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How do guys from Poland flirt?

1 Sep 2013 #31
Never read such jibberish...
You cant class every Polish man or woman as the same by saying they are all sweaty and wear outdated clothing and go bald early...

just like you cant say every english person is the same.
They can be similar in their traditions of how they typically treat women.. but you still get men who dont respect women. like you do in every country.

My experience is my boyfriend is from Poland and he is in his early 20's, he is without exaggeration completely gorgeous and immediately caught my eye.

Since then he has woo'ed me in everyway... he kisses my hand, opens doors, always offers to pay, works very hard and he looks after himself and dresses very well. he isnt overweight or sweaty.... every man is different. But i would say my experience has lead me to believe they are more romantic and attentive to woman than my experience of english men.

All the best
24 Sep 2014 #32
Sounding like you feel some kind of animosity toward them
29 Jul 2018 #33

How do Polish guys flirt? And why do they walk in a weird way

I'm an eastern european girl grown up in the west (but not in an english speaking country) but raised in a really oldfashioned way. I ended up working where I'd never expect to, since I always wanted to study and build a career (I was always discriminated for being foreign). Anyway where I work there are lots of Poles. There is one who is tall, blond and blue eyed, who walks in an awkward way thinking he's tough but I think he's just the eastern european way. He talked to me only once to say something about the work and when I let him pass he said thank you but in a direct and cold way..and then there's this other guy, tall blond but green eyed, he's not as good looking as the first but he's cute and he has the sweetest smile ever. I often catch him looking at me in the corner of the eye, or when he sees me in the hallways he always looks at me in the eyes and smiles. Every single time. But it's a really shy sweet smile, not creepy or attention seeking. And he has this face, this smile that makes him look so sympathetic and good, like he feels pity for me. I dont know it's just an impression, but whenever we pass by he always look at me in this sweet way. Once he helped me I said thank you he just smiled, blushed a bit and walked away. Another time I let him pass first because the hallway was crowded and he said thank you again with that look on his eyes. He has this super romantic dreamy way of looking that makes you fall in love, although I had never fallen in love with someone before. One time we both turned our heads to look for each other. That was soo awkward 😓. But he looks like a charming prince, perfect and different from anybody else. Mature, good and hard working. But he never says hello. Never. He just smiles and looks embarassed and goes away. I'm shy too so I think we'll never talk. Is he somehow interested in a super shy and introverted girl like me or is it just my mind playing tricks? Maybe he just feels pity for me because I'm young and dont know anyone there?

They're all polish and I'm not.

Or maybe because I dont work too well and he laughs at me who knows.

Anyway, why does he behave like that? How are Polish guys like? Why do they look so romantic and good guys? And why does it look at me, when where we work there are lots of Polish girls who speak his language and share his culture and are also super cute? I feel like the 'pity' thing is what it really is about. 😒
johnny reb 28 | 4,542
29 Jul 2018 #34
Be bold and ask him if he has a girlfriend.
If he says yes say that you thought so and smile.
If he says no say I thought so and smile.
Game on !
29 Jul 2018 #35
But we dont even say hello to each other how can I ask him something like that! And plus I'm so inexperienced with guys I dont know how to behave and I dont understand his behaviour, plus we dont even understand each other because of the language
johnny reb 28 | 4,542
29 Jul 2018 #36
What language is spoken at your work place ?
Lyzko 29 | 7,094
29 Jul 2018 #37
Off (or perhaps on) topic, kelebeg. Are you perchance Hungarian by birth?
mafketis 24 | 8,877
29 Jul 2018 #38
A lot of the better Polish guys tend to the shy side and will wait for very clear signs of interest or just wait for the woman to make the first move (Polish women are mostly not very shy and have no problem with making the first move)

Find/invent a reason to ask for help/advice. If he's possibly interested he'll be happy to help, if he says he can't help (without trying) he's not interested.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,185
29 Jul 2018 #39
When I was in high school, there was this guy who always had chicks. So we asked him how he does it. He said: When I see one I like walking down the street, I walk up and ask her if she wants to f***. Nine out of ten say no. That's how.
johnny reb 28 | 4,542
30 Jul 2018 #40
Well yeah, how could a "chick" possibly resist a smooth talker like that.
cms neuf - | 1,579
30 Jul 2018 #41
While I can imagine that happening in the US, it seems an implausible pick up strategy in Catholic / communist early 60's Poland which is where I thought you grew up ?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,665
30 Jul 2018 #42
A lot of the better Polish guys tend to the shy side and will wait for very clear signs of interest or just wait for the woman to make the first move...

I've found that to he the opposite for the most part. Polish women will gI've clear signals they're interested but want the man to walk up to her, talk to her and make the first move
mafketis 24 | 8,877
30 Jul 2018 #43
Polish women will gI've clear signals

They'll give the man every opportunity to make the first move, but if he doesn't.... then they'll go ahead and make it. They're not the type to wait around for years waiting for some guy to initiate.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,665
30 Jul 2018 #44
That is true. It depends too on the setting and scenario. If it's at like a bar or club generally the woman will wait for the guy to make the first move. But if it's like a co worker or neighbor or someone they see regularly then yes the woman will oftentimes make the move
6 Feb 2020 #45
I have just met a Polish French- Canadian man. We're not officially dating, but were feeling each other out and I feel that's where we're heading as we've both chosen to spend Valentine's day together and then have "a talk" to really see if we can make things official from there. He's unlike any other man I've ever met ...he very masculine , Dominant and Alpha ..but then perfectly paired with Romantic undertones , and it feels chilvarous. this is a quality I had been looking for since forever but it seems harder to find in North America.

I can tell the first time we met it was strong physical connection and he made me feel safe.. All 6 feet and 6 inches of him... He's like the Polish Jason Mamoa.. deep voice.. very strong ..can pick you up or carry you to your bed after you've fallen asleep in his big strong arms.. gentle giant, but playful... I love that hes clear minded about what he wants and seems to have a traditional sense about how tries to execute "Courtship" ... He says he knows I'm technically a "single girl" at the moment .. but seems to feel confident enough that he will win me over by taking the time to get know each other (with no sex) and A lot of coffee .. I think he deserves a trophy for his maturity , self control.. his ability to take the lead with out making me question his ability to fully understand a situation and see it through.Everything about him feels like traditional courting and I can tell he knows I'm used to men who rush into everything and is trying to show me this is different..and that He is different. I welcome his strong male energy ..for now.. but if it leads into a path that feels controlling where I feel like I'm getting too lost or forget who I was before we met , than I will have to walk away..

He's had so many spank bank worthy one liners like whispering " ... you want me to put you to bed properly ..hmn ?" Just before leaning in close to kiss me... It just things like this I've never experienced.. or maybe I was meeting the wrong guy's .. Anyways, I find moments like this the ones you can picture your spouse saying when you are both old and grey.. he looks me straight in the eye when he speaks.. okay only when were sitting down.. I am 5'4 , 32 years old and he is 6'6 , 49 years old ... I like that he's past the little boy b.s. and wants something real.. this is a real Man , someone I've always wanted to care for and nurture...cook for, explore the world with, give bj's to in the morning so he can go to work with that extra pep in his step .I think he knows I'd spoil him but..he knows I'm just trying to figure out if I can trust him as we've both been hurt and as a female you can develop certain level of skepticism as to not get hurt for what feels like the millionth time... I just feels like he knows all of this and is strong enough to calmly & maturely guide me through a proper traditional courting..

Every time I'm with him , I just feel like this little girl that wants pull her panties down .. and he's always there to give me his warm look and pull them back up.. and then when he's not around..I just feel ...sigh .. but I know he's trying to teach me some self control.. but Valentine's day couldn't come any sooner.
pawian 176 | 13,997
6 Feb 2020 #46
this is a real Man , someone I've always wanted to care for and nurture..

I thought it was the opposite. I imagined women look for a real man expecting him to take care of them and their kids in a responsible way.

If a woman desires to nurture a guy, he should be a bit immature and flippant. It is contrary to being a real man.

It seems it is difficult to guess what women expect. :))
Atch 16 | 3,202
6 Feb 2020 #47
he is 6'6 , 49 years old

I don't know what his height has to do with the price of spuds but if he's 49 and never been married...........

Everything about him feels like traditional courting

Yes and if you marry him, you'll live the life of a traditional 1950s Polish housewife, standing over a giant vat of soup from dawn till dusk.

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