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Why Irish women are so rude and judgemental towards foreign women?

19 Nov 2014 /  #1
Not only my opinion (a Polish woman), but my female friends's - other non Irish nationals living in Ireland (even English and American). It is very difficult to make friends with them if not impossible. Seriously very few foreign women have Irish female friends. Irish men seems to be quite oposite.

Irish woman very rare starts a chat with foreign woman on her own. If yes, then very frequently will try to end the conversation. Very often Irish woman has a bitter face shape during the conversation like she would just eat the bitter lemon. Even at work the attitude of Irish women towards foreign women is simply only "politically correct". Oficially they claim openess, friendly attitude, but very often they are becoming violent and prejudicted towards foreign women. A few of my friends were treatened by Irish female coworkers to a degree they decided to leave the workplace. Irish ladies were so jeleaous even evil towards them and made untrue remarks and reports. All to portray my friends in a bad way.It also happened to me. It is ok when you're doing an entry level job or have junior position. If you're doign well and getting better job it is a huuge problem for them. Incredible envy.

Why they are so extremally rude towards foreign women?
20 Nov 2014 /  #2
I have to agree, Irish women can be absolute biatches to other women and I have seen it/experienced it myself on countless occasions. Prize class A biatches, even my own Irish cousin and aunt will do their absolute best to make another woman feel uncomfortable.

The men are OK though. I have no idea what it is about.
20 Nov 2014 /  #3
I have never had any problems with the Irish women but maybe because I'm a man ;-)
20 Nov 2014 /  #4
There are one and a half million of them - they're surely not all the same. Also, people have their own lives, their own friendships etc and aren't just there to make friends with new residents in their country.
20 Nov 2014 /  #5
they are just the same wherever they live Jon tbh.
I remember some really choice biatches in London.
OK perhaps one or two of them might be alright but I doubt it.
21 Nov 2014 /  #6
why are polish so bossy and think they are superior, and that's the men and women
25 Nov 2014 /  #7
Agree, it is impossible to have friends among Irish women in Ireland. Or to be accepted as a tenant in a house where Irish women live. Not mentioning that Irish women rarely talk to foreign wman at work. I'm here in Ireland for over 7 years and I agree with Exe in any part. I have never experienced it in other countries.
25 Nov 2014 /  #8
well....apart from Poland anyway...:(
25 Nov 2014 /  #9
It is not that Irish women are judgemental and rude.

It is the polish woman whose are kind and wise.

Unfortunately (Or Fortunately?) not all the world have the same standards :)
4 Oct 2015 /  #10
I do not believe all irish women are rude and judgemental. There is racist and prejudist people in every country, jealous women, very negative energy. The point is we all have our moments in life, we all learn from our mistakes. To say women in one country are bad and another is perfect is just not true. My best friend is polish and I am irish and I love her loads. Our differences have taught us both so much. Sometimes you have to move past preconcieved BS open up and be mates. Its possible.
English fella  
9 Jan 2016 /  #11
Moved here a while back and only have negative feedback to give about living in northern Ireland its a living nightmare, try working under Irish women is difficult they are vultures always very scrutinizing constant bad feedback when your doing your best and actually getting results, had to leave a few jobs because they didn't like the look of me. These people actually have mental problems constantly being labelled as protestant or a "black bastard" (I'm white ) as they so put it and I have no religion. In England we respect you of your polish, Irish, black or white etc. Unfortunately for the Irish they have the mentality of a child and do not respect others on the 12th July they make us look bad and disgrace out flag would it help for them to know that Britain is made up of England, Scotland and Wales not Northern Ireland. These people are uncultured idiots that would shag their first cousin and think that employing family members is a smart idea its not it just makes life extremely difficult for an outsider. I'm done getting into fights with Irish men over my accent and looks( I'm way better looking and dressed). Most Irish girls have extremely ugly partners just walk around a shopping centre here and you will know exactly what I mean. Wish I never moved here the people are vulgar and repulsive with a strange sense of humour. If I had 1 good thing to say about being here is I have met a FEW decent people in the 5 years I've been here. Discusting vile people the Irish are not friendly like the stereotype many of us have heard of. Should of took the warnings from my father and never get involved with the Irish especially the women. Rant over just need to save for a few months so I can go back home. I could go on all day maybe I should write a book or a guide advising any culture to stay well away from this one horse country.
9 Jan 2016 /  #12
Discusting vile people the Irish

Why don't you get on the boat and leave?
You say you

Moved here a while back

but then say that it's

Rant over just need to save for a few months so I can go back home.

Another few months? The ferry to Liverpool costs 20 quid.
English fella  
9 Jan 2016 /  #13
Hi Roger5,

Yes I did say I was leaving you simpleton, just like to state that I've been nothing but welcoming and your typical Irish response is clarification for my claims have a nice day and try not to just fall on your sister.
9 Jan 2016 /  #14
I'm sorry that you've failed utterly in Ireland. It has certainly made you very bitter. If you work extra hard, it might not take a few months to save that 20 quid.

maybe I should write a book

Learn English first. Your current skills make you look a


But I guess you've been told that many, many times already.
9 Jan 2016 /  #15
Wish I never moved here

Me too, get the boat.
9 Jan 2016 /  #16
Grow a beard and get a boat to the caliphate england doesn't need you either.
English fella  
10 Jan 2016 /  #17
You have mental issues, it was just a vent you retard. And you can't get a boat back to Essex can you? Its not about getting home its about putting up a deposit on a place you ********. Go **** your cousin.

I'm reporting your comment to security services for terrorism remarks made by yourself telling a white English man to grow a beard and move to the caliphate to join Isis is a serious offence, I hope you enjoy gitmo you terrorist scumbag. They will trace the IP and have you arrested in the morning.

You actually gave a positive response Rodger5 is probably a member of a failed terrorist organization known as the ira he gets upset when I slag his incesestual nation off.
10 Jan 2016 /  #18
I didn't tell you to join isis. you could do some charitable work for the world food program, delivering aid to besieged towns in Syria, but somehow I do not think that you are the charitable type, are you?
10 Jan 2016 /  #19
English fella, don't forget to report me to the security services, will you?

You have mental issues

Because I object to you calling Irish people

you can't get a boat back to Essex can you?

No, son, you get yourself to Liverpool and hitch a lift.

you ********. Go **** your cousin

And you say I have mental issues?

it was just a vent you retard

And this is just a challenge to a very upset boy who can't hack it in the real world.
10 Jan 2016 /  #20
There is a difference between a rant and a horrid racial attack on the Irish people as a whole ,why do it on a Polish forum i do not know, I myself have been called a white wog when i lived in the UK, but I has not turned me into hater of the English, I just felt sorry for the individual that said it, English Fella you may have had a bad experience when you were in Ireland, try and get over it and move forward positively.
English fella  
10 Jan 2016 /  #21
You told me to go to the caliphate and grow a beard you are encouraging a member of the British public to join Isis you are done.

Horrid racial attacks on me in Ireland you have no idea how many fights I've been in all over because of my nationality they just twig me accent its a nightmare. I'm not joking its every over Saturday thankfully they don't know how to fight, you shouldn't say stuff like grow a beard and go to the caliphate. I'm just going to forget about reporting you, we all make mistakes like my earlier post was pretty bad.
10 Jan 2016 /  #22
English fella Great so we can talk about what happened without any animosity which is good, where about's in Ireland did you get trouble big towns small towns ?, I have traveled there a bit mainly Dublin down to Waterford, I have a strong English accent and didn't get attacked but there was plenty of banter about the English but they said not to worry it's all about the crack and at times but me a drink, I took it all in good spirit after all people in England have been making jokes about the irish for years. I am surprised you had trouble in northern Ireland unless you were in a catholic area, there can be trouble if you are British but it is getting better slowly. Is it mainly the young people you had trouble with?
11 Jan 2016 /  #23
If you don't like our women, then go home. Nobody made you come here.
12 Jan 2016 /  #24
English fella - your spot on with you're first comment
Stephen s  
13 Jan 2016 /  #25
Omg English fella,
You' re so right... Irish women litterally get offended when one breaks the stigma of men are useless carry on. I'm a dad who works, keeps the house well and cooks but I see what you are talking about even though it were a bit harsh or blunt they just can't accept they are wrong hence why your having issues in this godforsaken ******** that we call " Ireland " bunch of retarded people with issues is right. Dead on.
English fella  
15 Mar 2016 /  #26
Nice to see a bit of support from my fellow countrymen, I thought I was going mad but turns out I'm right these people are Scum they do **** their cousins. Protestants are idiots and embarrass our nation and there not even British, ******* scumbags.
18 Aug 2016 /  #27
Coz they're insecure and mostly riding their depression.....
19 Aug 2016 /  #28
I have Irish family. I'd say they are pretty stuck up, both men and women. I guess I notice it more from my female cousins because I'm female and they don't include me when I visit for family occasions. I don't like them much.
24 Aug 2016 /  #29

I enjoyed reading your rant, I found it both funny and just sad. The arrogance seeping from your rant was hilerous and you wonder why people don't like you, you poor thing! 😂

Have you ever read a history book? The Irish have been treated like dirt by the English for 800 years because ye took over the land wanted the Irish to change religion and their native tongue to your messed up language. The English likened the Irish onto monkeys, sold the Irish peoples corn abroad when the potato famine happened and would only feed the Irish at their soup kitchens if they converted to your protestant Anglican religion. Yes a religion founded by the English idiot of a fat fugly king Henry VIII (that means 8th just in case you wouldn't understand it with the stupidity you suffer)! Look at what the English have done to the Australian Aboriginal peoples, disgusting how they were treated! The English had competitions to see who could kick the heads of Aboriginal people off first, while they were alive... bloody vicious animals!

Yes the current English people of today are not to blame so there is no benefit of being rude or nasty to the English. However, if you have an attitude problem obviously nobody ANYWHERE in the world will like you, not even the English. Take a long hard look at yourself and see is it you that caused yourself so much grief, is it your apparent arrogance and snobbery? (this is what I have picked up from your messages)

Perhaps there are many Irish women with less attractive Irish men, but I bet they have great personalities. Those Irish women obviously aren't as shallow as yourself!

The Irish are also proven to be more sexy than the English, the men ranked above the English in the world so I highly doubt you are much better looking than the Irish men lol!

Also you uneducated "simpleton" northern Ireland is unfortunately still apart of the UK, so get your facts right. You'd find it is indeed people like you that disgrace your country and flag and if you wrote that book you'd be a laughing stock from your pure arrogance and lack of knowledge. The English of today do not respect foreigners in their country, Irish people have been and still are discriminated against there, as are the Polish, Romanians and Spanish, I personally know people who hated living there because of that reason.

You are living up to the Australian stereotype of the English, "Whinging POME!"
So just shut up and get and attitude adjustment!
14 Nov 2016 /  #30
Thanks Exe,
As an Irish guy who's lived abroad and can compare Irish women to other women I'd completely agree. Very sad to say the nastiness people in the world I've met in the work environment are Irish women. Its not all Irish women it maybe 20-30%, it's a certain percent that express real hatred to others over the slightest issue. Ironically the other 70% percent of Irish women are excellent decent compared to other countries. But it just seems certain Irish women have never had it pointed out to them how disgusting they behave which is why I believe discussions like this are very important. It seems the further South you go in the Ireland the worse this problem becomes.

The key thing is they're just above criticism Irish men are complete cowards with women, mostly Irish women are hard to criticise as they're a vicious clique and will side with each other against other men.

Pity this thread has been derailed with Northern Ireland which are different these issues need their own thread. It traditionally its been a more lawless territory Police there will place less emphasis on what they'd categorise as minor assaults compared to elsewhere. Lots of people are scarred and many have a chip on their shoulder towards the English, Catholics will even try to scare English people out for demographic reason. It should be well known that violence is more common there, I've heard stories from visitors there getting punched in the street for no reason with the assailant just running off. Notably even in the Republic many a little wary of visitors from Northern Ireland.

My point is we understand issues like a stranger who is drunk attacking someone in a bar or in a public place we know this is wrong, these problems are recognised and discussed. But what's not discussed openly is the problem of Irish women where you're in a friendly context and how they can casually express hatred to people usually by giving dirty looks or snarling with hatred usually in an office or even out for a friendly drink. They don't seem to even realise what they're doing very often these same women think they're very popular and the next day will put on a nice act. I worked in an office environment in London for a long time and most English guys would regularly discuss how nasty the Irish women are. But Irish men are terrified to criticise them.

There's also an element of jealousy at the moment in Ireland its no secret that Eastern European, Spanish and Italian women are far better looking than Irish women. Certainly Mediterranean women have a reputation for being hot tempered but it's a completely different thing its feisty its not nasty or aggressive. I've travelled in Spain I've seen Spanish women angry but they're expressing their anger about something they aren't expressing hatred, to me this is a huge difference.

I definitely thing this "Irish woman phenomena" needs more discussion they above all would benefit from this.

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