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Searching for living family around Piasutno Ludwy, Podlaskie, Poland

SaraJane 1 | -
1 Sep 2022 #1
I am looking for living Polish family members. Here is what I know so far...

My first Polish ancestor to the United States was Franciszek Dymek (31 Dec 1874-1957) from Dymki, Poland. He arrived here on 26 April 1901 at the Port of New York. On 10 September 1901, he married Rose Ziemack (27 Oct 1881-1957) from Lipniki, Mazowieckie and they had 6 children together. They lived in Pittsfield, MA, USA.

Franciszek was the oldest of 6 children born to Wiktor Dymek (b. 5 Apr 1860) of Piasutno Ludwy, Podlaskie, and Rozalia Koldys (4 Oct 1861-1936). His siblings are Stanislaw (1886-1963), Alexander (1891-1937), Antoni (1891-1946), Wladyslaw (b. 1892), and Zofia (b. 1903). Frank, as he became known, worked at one of the many woolen mills, along with his brothers and other family members.

Stanislaw Dymek, who eventually became known as Stephen Demick, was my gt. grandfather and was born 22 Jun 1886 and died 15 Jul 1963. He arrived in 1903 or 1905 and married Franciszka B Kania from Lipniki, Mazowieckie, in February 1908. Their first child, daughter Sophia, was born that same year. They had 15 more children, one of which is still living. My grandfather was one of the middle children. Alexander arrived in 1911 and married Mary Kapraszewski (1898-1930) in 1916. Antoni arrived in 1913 and married Sophia Mary Dachowska (1902-1966) in January 1922. I have very little on Wladyslaw. I know he arrived in 1906, was known as Wayne, and was listed in the 1910 census with one of his brothers. I don't have any death, burial, marriage, or children for him. I think he may have gone back to Poland or moved to another town.

The last is Zofia, my great aunt. She was born 23 Mar 1903 at Piasutno Ludwy, Podlaskie. She was born nearly 10 years after Wladyslaw and I have no record of her in the US, though I have not tried searching for her with an Anglicized version of her name. I have no information on her other than her birth. I did go through an agency to find more info on my family and this was all they could find about her. If she stayed in Poland, existing family would likely be connected to her. I did look at Geneteka and confirmed her birth at Piasutno Dymki in the parish of Mały Płock.

Franciszka Kania also has more information connected to her but I have been unable to order more information. She was born 13 Mar 1891 to Pawel Kania and Julianna Koldys, the second of 11 children. 6 of the children died under the age of 2 and there are 3 daughters that I don't have death dates for. I do not know the connection of her mother to Rozalia Koldys, wife of Franciszek, but I'm sure there must be one.

I am looking for any information pertaining to this family. Cemetery/headstone pictures, family photos, photos or information of the town where they lived, info on any of the wives families, and most near and dear to me, living family members. It's difficult to do Polish research when you don't know the language or where to search. I hope that by reaching out, I can make a connection to family still living in Poland. I maintain a family Facebook page and have slowly made connections to extended family here in the states. We are a large family but I'd love to get to know some family still in Poland. I have included photos of 3 of the original brothers.

  • Franciszek Dymek

  • Antoni Dymek

  • Stanislaw and Franciszka

  • Stanislaw/Stephen and Francis/Franciszka at 50th anniversary
gumishu 13 | 6,112
2 Sep 2022 #2
It's difficult to do Polish research when you don't know the language or where to search

the easiest way to gather information on your Polish relatives is through a professional genealogy agency - they have know-how and resources and time to do professional research - it's doubtful you can find people from the Piasutno area here (in this forum) - if you are interested I can look for such an agency for you
gumishu 13 | 6,112
2 Sep 2022 #3
I can look for such an agency for you

I mean find a website of such an agency

I just made a quick look up and Piasutno is a very small place in western Podlaskie voievodship

here's a google street view of the place (you have to follow the road to see farmhouses (ahead or back from the location of the link),21.8652903,3a,75y,36.59h,90t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sSLd8ukdgIto90LxP7ajiAg!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656

this link has to be this long
27 Jan 2023 #4
Hi SaraJane,

We may be related through my paternal maternal maternal grandmother, Franciszka "Frances' Dymek. She was also born in Dymki. She briefly lived in Pittsfield. I wonder if your family knew mine. Please let me know if you'd like to chat.

Best, Joey

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