 | -
5 Sep 2016 #1
Dzien dobry,

My son is getting married in two weeks. I've been asked to give a short toast. Are there any special Polish toasts, blessings, etc?

Both of my parents were Polish....and both died suddenly before my son's engagement. I had always hoped to rely on them for Polish traditions with respect to weddings....but it wasn't meant to be. I have no other Polish relatives living / nearby. But, I would like to incorporate some tradition if possible.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
terri 1 | 1,663
5 Sep 2016 #2
There are many websites wher these are shown:
Try this one,Zwyczaje-weselne---polskie-obrzedy-i-zwyczaje-weselne
Miloslaw 19 | 4,751
20 Jun 2021 #3

Polish Weddings.

Hey we all know how great Greek, Gypsy,Jewish and Indian weddings are.
But hang on a second..... Polish weddings are amazing too!
Joker 2 | 2,585
20 Jun 2021 #4
Polish weddings are amazing too!

I love Polish weddings! Ive been to 4 or so in Chicago already. They really know who to party!!
I was invited to a wedding this forthcoming August, but it doesn't look like Im going to make this one......too bad.
Miloslaw 19 | 4,751
20 Jun 2021 #5
Shame you can't make it, they are great fun.
Here is another one;
Lyzko 45 | 9,286
20 Jun 2021 #6
I went to one once in Greenpoint in the early 2OOO's. Neither of either parents spoke English and so my buddy Antek, the groom and Polish-American on both sides, asked me if I'd translate some before the ceremony. All I remember is the amount of food brought out for the buffét, every conceivable Polish specialty imaginable!
Miloslaw 19 | 4,751
20 Jun 2021 #7
Hey, you need that food to soak up the alcohol. .... LOL!!!!
Lyzko 45 | 9,286
20 Jun 2021 #8
And how! How much Warta mocna can a fella consume?
Alien 18 | 4,787
11 Sep 2022 #9
Forget Warka Strong. Sobieski is much better. Miss K. nobody needs any special toast ideas. Za parę młodą, za Genia, za Lyżko, za piękne kobiety, za tamto gdzie nas jeszcze nie było... are some examples for a toast.😇

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