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Polish - Pakistani relationship. How it works in reality? Are Pakistanis a good men?

M_S 1 | 6
22 Jul 2015 #1
I am a Polish, living in England, I have read about this story It says this accident happened in year 2004, some 11 years back, but still I am not satisfied. I am an Educated Polish girl and want to know, what you say about Polish - Pakistani relationship.

My Friend is from Punjab is he good for me? I have experienced many people saying that Pakistanis make Passport and sometime take the children with and leave the Woman alone! is it true. Please Please help Me. I want to visit Lahore with him, but I am very afraid, as I watched those movies on Daily motion "****************************************************************************" "" "" "" in punjabi! but I didn't tell him. He looks good, but My Mama said this word "Beautiful plate gives no food"

I have also asked him several times the question how are Pakistanis People, he said like Polish, He wears pent, shirt I mean he dress up like us, but the videos shows some other picture! Man beating his wife!

Well can someone please help?
ryouga 4 | 59
22 Jul 2015 #2
Like anything you get good and bad people from any country or culture its due to a mix of religion and upbringing.

SOME men from certain Asian cultures see women as second class citizens, sometimes even see the women as property some will not drink alcohol, some will drink a lot of alcohol.

There was a Asian girl murdered by her parents around 2006 because she wanted a white boyfriend and she rejected a arranged marriage.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
22 Jul 2015 #3
All people are different and some couples are alright and some others are not. However in case like Pakistani man and western woman, it is extremely rare that it can work out.
Wulkan - | 3,243
23 Jul 2015 #4
Polish - Pakistani relationship. How it works in reality?

It doesn't, I've been with the Pakistani woman long time ago so I know this culture from the inside. Don't do it unless you want to ruin your life.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
23 Jul 2015 #5
@Wulkan: you are right! Cultural differences are too big and muslim religion shall rule the couple, the family life and everything else.

I'll give the OP the same piece of advice you give her.
Englishman 2 | 278
23 Jul 2015 #6
I agree with InPolska. Typically, Muslims and Pakistanis in particular exist in a culture that treats women badly. While no country is perfectly equal, the rights and status of women in Poland are better than in most countries, even within Europe. So unless the OP's Pakistani man has consciously rejected his upbringing, religion and culture and wants to live as a Northern European, or the OP is prepared to be a virtual slave, this relationship is unlikely to flourish for long.
23 Jul 2015 #7
Be careful I know many Pakistanis who got married twice, and is easy for them to get false identify and multiple passport from there country but it's nothing about religion just they are like this little wild comparing to other Islamic countries. I advise you to be really careful because the most shocking stories in Europe come from Pakistans
InPolska 11 | 1,821
23 Jul 2015 #8
@Englishman: genes, culture, upbringing... always come back (quickly).

I have known some European and American girls who (briefly) married or had (brief) relationships with Muslim guys who happened to be educated, well off, who looked westernized but very soon they abandoned their Western appearance and behaved like men should in their culture. Women had to cover their heads, wear long sleeves, stop seing their friends, stop going outside (not out, but simply outside ;)), stop working....

Culture and religion are too far away from ours.

When someone born and raised Muslim does not follow their religion (often the case in Western Europe), mixed relationships or marriage can work out but when the Muslim (guy) follows his religion as it is the case for Pakistanis, a relationship/marriage is just impossible when women come from different backgrounds.

No need to start such a relationship since 0% chance of success.
23 Jul 2015 #9
Make him convert to Christianity first.
Polsyr 6 | 769
23 Jul 2015 #10
@PLSK; If he is willing to do that for her then he will do anything for her.
23 Jul 2015 #11
"However in case like Pakistani man and western woman, it is extremely rare that it can work out."

I Cannot believe that i agree with you InPolska!! Fireworks should explode today!

Indeed, as InPolska said, my personal experience is that couples of Pakistani + Slavic woman hardly succeed, mostly because the cultural background is ultra different.

Example: Imagine you ask for go out with your friends to celebrate and drink few vodkas, He is not even allowed to drink. Probably a conflict will surge.

Also the womans rights in Pakistan is extremelly undeveloped compared to any western country. Forget about woman rights at all there.

Unfortunately people also said the truth when they said that many pakistanis just marry to have european residency and in many cases the woman dies after the marriage in strange circunstances (once they already have the residency).
InPolska 11 | 1,821
23 Jul 2015 #12
@Levi: when you come to Warsaw, let's have a drink (on me)! ;)

Of course it is common sense when people's culture/religion is too different, it cannot work out in a couple. A European/Western woman cannot be happy in a couple with a Muslim (= practising) man. I know some Muslim men in (maried or not) couples with European women and things are alright because NONE of them practises any religion. Pakistanis are hard liners so impossible for western women to be with them.

Zero chance of success so best not to waste time and be available for someone more suitable ;)
Marsupial - | 886
23 Jul 2015 #13
If I was female I would be afraid of any involvement with muslim nationalities or to be in their zone of control.
OP M_S 1 | 6
23 Jul 2015 #14
Thanks Guys for your Replies, I was a bit shocked. Christian Muslims plays no role to me, I hate to be religious. My Family is very religious, but my 1st father beats my mama, sisters, brothers. My mama got 2 divorced already, she is engaged with an American, but cheated him twice already. 2 of my sisters married twice, all were F---ing Polish men and religious. My mama is very religious and cheated my own father thrice with Ksiadz."child come today we will go to the church, later child I have to clean the church's room you can go home now." I hided myself and watched the whole "Room cleaning story" myself. I know very well what is religion. All my school colleagues have got multiples boy/girl friends. Same culture but all married twice. SO PLEASE FOR GOD SAKE no religion stories. I am serious. I am talking about a Serious Relationship.

May be human nature, that a man married more than once, I don't know! What about Pakistanis, Indians, I believe they all are typical Asians men. My cousin married an Indian some 3 years back, Her Hubby is forcing her too to pay a visit to his parents in India now, otherwise "she will get divorce". She came to me yesterday and told me about his behavior, they have 2 children (Marta & Ula) he drinks, eat meat, go ins disco every weekend, he has a car, a good job and a house, but has cheated her also, only when he got a chance. He is Hindu and friend of my Boyfriend. They know each other very well. She is also very afraid because of the violence with foreigners in India.
and so on. How can she goes there. They are also very wild. May God save us.

Mine one is also very same, I asked him, how many times your parents married, he got red and told me never ask such questions. Later he told me his parents married only once, but now people marry more times in Pakistan too. His cousin has married twice, but due to misunderstanding he gave her divorced. I asked him if he give me divorce too just like other Asians, he PROMISED ME ;) he will never do it. (Joke of the century). But you know somewhere, after seeing such videos I am sorry to say that all men are same. Who cares from which society they belongs too, culture or religion. But I marry him and give him a chance, and I know very well what to do :)

What I believe it has to do something with bloody MAN NATURE!
InPolska 11 | 1,821
23 Jul 2015 #15
@M_S: You seem to have quite a history! Please stay away from all those religious nuts (whatever religion) and make you available for a nice British guy who won't bother you with all this bs!

All the best!
OP M_S 1 | 6
23 Jul 2015 #16
Divorce rate in the UK are the highest in Europe.. you know! read it
Sorry for you
23 Jul 2015 #17
I don't understand, you come here and ask our opinion.

Then just because our opinion (Marriage between muslim man and non-muslim woman doesn't work) is not the same as yours, you come with a huge story talking about hindus and christians.

So why did you asked about our opinion in first place if you are not open to listen to it?

If you are so decided to marry this guy then take your chances, no one will lose nothing here besides you :)
InPolska 11 | 1,821
23 Jul 2015 #18
@a high divorce rate doesn't necessary mean it's worse. It can be so because easier to divorce, because women are more independent and working.. not necessarily because people don't get along more than elsewhere. A low divorce rate can also be because women are not inpendent, or because it's taboo to divorce or also because a lot of people live together without being married so when they split, officially it isn't a divorce ...
23 Jul 2015 #19
"A low divorce rate can also be because women are not inpendent, "


The divorce rate in some countries (Eg: Pakistan) is indeed very low because for a woman to ask for a divorce is virtually impossible. The law allows but the social pressure and the violence risk (like the existence of Honour Killings) make it impossible.
Polsyr 6 | 769
23 Jul 2015 #20
M_S you are clearly upset. We are basically a bunch of random strangers from different parts of the world giving you conflicting advice, so why wouldn't you be upset. If all else fails, follow your heart, you only live once.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
23 Jul 2015 #21
A low and a high divorce rates can be explained in many ways.

Without talking about Pakistan, I know several Polish women in Poland who would love to divorce but since they are not independent financially , they do not. This is not only in Poland of course but everywhere in the world. To divorce, a woman needs to have her own money.
OP M_S 1 | 6
23 Jul 2015 #22
Yes, all men are same.. Pakistanis or Indians, Asians or Europeans, At first innocent later WILD.

Thanks for the explanation.. Nope highest divorced rate is always good for a country, it shows what kind of men are living in.

In Poland it was not like this, as it is now. In Poland we have destroyed ourselves Our Polish family system, the divorce ration in Poland was only 5.1% in 2006 and now 27% which is horrible.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
23 Jul 2015 #23
@M_S: since you are so much against men, maybe try with a ... woman! ;) Who knows? Maybe you'd happier ;)
OP M_S 1 | 6
23 Jul 2015 #24

"I would guess that actually M_S is not a polish girl but actually another pakistani men trying to find woman here ;)"

Lets compare Poland and Indian


1. Nation of Rappers
2. Nation of girl babies Killers
3. Nation of Cheaters
4. Very very poor country citizens of the world
5. Slums citizen
6. Run by European and the USA
7. Mostly poor villagers, with lack of education
8. Minimum Wages 30$ per month

You have just called me a "5th world country citizen"
You don't guess just read the facts, You hate us, Poles, go back to your poor country, where you belong to.


1. Nation of happy living people
2. Nation believes on Equality and trust
3. Nation mostly cheated by Asians (INDOS & PAKS) (you marry us because of the Polish passports, later take our children and hide in your poor poor country)

4. One of the Strongest Country in EU
5. People with fashionable and modern lifestyle
6. Run by itself
7. Highly educated society
8. Minimum wages 350$ per Month

Now answer to my questions, can't face the REALITY!

"The way that M_S writes broken English", better than yours, but anyways For you in Polish

"... " Only English on this thread

Do you want live Pictures and videos of India and Pakistan! Well a good news for you...

Next month I will pay my visit to Punjab with my B-Friend and from there to India. Will send you LOTS OF PHOTOS of BOTH POOR COUNTRIES, DON'T GET JEALOUS :)

...and everybody keep to the topic please
Maria99 - | 3
23 Jul 2015 #25
Don't come to Asia, they can rape you, steal your good, and kill you too. Especially in Puna, here Indians travels in groups, they are criminals, I am suggesting you not to come here
kaz200972 2 | 229
23 Jul 2015 #26
@M_S I don't understand why you would want to have a relationship with any Asian man given your opinions on India and Pakistan.

Your description of India is rather exaggerated; there are many well educated people in India with good standards of living. There are social and economic problems, as with any nation but the reason we hear so much about them is because it's a more open and democratic country than many in the area. If you dislike India (or the idea of it) I doubt you will be able to tolerate Pakistan, its a much harsher country with equal poverty.

Mixed relationships are not easy and they take a good deal of open mindedness and compromise on both sides. A feeling of superiority has no place in this type of relationship,nor does dislike of a partner's culture.

I'm British Asian (of Indian descent) from a very liberal family and had a relationship with a Polish man, it was really difficult largely due to cultural differences. I spoke Polish well, got on really well with his family ( I still do) spent a lot of time in Poland and even ended up bringing up his son from his first relationship but it was still too difficult to overcome the differences! I couldn't cope with the alcohol, attitude to work and money and general lifestyle, it's so different from an Asian one! I was quite relieved when we split up, he did all 'can't live without you' stuff but I can see he's far more content with the Polish woman he later went out with.

If you genuinely like this Pakistani man get to know him very slowly and make sure his family know about you; try and meet them before you make any commitments to him.You will need to learn to accept his culture and find things that you do like in it or you'll have no chance of a successful relationship.
Polsyr 6 | 769
24 Jul 2015 #27
@kaz200972 very sensible...
Maria99 - | 3
24 Jul 2015 #28
@M_S read it carefully

very sensible...
InPolska 11 | 1,821
24 Jul 2015 #29
It now seems to me no more than trolling. I'd think some troll who wants to bring a th "conversation" against Muslims, Arabs and more generally against all 3rd worlders ;).
kaz200972 2 | 229
24 Jul 2015 #30

It's an interesting article and there certainly are issues in India with dowry payments but the OP is with a Pakistani man and the culture is very different. The OP needs to be looking at Pakistan and also Islam. Religious differences can be important in how a relationship plays out.

It now seems to me no more than trolling. I'd think some troll who wants to bring a th "conversation" against Muslims, Arabs and more generally against all 3rd worlders ;

You could well be right!

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