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Why do Polish guys stare a lot? And what does that mean?

12 Aug 2018 #1
It has happened more than once that a young Polish guy has looked at me in the eyes, at first he seemed serious and aloof, then he started having this dreamy look in his eyes. Whenever he sees me he stares at me. What does it mean? And why sometimes he looks serious and sometimes smiles? Why do they stare so much?
Crow 155 | 9,030
12 Aug 2018 #2
When they look at you they virtually have sex with you.
25 Apr 2019 #3

Do you think this Polish guys likes me? Why did he stare at me?

There was this Polish guy at work who was totally different from the other Polish men. He's young, cute, not with that macho attitude but he looks sweet, shy, he stares at me and looks at me, and when I catch him looking at me he blushes. I find it so cute but I made a mistake by looking away when he looked at me that he looked disappointed, felt ashamed and walked away. Everytime we saw each other at work we couldn't help but stare each other. Once he told me ' thank you' and looked me in the eyes with those green eyes and a twinkle in them, like he had tears (of course he wasn't crying but he had them like that). I haven't seen him for months at work. He has probably been fired or left the job. He was so cute, sweet and shy and he never talked to me (except once in Polish but I didn't understand anything) but he often stared at me and smiled and when I stopped looking at him he looked disappointed and looked down. I cant find him anywhere. I dont even know his name. I feel like he was my charming prince and feel guilty that I behaved so afraid when he was around, because I am kinda inexperienced with guys and I had no idea a cute guy like him could have a crush on me. How can I find him? And it I round him, what do I tell him? He only speaks Polish and a bit of English (but actually just basics). Why would he look at me at work? Curiosity, or was he just shy that he blushed so often that I mistook for crush or love? Please help me. I know you are not in the guy's head (he just have been 20/27), but he's Polish. Is this a typical trait of Polish guys? The others look so manly and a bit full of themselves. He was different, young, shy and polite with everyone. Why did he keep on looking at a foreign girl when out there there are lots of Polish girls he can easily talk to?
DominicB - | 2,707
25 Apr 2019 #4
How are a random bunch of complete strangers on some internet forum going to help you figure out what some guy, Polish or not, is thinking?

I assume you are an adult, and an adult would simply ask him directly face to face. Which is what I suggest you do. Keep acting like a silly pre-teen, and you may pass up the best thing that might have ever come your way. Have you even thought of inviting him out for a pizza or coffee? That would be a good first step.
Dougpol1 31 | 2,640
25 Apr 2019 #5
I assume

The OP should also assume that his stare is nothing unusual. Some Poles were never corrected by their betters and shown that it is rude to stare. Unless she/he (the OP) enjoys being stared at, that is.

I would wager a bet that all of these "love letters" to PF are written by the same old lonely Polonia lady as a Mills and Boon cop out - the situations can't be real.
jon357 74 | 21,935
25 Apr 2019 #6
Some Poles were never corrected by their betters and shown that it is rude to stare

This is common in Poland, unfortunately, however in a workplace, with a blush and a twinkle: he sounds interested but shy.
Lyzko 45 | 9,288
25 Apr 2019 #7
I've heard from several of my students, that extended, perhaps "unwelcome" facial gazing, is also quite common in Brazil.
This applies to simply staring at strangers on the street, in the tram, train, wherever.

A young Brazilian man told me, if someone looks interesting to another person, perhaps even a stranger, or the Brazilians are merely trying to make friendly contact, that it happens a great deal both in the large cities and in the smaller towns.
Paulina 16 | 4,211
26 Apr 2019 #8
I made a mistake by looking away when he looked at me that he looked disappointed

OK, first I'm going to write something for the sake of all the women out there dealing with Polish men.
It took me a while to realise this, but where I live men are doing something that I'd call "testing the waters". I don't know whether it's "a typical trait of Polish guys", I've never lived abroad, so I can't say, but I think it's possible that Polish men are less bold than men in some other countries. So, they often don't hit on you right away, first they try to make an eye contact to check if you're interested (I'm mainly talking about everyday situations - at work, at the store, at the doctor's, etc.). If you look away looking indifferent they interpret it as lack of interest and they can get sad, offended or angry even. It's sometimes small things that can put them off and you may get surprised how petty and vindictive men can get, so it's better to be careful, especially with co-workers who are higher on the hierarchy ladder at work.

And now I'm going to write something for the sake of Polish men out there.
If a woman doesn't seem to reciprocate your interest when you're giving her "the look", don't take it so personally. Do you know how many such looks women get? A lot. I'm guessing that the more attractive the woman is the more such looks she gets. We can't possibly date or get interested with every random guy that looks at us in the street, at work, at the store, at the dentist, etc. We don't smile not because we're b1tches or think we're too good for you, but because we don't want to encourage you to hit on us and get rejected and get hurt as result. Also, women have boyfriends, partners. The fact that she isn't wearing a ring doesn't mean that she's necessarily single. So, again, don't take it personally.

One guy in particular got stuck in my head. I was waiting for a visit at the dentist. He went out of the dentist's office, saw me and his face was immediately like "OMG, A WOMAN!" lol So I assumed my poker/indifferent b1tch face and pretended that I went back to my nap. He started to put his clothes on and when I looked at him again he looked like a puppy who got kicked in the stomach. He looked so sad, like he was thinking "I'm not going to get a woman ever in my life". I really felt sorry for him, I felt like hugging him almost and saying that he'll find someone for himself :/ Because of such reactions (and the angry, entitled ones) I get somewhat tense if there are men in a waiting room at the doctor's or other such places where you have no other choice but to look at other people. I don't want to hurt or offend anyone so I often pretend that I'm taking a nap or letting my eyes rest (my usual strategy lol).

There's another thing. Women can be shy too. And they often have a lot of complexes concerning their looks, especially Polish women apparently. We aren't telepaths so more than just one look may be needed to make us realise that you're interested. Don't give up so easily, guys.

How can I find him

Ask people at work who know him what happened to him and whether they can help you to contact him.
26 Apr 2019 #9
I can't, my co workers will wonder why I am asking and say that I am in love with him. I don't want them to know. And I cannot be sure he liked me unless I talk with him , which never happened! Maybe I just misunderstood his signals. Maybe I liked him too much that everything he did I took it as it he was in love with me. Oh, I don't know what to think or do. When Polish guys stare at a girl, does it mean that they like her? He used to blush and follow me with his eyes, and he had a twinkle in his eyes when he said 'thank you' after I let him pass first. Maybe he was just well mannered and kind?
Lyzko 45 | 9,288
26 Apr 2019 #10
Off the subject momentarily, but my experience apopos of nothing in particular with the Polish women I've met is that more than a minority can often come across like a bunch of dramaramas, that is, coming on forcibly loud, cocky, and willing to make a mountain out of a molehill at the drop of a hat!
pawian 222 | 23,765
26 Apr 2019 #11
When Polish guys stare at a girl, does it mean that they like her?

Anything is possible. He might be a typical male who behaves like that because he finds a woman attractive and can`t refrain from staring. Also, he stares because you might remind him of somebody he knew in Poland, even his sister. But he might also be a psycho cannibal who looks at you as a dish - such guys are often reserved and shy. Who knows? Let us know how the situation develops.
Shitonya Brits
27 Apr 2019 #12
he stares at me. What does it mean?

It's called a stare down.

You are staring at him. This is a rude confrontational act on your part so he is standing his ground and staring back at you.

He changes his expression in order to make you blink. And when you do you lose.
10 Apr 2020 #13

Why does this pole stare at me? And why did this colleage hit him while he was staring at me

So long story short. At work I have (I mean, I had) a really cute polish guy in his early 20s, good looking, shy, really kind and respectful to everyone. He smiles at me in a really shy way (his face turns red and his cheekbones become really cute and childlike, like the grimples on his face) and his eyes become so beautiful, they are green pure and innocent. He has those spiky blond hair with that typical polish haircut. He doesn't speak german so it's hard to communicate with him cause he will reply in polish. Last time I saw him he stared at me while lifting boxes, his expression looked dramatic and romantic, yet innocent, like he was afraid of doing something he shouldn't do, when a coworker full of tattoos ruined our moment of bliss by hitting him slightly in the back of the head and laughed, the poor guy got scared and kept working, lowered his look and then lifted his eyes to me again for the last time, cause it's been almost two months I haven't seen him. I don't even know his name. Has he been fired? What happened to him? It's been a month since I can't go to work due to this situation. I like him so much. How can I find him again? It will be weird asking my polish coworkers to tell me about him, they will laugh at me for asking about him
11 Apr 2020 #14
I have two distinct replies to this thread, as a Polish guy who sometimes stares a lot : D

One is general, the other is specific to @juliane.

The general reply is that yes it is not uncommon for Poles to generally look you directly into the eyes in a totally neutral and stoic way, just observing the environment, acknowledging you etc. Generally speaking, it is more rude for most Poles to ignore someone, than to acknowledge them by a few seconds of vision.

So in most situations it will be totally neutral and also they would not think anything of it. Of course, you can tell if the person really has some sort of interest in you easily.

However, in the case described by @juliane it is clearly something more and yes if you like the guy try and come up with a neutral reason to speak to him and ask someone from the other coworkers that is more serious that you need to tell him something and thus need a point of contact. If you choose the right person and an not suspicious reason then it should be fine : D The most likely scenario is that he is in Poland self-isolating due to the Covid-19 pandemic right now.

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