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Bierc family from Dolistowo Stare (old Dolistowo), Podlaskie, Poland

26 Jan 2016 #1
Looking for Bierć Family - that lived in or still lives there - Dolistowo Stare (Old Dolistowo), Podlaskie, Poland (near Białystok). My grandfather, Feliks Bierć, was baptized at St. Lawrence Church (Polish Catholic Church in Dolistowo Diocese) on 25 Feb 1884. His parents were: father, Michala Bierć and his mother, Josefa (sorry, don't know her maiden name!).

Feliks Bierć came to America in 1905. His information at the Port of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania stated that his brother ??? gave him the money to come to America - His brother came to America around 1900-1901 (I don't know if he married in Poland or America - still trying to figure out as to where he lived in America and I don't know his name?). Feliks lived with his cousin, Stanislaw Wiśniewski (not sure if there is an accent over the "i"), in a town near Philadelphia called Manyunk, Pennsylvania. Looking for siblings of Feliks Bierć also.

Other cousins - Sienko, Borkowski, Smolinski, Łicwinko (again, not sure of where to put accents!) Thank you.
Looker - | 1,134
26 Jan 2016 #2
Just typing 'Bierć Dolistowo' in Google shows quite a lot connections between this name and this small Polish town..
Among others one person on (Polish networking site) and an different girl on Facebook with Bierć surname from Dolistowo. Additionally some interesting facts about this place with a brief statement from an resident of this village - Bierć of course (a bizarre story on religious epiphany).

If you only knew some Polish..
3 Mar 2019 #3
I am from Bierć family. My grandfather name was Michał, father Antoni. Families Lićwinko and Sieńsko were my mother's cousins.
laurenp20 - | 1
8 Jul 2020 #4
I am also researching family from Dolistowo. My Great Grandmother was a Sienko, and I have Luchwinko in my family by marriage. I am trying to find birth/marriage/death records from the local catholic church. I'm interested if there are any living relatives in the village & if they might have stories. My great great Uncle Henryk wasn't able to emigrate to the U.S. because of a disability. He handcrafted rosaries for the people in the village, I think Jaswili. I would be interested in seeing if we have any family connections! Hope to hear from you!
kaprys 3 | 2,249
9 Jul 2020 #5
Check this site for data concerning their church records

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