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Adultery- Is it ok for Polish women

30 Nov 2020 #31
I know a Polish man, he is bald and tattoed and in his mid 40's. He is married for 20 years and with two teen kids. This man flirts like hell and sleeps with different women. In other words, he has been cheating on his wife for so many years. This man is working abroad away from his family for 4 months and only home for 2 months. I also have the same question. How come the wife has never suspected that his husband is a serial cheater and never file a divorce. The wife is so naive or stupid to be totally clueless. Disgusting! Totally yikes !!!
JacekthePole 1 | 57
30 Nov 2020 #32
Polish people get married young, then realise they've missed out in the sleeping around stage. That's why there is so much adultery here.

In my experience women here cheat just as much as men.
30 Nov 2020 #33
@JacekthePole what I dont understand is why not file a divorce if they realized they are not happy in the marriage. Why the wife tolerates his husband for cheating? How easy to cheat in Poland? I think this man is living in Sczcesin. Looks like not much of socialization in that city.
cms neuf - | 1,585
30 Nov 2020 #34
She might be having affairs too. maybe they are still friends and enjoy hanging out - they have a house and kids etc. marriage and sex life are not always black and white and as Jacej said they probably settled down a bit young and need to let off some steam
Novichok 1 | 2,589
30 Nov 2020 #35
Cheating almost never ends well. Only a total human scum does it when there are kids at home. Later, go knock yourself out and die from AIDS, as far as I am concerned.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,663
30 Nov 2020 #36
A lot of Polish men that migrate to the West end up with new women while still supporting their families back home. I see it all the time. Everyone has needs. You can't expect a guy or even a woman to be away from their significant other for years without looking into a new partner. I think this is more one of those don't ask don't tell situations.
Novichok 1 | 2,589
30 Nov 2020 #37
I think this is more one of those don't ask don't tell situations.

...which may be made more complicated when he brings home a gift he got as an extra.
JacekthePole 1 | 57
30 Nov 2020 #38
It's only recently that divorce is becoming acceptable. I know a lady in her 50's whose husband left her (after his affair) and she is completely ashamed, like somehow she wasn't a good wife. Times are changing though thankfully.
1 Dec 2020 #39
@cms neuf yes, probably the wife is having affairs too. This man I am talking too is having an affair with my friend who is not a Polish woman. According to my friend, this man seems to be miserable in the marriage. Though he does not tell much about his wife and teenage kids. My friend and I, somehow stalk his wife picture on facebook and we were surprised to see that the wife though not ugly looks like a total opposite of what this man likes. The wife is tattooed, cropped/boy like cut hairstyle and a little chubby or maybe she just gained weight after birth and apparently aged already. The wife looks like a lesbian/tomboy look. My friend is lady like, sexy and attractive with tan and long shiny hair. She is Asian descent. And this man, the husband had dated Asian women prior of being with my friend. Looks like this Polish husband had suddenly changed his preference with women.

@Novichok I agree

@Dirk diggler Apparently yes. The Polish man my friend is having an affair with has a good job position in the company abroad. He has a nice house and car in Poland. He seems to be a good provider. But of course we don't know what his true character inside his home or how his family views him. My friend said he does not talk about his wife and children eventhough they talk a lot video calling and messaging/chatting when they are not together when this man is at home in Poland. This man seems to be unattached to his wife and kids or maybe that is how he wants my friend to believe with. This Polish man is disgusting. He is so proud to have a mistress eventhough everybody knows in the company that he is married for 18 or 20 years so. However, I cannot judge my friend for being a mistress though I do not tolerate this kind of behavior too.

@JacekthePole I dont think this man as my friend told me has the intention of divorcing his wife. He has built a nice house, car and probably insurance and big savings. So he will lose a lot in the divorce. I think the Polish wife has never worked or is not working. They got married kaybe around 25 or 27 years old.

I am new in this forum so I dont know how to reply properly on your answer/ thread :-). It is a big no for me the cheating and adultery stuff and when I read the original post/question who seem to be very much like of my friend having an affair with a Polish man and the wife seem not to bother at all, maybe clueless or naive so I decided to post a comment too.

Also according to my friend. this Polish man she is having an affair with, while at home starts his routine either bicycling, running or walking with the dog in the forest. Other times he is working a little bit on the computer. Or visiting his two sisters in the same city. When he calls my friend they will video chatting for an hour, he is either in the car, in the forest with the dog and once inside the house but no visible signs of wife and children. I asked my friend if she asked him about his family, she said she does not ask anything about his wife and children. I really feel sorry for the wife!!!
cruisepatron 1 | 129
26 Jan 2021 #40
The wife is cheating as well, that's the fact.
pawian 178 | 15,517
2 Apr 2021 #41
Polish people get married young,

In 2016 it was 27 for females and 29 for males. A few years more than in 1990s. Not so young, then.

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