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Marriage in Poland (civil ceremony,need advice on documents). Indian girl.

comberti - | 4
25 Jan 2013 #31
Thanks for your valuable suggestions!!
justanindian - | 3
15 Jun 2013 #32
Sunil and comberti: thanks for all the valuable information
I am an Indian too and my girlfriend in Polish. We are also planning to get married in future. This helped me a lot.
4 Jul 2013 #33
does the affidavit from my parents, with the sign of sub divisional Magistrate and apostille stamp, stating that i am unmarried is acceptable in poland marriage office as unmarried proof ? please reply earliest.
DJwalia05 - | 1
28 Dec 2013 #34
Hi sunil .. my name is DJ .plz contact me ..need your help .pz conact me at djwalia05@gmail
I was tryng to conact you but couldnt do that
nik24 - | 1
4 Jul 2015 #35
@love_sunil80 - hey my name is nik. I am indian by birth and in love with a polish girl and we want to marry. But I dont knw how to apply? I have read the previous comments.. my gf want our marriage ceremony to take place in poland which I dont have any problm but I dont knw how to apply or on what visa I go there.?? I want to knw few more important thing about it.. so i need your help... plz contact me on my mail id niteshrozario@gmail

Waiting for your reply..
Wulkan - | 3,243
4 Jul 2015 #36
Where did you meet your gf? edited

Home / Love / Marriage in Poland (civil ceremony,need advice on documents). Indian girl.
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