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Are Polish girls open to foreigners?

Lenka 3 | 2,757
12 Mar 2013 #61
They can have romances with their own women.

And if they don't want to?

No reason to tolerate sex/love/marriage tourism because it makes competition tougher for European guys.

Tolerate? We are not some toys little boys can tolerate to borrow.
12 Mar 2013 #62
The question is are polish girls open to date foreigner but you went as far as spewing offensive comment to African/Asian all because you trying to prove a point.The last time i check when the poland open his border to the EU they didn't stated who is right and who is not to enter as long as the person poses a legal entry document.You blabbering about marriage for passport do you have any idea how many European doing the same in Africa and Asia country to remain legally and work there with no stress ?the last time i check they are not been discriminated against and huge percent of them are able to secure a good job in Africa because their Europe is zero for them also their personal life in Europe is a sorry one after many years of huge bank debt,and unemployment in Europe but we all know majority of them aren't fit enough to compete for job well deserve by a more intellectual human in Europe even most of the job aren't visible? yet the African/Asian accommodate such people and encourage them to thrive where they did not sow.

In the other hand the majority of African/asian in Europe with their European family still struggle to provide for family with huge amount of discrimination they face in a world where people mind are set on greed and hate but at the end of the day the solution is always back at home which is why majority of them leave Europe to Africa/asia to start their life all over again in a place they feel safe and wanted,and in most cases it is rare for a European women to travel to live in Africa/Asia with her husband although i have wittiness and seen many. During one of my trip to Krakow i met a polish icar taxi driver who was once a lecturer at University of Zaria In Nigeria earning 15,000 USD monthly and a free housing and accommodation but relocated back to Poland when he couldn't afford to lose his little minded and ignorant ex wife that said Africa is full of disease and sickness unfortunately he lived in Africa for over 4 years and no evil befell him nor disease, he came to Poland after 3 years he couldn't secure a better job so he run out of money and the same wife divorce and took over his property he now work as an ordinary taxi driver working hard to get his life back on track.

Blame the politician blame the people who started the whole politician and border control i foresee a future where love will be the only language and answer to everything we want and yearn for . The only race i know is the Human Race. I'm color blind but when im forced to chose a color it is very easier to pick my color from the crayon box.
jon357 71 | 20,365
12 Mar 2013 #63
their own women.

"their" women?

It's up to an individual who they want to have a romance with. Women are not property.
Dreadnought 1 | 143
12 Mar 2013 #64
when im forced to chose a color it is very easier to pick my color from the crayon box.

All of the above is the best reason ever to not let them in...if we can possibly help for governments who will keep them out!!! All they want is the passport and a way out of the place they live which is not as good as the place they aspire to live. We have enough of us without more of them.

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