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killgore 1 | -
23 May 2021 #1

its about my gandmother
first of all :

i know :

shes born in poland at l (cross)uka in poldaskie vovoidship (today)
why i know

in the certificat of birth of my father is make a state of a city in luka with the l(cross) in poland in 1937 (my father is born in aout 1937( FRANCE ) )

the other name of l(cross)uka mentioned in 1937 in prussia does not look match with this
cf : (wikipedia) :

is name is anastastie pawluk

i want know :
i am too young and i do not know my grandmother

many of my research mentioned that than pawluk was a rusyn lastname or ukrainian last name it is true maybe lemko ?
where can i find ?

my father tell me a state have part a minorities religious is the regions specified have a minorities people ?

where can find if i have still a family over there ?

what is the language do you advise to learn for improve my research ?

where can improve my research (in generally) ?

if you want more please answer me ;)

still sorry ! for my bad english i do not practice english often
i can explain many more but in french language

have a good sunday :)

6 Jun 2021 #2
On begining: the l (cross) letter is

On beginning: the l (cross) letter, Ł, ł, is graphics symbol of sound the close as it is in English in word wood (W-atter). Next : misspelling: poldaskie, correct is podlaskie, anastastie pawluk - correct is Anastazja Pawluk. Please see:;;; It is able to get more information about your roots in Łuka Podlaskie. Many documents , include metrics, are accessible on line, they are hand written in Polish, Russian and Latin (the oldest). To help you more I need more data about your family history - unfortunately I do not understand French language. Do not hesitate to contact me if you will need:

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