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How to Make (Polish?) Women happy?

southern 75 | 7,096
6 Nov 2009 #31
How to Make (Polish?) Women happy?

First of all polish women are never happy whatever you do for them.Only if you promise marriage,they are temporarily happy.
That is why I like czech girls,they are always happy.Be happy,go lucky.
Arien 3 | 721
6 Nov 2009 #32
you said "nonsense" while actually you both said same. you couldn't even read her open mind. experienced? eh.

It means I think restricting yourself to your own economic social class is nonsense, wether you're a man or a woman. (If men marry down, then why should this be such a shame for women?) Learn to read?

nomaderol 5 | 726
6 Nov 2009 #33
in schools now, they are teaching to read, but, not teaching to understand. when my socialism happens there will also be schools in which teachers listen students talk.:)

of course, i agree. if men marry down, then, women too should marry down. but... percentage of women up is less than 10%, we dont see them many and we dont know them marry up or down?. on the other hand, 90% of men are up and they have not much chance other than marry down.

ps: btw, true richness is human, priceless. didn't human create the money too. yes. didnt human create the love too. yes.. so, you can't know what human can do tomorrow.
OP ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
28 May 2010 #34
....and some don't realize how wacky women have become:

From the link: "The proud lion of Sweden's Nordic Battlegroup's coat of arms has been emasculated because a group of female soldiers lodged a complaint with the European Court of Justice."
A J 4 | 1,088
28 May 2010 #35
They might aswell make it a lioness.

Seanus 15 | 19,706
28 May 2010 #36
Stay out of their way ;) Men are just an encumbrance ;) ;)
espana 17 | 910
28 May 2010 #37
How to Make (Polish?) Women happy?

give money to her.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
28 May 2010 #38
Espana isn't too wide of the mark there.

Seanus (awaiting for the, 'yes, but all women are like that', comment) :) :)
richasis 1 | 420
28 May 2010 #39
give money to her.

and then stay out of her way.
southern 75 | 7,096
28 May 2010 #40
I remember when I was introduced to one kusienka at first she was resisting my advances then I took out a 50 euro banknote the kusienka smiled and let me touch her all over.I think she was 18 years old.Now two of my polki asked me for mobile phones and...
richasis 1 | 420
28 May 2010 #41
smooth, that southern is. and age is just a number... :)
king polkakamon - | 544
28 May 2010 #42
Yes,I am the one polka placze because she did not get mobile like her friend.We have to find a balkan solution.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699
29 May 2010 #43
she was resisting my advances then I took out a 50 euro banknote the kusienka smiled and let me touch her all over

and then she popped and you had to buy a new one with the original banknote

:) lol
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
29 May 2010 #44
Yes, Polish woman is money hungry as any other out there ... so?
rathnayaka - | 2
13 Jun 2010 #45
is it a difficult task making a polish girl happy
Seanus 15 | 19,706
13 Jun 2010 #46
You think they are and then....BOOM! Making them happy is one thing, keeping them that way is something different entirely.
Miguel Colombia - | 351
13 Jun 2010 #47
Show them the money.

Jokes aside, it's one big mistake to assume your love can make someone happy.
scottie1113 7 | 898
13 Jun 2010 #48
Those 16 commandments may be the biggest crock of s**t I have ever read in my life. Whoever wrote that obviously has no understanding of relationships, and probably has never been in one that lasted for more than a day or two.

Still, it was a funny read. And I'm still laughing at the responses.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
14 Jun 2010 #49
Some things cannot be written here ;) ;)

Happiness tends to be very temporary in many women here. As long as they can bla bla bla, their temporary happiness is satisfied. Many don't seem to want to be happy. Provided they keep that up, men don't need to sway them from their wants.
southern 75 | 7,096
14 Jun 2010 #50
Women's needs and demands are an abyss.Impossible to satisfy them for more than some minutes.(except you have a tool like osiol).
PlasticPole 7 | 2,649
28 Jun 2010 #52
No woman can resist a cute kitten! If you want to win her heart, give her the cutest baby kitten you can find.
beckski 12 | 1,617
28 Jun 2010 #53
If you want to win her heart, give her the cutest baby kitten you can find.

A baby puppy works better for me

SerbinaVonTeese - | 8
28 Jun 2010 #54
How to Make (Polish?) Women happy?

That's not possible.
southern 75 | 7,096
28 Jun 2010 #55
You can buy them lots of chocolates.
28 Jun 2010 #56
How to Keep Polish women happy??

......Buy them a dog :)
Nathan 18 | 1,363
28 Jun 2010 #57
......Buy them a dog :)

Better save the money you want to spend on dog for her 30th pair of shoes and become one. This way you would have to bother only about one dog in the house :)
beckski 12 | 1,617
28 Jun 2010 #58
You can buy them lots of chocolates

I'll take an assorted box of these chocolates pleeeeease!

dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
28 Jun 2010 #59
How to make a Polish woman happy, knock at the door with Wiśnówka.....naked ;)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
28 Jun 2010 #60
What, so she takes the cherry stuff and leaves you out in the cold? ;) ;)

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