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My polish bf cheated on me with a black girl

4 eigner 2 | 831
20 Jul 2012 #31
All these threads (dating, interracial) are missing an obvious point

it's all fake to begin with
20 Jul 2012 #32
once you go black you can never go back!!!! is he aware of that?

he's idiot! meeting a girl in AFRICA? maybe he wants to have HIV?
hola_chika - | 8
25 Jul 2012 #33
maybe your xbf doesnt know what he's doing. haha.
Wroclaw Boy
25 Jul 2012 #34
My polish bf cheated on me with a black girl

so, and what if she was a white girl?
2 Aug 2012 #35
i really dont feel sorry for you. if he had cheated on you with a white girl would you mention her ethnicity or skin color. FIRST OF ALL THERE IS ONLY ONE HUMAN RACE and no matter how much you think of yourself as better than her because she is Black, we are all the same. Why did you keep mentioning her skin color in your post. i get the feeling like you see yourself as better than her because of your ethnicity. THAT IS JUST STUPID and it makes you look like a whiny self-entitled person....which is why quite a few people here do not feel sorry for you. are you Chinese?

I am American with some black ancestry... my ex boyfriend is Japanese and he cheated on me with another american girl with some white ancestry. when i told my friends i told them about her and her name not her god damned skin color as it really doesnt matter and CHEATERs come in all shades. whether you admit it or not, you think that you are better than her with your short little body, small eyes, yellow skin and black straight hair. do not get me started. I think that all people are beautiful but if you sit here and try to make it sound like you are better than another woman because of your ethnicity then many people will not like you and maybe your ex boyfriend saw that ugly part of you and that was the reason why he lost interest in you.
imano 10 | 42
4 Aug 2012 #36
he's probably going to get scammed. take this from an African. there are many africans, needing money so they pretend to be "girls" and "fall in love" with americans or europeans and dupe them. tell him not to be stupid. i'm from Ghana.
Wulkan - | 3,251
4 Aug 2012 #37
i'm from Ghana.

Yea, only Nigeria is better then Ghana. This is their anthem:
pawian 168 | 11,174
21 Mar 2020 #38
he admitted that he feels something for the girl and he planned to visit her in africa.

Oops, it got really important to him, then. Going to Africa is a serious undertaking. But skin colour had nothing to do with it, really.
RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 480
21 Mar 2020 #39
well... one cannot eat caramel all the time. mixing it with a dark chocolate is a good thing.
Crow 138 | 8,071
21 Mar 2020 #40
My polish bf cheated on me with a black girl

Think of it as of romantic exploration. An incident. Forget it. You would anyway plot your revenge on hm in a kind of similar fashion and you would again feel you are most beautiful woman, loved, secure, etc what you must feel.

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