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Learn about the nuances of relationships with Polish men or women. Dating tips and marriage advice. No ads! (page 7)

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Want to ask a Polish girl out?
Polish girls hard in relationships  2  3  4  5  6
Sexual diseases! Please tell me how I go about getting tested in Poland?  2  3  4
Polish Wedding Venue near Krakow
How can I meet a Polish lady for a serious relationship ?  2
45 - Did you mean Hugh Piggott?...

Lovetual - 10 Oct 2009 Vox - 20 Feb 2015
Civil Cermony Details in Poland - music, vows?
Surplus of single women in Poland?
23 - So, to return to the original question: If there is a surplus of ladies living in the major urban...

LoveFeldeinsamkeit - 8 Feb 2015 Feldeinsamkeit - 10 Feb 2015
My Pole bf is flirting with an old friend from high school
Getting married - registry office in Gdansk - any experiences?
So I'm an Arab Muslim and freaking out! I'm about to meet my Polish girlfriend's parents
Wedding in Szczecin recommendations. How long before must the documents be provided to the registry office?
Strange Polish Girl.
Polish men like Latin girls? What do u find attractive in a girl physically & emotionally?
In what context should I take being told, "I like you very much" said by Polish guy?
Learning a language solely for your partner
What to get my Polish girlfriend for her birthday / 6 months?
Are women from Poland scared of good looking guys?  2
Do Polish girls lose their virginity later than most
"going to dinner with my sis..." - approaching a Polish girl, help needed  2
Polish idealist form of beauty for males and females?
Marriage of hidden reason - Why don't girls from Poland marry 'Nicaraguans'?
Romance with a polish girl... I need help!
In Poland - guys opinion about brazilian girls
Do Polish Men frown upon women who do not have a higher education?
Fun date ideas in Wroclaw
Do some Polish women prefer older men for money?  2
Left Poland when young, did I leave half my heart?
7 - I feel the same way I know what you mean, It is like a part of...

LoveDominika81 - 8 Sep 2014 Szalawa - 9 Sep 2014
What are Polish Women like? Just started to date one.  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
256 - good point...

Lovemidgeure - 4 Feb 2008 Wulkan - 8 Sep 2014
Does color or where you come from really matter for Polish people?
Need advice on a Polish guy friend i got with
Do Irish / British guys like Polish girls?  2  3  4  5
International/binational couples and communication problems
Not-married couple with a daughter in does it works if they split up?
Do Polish men find African American women attractive?
Possibility of Marriage with a Polish lady  2  3  4
I am in a serious relationship with a girl i met on-line from Poland - advice needed
Please help in this long distance relationship (I live in Canada, she is in Poland)
Age difference in relationship with a guy or girl from Poland?
Dating a Polish/Italian Guy
Should I ask a slightly older Polish Woman out on a date?
In love with a perfect woman from Poland (she has a boyfriend?)
First date in krakow
Dating a Polish man - how to impress his mother?  2
Polish friend cutting off contact indirectly - is this a cultural misunderstanding?
15 - maybe your friend got a new significant other that does not appreciate your friendship...

LoveConfusedFriend - 16 Jun 2014 f stop - 21 Jun 2014
I am a male UK Citizen, a Polish female wants to pay me £1000 & £2000 (later) for marriage ????
25 - You're welcome ;-)...

LoveIvorSmallFaucet - 11 Jun 2014 Wulkan - 13 Jun 2014
What does my Polish work colleague's behaviour mean?
A Polish wedding for a typical couple getting married in Poland
Wedding - bridesmaid for Polish friend; what things will remind her of home (customs traditions)?
6 - Thank you so much that's really helpful , It will fall to myself and my husband to do some...

Lovespecialdayhelp - 12 May 2014 specialdayhelp - 13 May 2014
How to propose to Polish women?
I have a crush on a Polish boy ~
I'm impressed by Polish girls and their beauty, going to marry my Polish GF
Opinion from Polish men on this please (Polish men so 'spiritually' romantic?)  2
Cannot get married as a catholic in Poland if I don't have sacraments - No kids without Church marriage
9 - Plus, if it's all a disaster, it's not your fault ;)...

Lovekot - 8 Apr 2014 Cardno85 - 9 Apr 2014
Help me plan my wedding - in church in Poland, with a 2 day wedding party - Zabrze
My Polish wife doesn't want to move to the UK with me - what to do?  2  3  4
96 - True I am not in Poland , I am married to a lady from the pacific and we live...

LoveBritguyabroad - 8 Dec 2007 lancashirelad - 25 Mar 2014
Will I end up with a Polish man?
3 - bizz, it's bear with me. Bare with me has an entirely different meaning. :)...

Lovebizz45 - 13 Mar 2014 scottie1113 - 20 Mar 2014
My Polish guy doesn't call me..
Culture of Polish people (searching for a Polish guy who is the father of my baby)  2
45 - Advice: Next time use condoms and some common sense....

Lovenyx - 12 Jan 2011 DA-13 - 19 Mar 2014
Hi! I was wondering if Polish guys like latinas and if they would ever date one?
Why are Polish girls so confusing?

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