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Are Polish men cold? What do they like?

22 Apr 2021 #31
Or it the experience of cold weather that you were raise to talk small in conversation

Yes, we are raised to talk small because of the weather. Wintertime can be severe in Poland, you need to prepare for it before hand, gather necessary supplies like food and fuel. That is why you need to work hard throughout the warm seasons and not waste time on small talk.

But, when winter comes, you can enjoy small talk without constraint!

Polish men are cold with small talk,

You need to check them out in wintertime too. Sit by the fireplace with a glass of vodka in hand and see if they are still cold.
28 Apr 2021 #32
@pawian thank you so much for your understanding it would take longer warm up for a male polish partner that whole process beging to understand the whole pictures as i dont know much about Poland maybe you could send me an author book about polish men and the countries of Poland how they live for me to understand more .
28 Apr 2021 #33
Well, topic is complex. From the perspective of woman, every man isn`t warm enough after some time and changes, you know what I mean, are vivid option. Not that man are different. Generally speaking, Homo Sapiens Sapiens is promiscuous species. A curious monkey.

There is that book >`Read my Lips`


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