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Traditions in a Polish Home

FfionA 1 | 2
29 Apr 2013 #1
Hello, Im student currently looking at Polish proverbs for a new piece of work which I am creating.
Could someone help me please by telling me any traditions which Polish people have in their home or when visiting another persons home. could you also tell me anything which makes a polish house a home please. i am looking at the proverb 'everywhere's fine but best at home' - 'home sweet home'.

thank you :)
Lenka 3 | 3,041
29 Apr 2013 #2
'everywhere's fine but best at home'

Wszędzie dobrze ale w domu najlepiej
OP FfionA 1 | 2
29 Apr 2013 #3
Thank you :) Do you know of any traditions that take place in the home? Is it true that if you are visiting someones home you bring them flowers?
Lenka 3 | 3,041
29 Apr 2013 #4
Yes, flowers are considered a nice gesture. Also some wine or chocolates.
Besides- Polish ppl usually take off their shoes when entering someone's home.
Ktos 16 | 440
29 Apr 2013 #5
Correct Lenka. You can bring flowers - yes, chocolates - yes and also a cake or cookies but more expensive ones or presentable ones. And yes, we take our shoes off although generally no one really asks you to do that (I do, I give guests new clean slippers to wear) but you are expected to take them off. Of course you take your own shoes off as well, I don't know of anyone in Poland who walks around their house with shoes on despite the cold weather and nowdays lack of central heaters here and there as it used to be during communist and early capitalist revival years (energy bill went up like a rocket recently!).
OP FfionA 1 | 2
1 May 2013 #6
Thank you very much for your help :)
OdrowazP 7 | 39
7 Apr 2021 #7

Moving into new home - Traditions?

Me and my wife just got a new home, and we're moving into it this July. Are there any special polish customs for this situation? Right before coming into the new home? Once upon entering the new home? Soon after following entrance into new home?
pawian 199 | 21,024
7 Apr 2021 #8
Yes, I remember such a custom but it is probably forgotten as too misogynistic by now. The first visitor to the house must be a male - that brings luck. If it is a female, it is an omen of bad luck. My parents tried it out once and it worked. Unfortunately, instead of a male neighbour whom they asked to come round, it was his wife who appeared coz she was very jealous of her handsome husband and of what we might want of him. And later we had huge problems with that flat - e.g., we were regularly flooded by people who lived above us and forgot to turn off the tap or sth.
Ironside 51 | 11,337
7 Apr 2021 #9
I remember such a custom b

Never heard about it. Are you making this up?
pawian 199 | 21,024
7 Apr 2021 #10
No. When talking about Polish culture, I never joke or yank the chain. I related an authentic situation which took place in late 1970s when my parents changed their tiny municipal flat for their own and bigger one. I still remember my mother`s utter disappointment when she saw that female neighbour instead of her husband on the threshhold. Yes, it was my mum who had gotten that idea, my dad, a scientist, didn`t care about such silliness. But he kept silent to avoid conflicts. :):)

It is also describved in this article so I wasn`t confabulating.

Hey, Odroważ, check it out

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