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What to answer to the Most annoying phrase that EVERY and EACH polish girl always says?

Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
28 Jan 2013 #31
Then it means that the whole thread is a spoof.

some threads are.
xpertize 3 | 8
27 Apr 2013 #32
I am a foreigner and I've not heard this phrase a lot. Its been around 3 years now. I have talked to a lot of polish women. And even if they say it, it is as a courtesy and mannerism.

If anything sounds annoying it is not because of them. May be you should put some effort to cure your ears.

It is good that they are trying to constantly improve themselves in a foreign language even though their knowledge is far more than average.

And I do not think Polish language is hard. It is hard for English speakers. Not for everyone. And I have not seen any polish kid having trouble in speaking their language. As a foreigner, polish sounds very pleasing to me. And I have a lot of respect for polish culture and language.
isthatu2 4 | 2,703
28 Apr 2013 #33
Its not a phrase,but, please,enough of the ear blasting ultra sonic MWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH screech between every few words. FFS, isnt *Um* or *er* good enough? Why do you feel the need to make dogs ears bleed while you figure out what to say next?
PolkaTagAlong 10 | 186
30 Apr 2013 #34
I am really very sorry little troll, my English is not so good I very ashamed of it.
humayun rashid
17 Jun 2013 #35
ok not problem i larning you plz contact to me skype sumon.rashid10 mb:0043_06642786161
bledi_nowysacz 2 | 53
17 Jun 2013 #36
Polish girls: Here is your saviour, contact him and you'll never use that phrase anymore (facepalm).
As about the topic: I've been here in PL a couple of years now and I might've heard it but not that much as MaryPerry says. But I've heard billions of times: po prostu (I still don't know what does it mean).

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