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Learn about the nuances of relationships with Polish men or women. Dating tips and marriage advice. No ads! (page 4)

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Help me figure out if she might like me? Or if she is just easy going and nice with me?
Polish signs if she likes me or wants to just be friends ( help )
Do Polish guys tend to take things slow with regards to sex?  2
How is the engagement / courtship tradition in Poland?
It seems everyone is so isolated here in Warsaw
11 - The title of this should be 'i am so isolated here in warsaw'....

LoveAzberjian - 6 Aug 2018 TheWizard - 7 Aug 2018
Polish guys opinion about Romanian girls?
Moroccan / Polish Dating, we need some informations to reunion
Polish guy who has a girlfriend.
Do Polish girls like Balkan guys?
Polish girl/Mexican guy Dating
5 - Darn right, fella!...

LovePolkaLina - 4 Apr 2018 Lyzko - 26 Jul 2018
Polish Weddings the farce and how much money to give
English woman with a Polish partner - may need to move to Poland soon
I'm a Polish girl (my boyfriend is British) and I'm proud  2
Polish dating tips  2
40 - There is no difference except that a small gift is not expected in the USA. In the USA...

Loveriki_rwanda - 30 May 2011 America First - 15 Jul 2018
Indian girl met a Polish guy and got pregnant. He doesn't want to marry me and my visa expires...
Different relationship... can it work with Pakistani girl and Polish guy?  2  3  4  5
129 - i think yes...

Lovesweet_g - 2 Nov 2008 sha666 - 11 Jul 2018
Civil Wedding in Poland - can I write my own vows?
I love a Polish girl, but I don't want her to drink  2
I fell in love (with a Polish schoolfriend of mine)... How to say I love her?  2
Hopeful to date Polish woman  2
Couples Therapy in Poland
Should I bring gifts? - help with a Polish wedding  2
How do we know that Polish guys really serious in their relationship?
Cards for occasions - Polish custom for couples?
4 - Hi, both replies have been really helpful - thank you :)...

LoveJennywren - 23 Apr 2018 Jennywren - 25 Apr 2018
Why are Polish women so cat-like?
30 - Because we, Racowie, like fur and claws. Its old thing. Don`t ask....

LoveKnownaim - 20 Feb 2018 Crow - 13 Apr 2018
"I wait for you" - American Guy With Polish Girl Question
9 - Pleasure was mine entirely! Language helps bridge all gaps....

LovePolAmKrakow - 11 Apr 2018 Lyzko - 12 Apr 2018
Are there any swingers club in Poland?  2
51 - Merged: Clubs for couples in Warsaw Hi Just wondering if there is any clubs in Warsaw...

LoveCuriouscouple - 29 Jun 2012 trudelu - 7 Apr 2018
Trying to get Married in Poland - I'm English, my bride to be is Polish
7 - Thanks everyone for the info...

Lovealan23 - 27 Mar 2018 alan23 - 28 Mar 2018
How easy is it to pick up a girl from a club/bar in Warsaw ?  2  3
Well.. I got a Polish girl pregnant..  2  3
88 - there is a Polish saying: cierp ciało, kiejś chciało...

Lovejasonmzk - 16 Jan 2010 gumishu - 19 Mar 2018
So I got a call yesterday from those Polish teens who tried blackmailing me
Marriage problems in Poland  2
Polish girls call themselves sensitive and easily to be hurt, but how if they hurt others  2
Dating Polish ladies on a serious note.. How to find a girl from Poland in the UK?
Dating in Poland not able to speak Polish
24 - Just take this advice from The Man....

LoveTKuku - 8 Jun 2012 Dougpol1 - 2 Feb 2018
Would Polish people mind dating someone from Mexico?
My boyfriend is on a Polish dating site  2  3  4  5  6
Not used to dating a Polish man
Dating a Polish guy for three years. Will he ever marry me?  2
Younger Polish girl 24 dating old man
All the good Polish men for dating are taken?  2  3  4
How long should i wait to romance a Polish girl after she broke up with her boyfriend of three years?
11 - I am from the uk but my grammar isn't exactly great. I did use WORD to write it up...

Loverumination - 26 Dec 2017 rumination - 23 Jan 2018
How to LEGALLY get medication for "mens problems" in Poland?
How much Polish guy cares about ladys' age? I'm from Japan.  2
I want to bring her here but not her son.
My girlfriend meeting my mum
I dont get why you guys think are too young for sex even though aoc in Poland is ok  2
Polish women and Romance
9 - @DominicB Ok...

LoveJames890 - 30 Nov 2017 James890 - 9 Dec 2017
My wife cheated on me abroad with a Polish guy  2
× Weird situation am I going crazy (chicks, hotties, nastolatki)
Polish Catholic girl - do you have the same relationship problem as me?
× The age of consent in Poland is only 15  2  3  4  5
How common or culturally accepted is divorce in Poland?  2
43 - Honestly, we often don't know what happens behind the closed doors....

Loveunknownuser1 - 25 Oct 2017 kaprys - 28 Oct 2017
Am I wasting my time with this Polish guy ?
Are Polish Women cold and aloof?  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
Polish girls don't go for one night stands, is it true?  2
56 - what web site one can meet nice polish women that speak English...

Loveblacka - 27 Jan 2014 ttaagg - 22 Oct 2017
Are Polish people very family oriented?
Polish girls are outstanding in terms of their moral conducts as compared to western girls.
How do I get a shy Polish man to make a move?

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