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Do Polish men make good husbands?

22 Jan 2017 #61
Let's just say, if you treat a (non-alcoholic) Polish husband right, you'll very likely have a faithful husband who is attentive to your needs, and a great father to your children. In the neighborhood where I grew up, the guys who hung out at the gas station I worked at, on occasion, got tooted up and headed out to Rocking Chair Helen's for an afternoon of "frolic." The Ukrainian guys, the Italian guys, and the few WASPs that hung out there, were the ones that went. The Polish guys, never. Just an observation - but I believe, it reflects a characteristic of Polish men.
DontGo - | 1
11 Feb 2017 #62
I would love a Polish husband. I don't care if I have to do house chores and cook. It's my pleasure, especially if he takes me to bed after😋
Looker - | 1,023
5 Jul 2017 #63
This is funny :)

Polish husband
unlucky i guess
13 Nov 2019 #64
I'm sorry but am I just unlucky. All the polish men I know, including my husband are drunks. Where are all these nice polish men? Are they actually from Poland or second generation, since I think that makes a big difference.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,558
13 Nov 2019 #65
All the polish men I know, including my husband are drunks.

Be brave enough to post with your real name and we might think that you are not a troll......

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