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Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Find Polish Women Attractive?

Miloslaw 18 | 4,591
3 Apr 2021 #91
Guys or men how a woman just stops being attractive if we dont like them as a person or their personality huh?

Nah, it works both ways.....and your chances are looking slimmer all the time.....
Novichok 4 | 7,479
3 Apr 2021 #92
Diversity rulez!

...and does wonderz for the kid at school where his loving and open-minded friends inquire daily how the f*uck he turned out like coffee with cream.
Strzelec35 36 | 928
4 Apr 2021 #93
One thing I dont get is how they here in Poland and even on this forum claim they dont fuk around or are into sport fuking or one night stands friends with benefits etc. but if they hare sex so much why on badoo or even synpatia they show their tits so much or try to sell their sex appeal so much if they dont like to fuk? I mean on all of their profiles they always say przygod nie szukam or basically i dont fuk around but then half their pics are them showing off their tits.

its also ridiculous how close minded they are to strangers approaching them or hitting on them or cold approaches how unfriendly they are compared to German or western females who give you signals even at a bar while they just always ignore me here. Its kind of depressing how hard it is or impossible to get laid here during a pandemic and it would do the body and the soul good too.

Its almost impossible to get some here especially when you need it most right now during the pandemic.

either way im not even interested in any of these weirdo emotional ta trum fems here and dont even want to or wish to fuk em anymore.

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