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Place / Surname: Łomza + Krzewo Stare / Celmer + Potynska

29 Aug 2013 #1
Looking for parish records ...possibly from Drozdowo Parish...for my great-grandparents Feliks CELMER (b.1868-73) son of Hippolyt and Stanislawa POTYNSKA (b.1874) daughter of Stanislaw. They were married in £omza in 1895. They had a daughter Petranela born in December 1895...baptized in Drozdowo as well as my grandmother Czeslawa born in July 1901. Any assistance with their family records are greatly appreciated.
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20 Oct 2014 #2
Birthdate: May 5, 1873
Birthplace: Stare Krzewo, białostocki, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland
Death: Died December 18, 1949 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH, USA
Immediate Family:
Husband of STANISLAWA 'Mary Stella' CELMER
Father of Petronela Celmer; Stefania Celmer; CHARLOTTE 'Czeslawa' Elizabeth Lesney; Leo 'Lee' Vitel Celmer; Charles Theodore 'Todd' Celmer / Celmar and 6 others

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21 Oct 2014 #3
CELMER: probably Polonised version of German names Zelmer or Zielmer.

POTYŃSKI: this one is a real stumper; usually -ski ending names are toponymic nicks but there is no locality in Poland or surrounds that could have generated it. Unless the root-word here wad pot (sweat) and Potyński was meant as a humorous appellation for "that sweaty bloke".
4 Dec 2014 #4

Feliks Henry Celmer, b in 1897, died in 1962, was my paternal grandfather.
To the best of my knowledge, he was born in the US, around Trenton, NJ. Sounds like he could have been a son.
There are not many Celmers, in the US, and I seem to be related to most of them.
He anglicized his first name to Philip. He died at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

Cyndy Celmer Tomassetti,
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5 Dec 2014 #5
CELMER: Polish spelling of German or Yiddish Zellmer.

POTYŃSKI: Probably of toponymic origin but the only locality that fits is Potin in soutehrn Russia.
28 Mar 2021 #6
Hi! I think you are talking about my great great grandpa, I know that he left my great great grandma after she cheated and left her with my great grandparent. I don't know if you wanna know this but basically this is what happened after he left, my great grandparent had my grandfather which married my grandma they settled in iława and they had my father. I don't think I should be putting much here out on the internet so please feel free to message me on facebook at juliacelmer. I know you wrote this a while ago but maybe you'll be able to message me!

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