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Are there any swingers club in Poland?

29 Jun 2012 #1
Just wondering if there are any swingers club or community in Poland?

I know this is a cheeky question to ask but we live this life-style.
jon357 67 | 16,836
29 Jun 2012 #2
Yes, there are. There are swingers' nights in Warsaw.
OP Curiouscouple
29 Jun 2012 #3
Can you be more specific on that please? When and where? Can you suggest some website as we tried searching, but couldn't find anything which is reliable.
jon357 67 | 16,836
29 Jun 2012 #4
Try either of these.

Whether they're any good, I don't know. There are also several all male events each week.
OP Curiouscouple
29 Jun 2012 #5
thx Jon
beckski 12 | 1,617
29 Jun 2012 #6
Try either of these

Have you visited these establishments Jon?
OP Curiouscouple
1 Jul 2012 #7
Beckski.....Just wondering if you or do you know someone who has visited these places?

As we don't speak Polish so we sent email to them. But so far no response received from either of them
teflcat 5 | 1,032
1 Jul 2012 #8
How do you pay for your drinks in these joints if everyone is butt naked?
OP Curiouscouple
1 Jul 2012 #9
We have been to lots of swingers club in Europe and everyone has there own set of rules. In some places you can go to bars naked and in other places, they expect you to wear something. But everything is possible in clubs like these. They allow people in only if they have some sense of maturity and respect for other guests too. Swingers club is not for faint-hearts :)
jon357 67 | 16,836
1 Jul 2012 #10
How do you pay for your drinks in these joints if everyone is butt naked?

If it's a nude place in Warsaw, you sometimes wear a bracelet with a number on and settle your bar bill at the end. You keep your cigs and poppers and, ahem, anything else you may feel you need in your sock.

So people tell me ;-)
teflcat 5 | 1,032
1 Jul 2012 #11

The last time I used amyl nitrate was in 1991, at a birthday party on a boat on the Thames. I fell in the river trying to save a drunk friend. My DJ got a good soaking but my wife sold it on Allegro when I got too fat for it, about two years ago, so I haven't done too bad, weightwise. My learned friend tells me that poppers are used for anatomical enhancement in circles more cosmopolitan than those I currently move in. Whatever blows your skirt up, I say.
4 eigner 2 | 831
1 Jul 2012 #12
How do you pay for your drinks in these joints if everyone is butt naked?

no cloths doesn't mean, no "pockets" LOL
7 Jul 2012 #13
Merged: Are there any swingers forum in Poland?


We are looking for new swingers couples or single girls who live this life-style. Can anyone recommend Polish swingers forum where we can connect with like-minded people. We are based in Lodz.

Natalia Zurek
23 Aug 2012 #14

secretclub c o m pl

its for free but you need to be married

polish swingers
24 Aug 2012 #15
secretclub .eu
27 Aug 2012 #16
Hello, as you I have the same interest in going to a swinger club, I do not speak Polish and the my English is very bad, I speak, are you visited any clubs to recommend? I will be alone this weekend in Warsaw, and I want to open my mind, I have 33 years.
31 Aug 2012 #17
I will be alone this weekend in Warsaw, and I want to open my mind, I have 33 years.

Hi...what's your gender?

its for free but you need to be married

But we are not married. We just live-in open relationship. Can you recommend any other club? Thanks
31 Aug 2012 #18
Man 33 years old
Wulkan - | 3,249
1 Sep 2012 #19
Man 33 years old

forget about it
kasia gomez
14 Sep 2012 #20
have you tried


is for free for married couples

but also accept open relationship try...send them an email

or ask for the next swinger party in Poznan
5 Oct 2012 #21
Anyone visited the ???? I sent emails couple of times but could not get any response. I need some info about the privacy and the quality of the place for a single woman! Thanks in advance
Lukasz55 - | 2
30 Nov 2012 #22
There is a new place , right in the heart of Centrum Warszawa (Warsaw's City Center) called Le Moulin Rouge-Warszawa or LMR-Warsaw. It is located between ul. Zelazna and Zlota.

Swinger Couples gain entry for only 50 zloty, Single women get in for free, of course this means single men subsidize the whole party by paying the most, but it looks reasonable.

According to the website the parties are private, you have to call to reserve your spot. The parties are not in some seedy-dark club, but in some luxurious-modern flat right smack dab in the middle of Warsaw. Food, drink and fun all for one flat-rate, not a bad deal.

It might be worth bookmarking.
natasia 3 | 368
30 Nov 2012 #23
Yes, there are. There are swingers' nights in Warsaw.

and every guy is circumcised? ; )
Lukasz55 - | 2
30 Nov 2012 #24
My suggestions is do a Google search on LMR-Warszawa the place I just mentioned or Polish Swingers Clubs and see what you get. Also, check out Erodate, create a profile and you can find plenty of private couples in Poland also interested in the Life style.

The only drawbacks with Usta and Swing, Swing is they are not in the City Center of Warsaw like LMR.

This LMR-Warsaw place is apparently a stones throw from the Palac Kultury, Zlote Tarasy and Warszawa Centralna, which is great if you are taking the Intercity train. I am not too keen on driving another 15-20 km and being stuck on the outskirts of Warsaw.

I do know Usta has been around for awhile so, it might also be worth checking out, but that extra drive slightly turns me off. In the end, the answer is yes, there seems to be a growing Life style scene in Poland, which is good to hear.
5 Feb 2013 #25
The best clubs in Poland are: clublacantada.cabanova .com/ and secretclub I say this because I visited both of them and I can recommend them.
2 Mar 2013 #26
A new club in the center of Warsaw opened 4 months ago, but is run by some young guys with no drive for business. The name is Lava club

They recreate party style events with no intimacy and no real place to have swinger sex. Horrible experience, you feel like among a bunch of students celebrating after graduation.

I strongly suggest to stay far if you are real swingers!
leda - | 1
26 Jun 2013 #27
I will visit warsaw from june 29 / 2013 for 1 week , would like go to swingers club , I am looking for women partnar to go to swingers club ....thanks
14 Jul 2013 #28
will be in Warsaw from 8 to 12 August and want to try the swingers clubs or parties there. I am a 40 year old fit man, any girls out there want to be my partner? Any advice?
19 May 2015 #30
hello, I am in Krakow, and don't know Polish, but know English. Any suggestion for a 19 years old boy? I want to go to a swinger club which is not very expensive and suitable, safe and reliable for a student.

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