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Can Polish men date with Chinese women?

fromtheSun 1 | 4
10 May 2012 #1
Hi there (:
I know it is so stupid to generalise people like that but... I fell in love with polish guy, I mean he is from the UK but his parents are polish but the problem is I am asian :( from china I saw polish girls they are so hot, I wish I were like them. Moreover, I have not seen any polish men dating asians I saw girls dating with asians but not boys. Is there any chances? Thanks in advance (:
10 May 2012 #2
Is there any chances?

Sure why not. Give it a try
ruby hou - | 3
10 May 2012 #3
yes, u can. Why not? does he know that you love him?
Powodzenia - | 4
10 May 2012 #4
As with any two people, there must first be attraction between you two. Are you both good friends? Do you hang out with one another, talk a lot, share a lot about each other, etc?

Get to know him. Get to know what he likes, what he doesn't like, etc ...

Besides, your question is too hard for anyone to answer. Sure, there will be those guys who only date a certain type of woman and stay rigid in their preferences, but you will also meet men who don't or never thought about the race of the person they'd date or fall in love with. The best advice I can give to you is that you should see how well of a match you'd two make, and then it's all a matter of convincing him of the same. :)

I'm from the states, I'm not sure how different that is from Europeans, but the laws of attraction remain the same. I'm Chinese myself, and my boyfriend is first generation Polish. It's funny, because when I first met him in college, it was through somewhat of a mutual friend (he was a suitemate of a friend I had just met) and I thought "No way would he ever like me, he's way too cute!" and then three years later, he's mine! Point being, you never know how things turn out.

OP fromtheSun 1 | 4
10 May 2012 #5
I did not say him directly but I think it is a kind of obvious because when he is there I start to say wrong things, look all the time at him. :( Know I am stupid :(
OP fromtheSun 1 | 4
10 May 2012 #7
Powodzenia, I am happy that I am not the only one in such situation. Yes, I know that it depends on the personality I just lived 2 years with my parents in St. Petersburg and one mate told me that slavic people are too beautiful to date with asians. :'( and my first impression with this guy was Oh, no he will never look at a girl like me. Yeah, I know my self confident is poor.:(
Powodzenia - | 4
10 May 2012 #8
I think, in part, that's how I feel too (unfortunately). It's not that I myself compare to the beast in fairytales, it's just that I've always had this impression that he went for the typical blonde haired blue eyed girl. So while we are in a committed relationship and he tells me he loves me every five minutes, in my mind I have this image of him dating someone who looks more like the girls his mother would probably want him to date. It's probably a product of being first-gen born; my mother always told me that I should marry Chinese so that we could pass along our language, culture, etc and I am sure it's similar with his mother and family. Besides, I've met his sister and she is the typical blonde bombshell and I wonder if I'm standing in the way of that.

But, as any hopeless romantic is apt to say, true love prevails over everything! I hope things turn out well between both of you, and if they don't ... quite honestly, it wasn't meant to be and I'm pretty sure there's another waiting around the corner.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702
10 May 2012 #9
I work with a Chinese girl who is married to a Polish guy, she is smart and pretty and yes this mix is possible and yes it appears to work..Chinese women age better and genitcally less prone to piling on the lbs, keep this in mind...thats got to be a confidence boost :)

and one mate told me that slavic people are too beautiful to date with asians.

Some people are born to talk complete bollox!
natasia 3 | 368
10 May 2012 #10
All the Polish guys I know have at one point or another expressed an interest in oriental girls and said they like them because they are small/pretty/cute/etc. ... so I don't think you need to worry. If he likes you, the fact that you are from China will be something good, and will be the opposite of a problem.

Polish people in general can be very conservative, but a lot of the younger generation are much more adventurous, and actually are very keen on other cultures and 'exotic' partners - and you are exotic!! And that is great! So I think you should feel happy and be yourself.
Kevvin - | 4
11 May 2012 #11
Get close to him somehow but dont ask him to get out for a bear coz that what bros do and you dont want to get into a friend zone.

Dont wait for him to notice you coz you can wait forever. Maby hi already did but his insecure or shy. Step up ! Go for it ! Good Luck :)
sa11y 5 | 331
11 May 2012 #12
Polish men are attracted to Asians, believe it or not, but he might think that you would never date him! Try to let him know discreetly that you are interested and see what happens.
NorthMancPolak 4 | 645
11 May 2012 #13
I couldn't believe how many hot women there were in Hong Kong (if a bit on the small side for me lol), so yeah, some Polish men do like Chinese women, but we do tend to put Polki first lol
OP fromtheSun 1 | 4
11 May 2012 #14
I hope things turn out well between both of you, and if they don't ... quite honestly, it wasn't meant to be and I'm pretty sure there's another waiting around the corner.

Thanks a lot this is actually the way I feel now!
Good luck with your bf :)

Thanks everyone I become more confident! (:
Wulkan - | 3,186
12 May 2012 #15
but we do tend to put Polki first lol

Not really.....
masks98 27 | 289
12 May 2012 #16
This is kind of a silly question to be honest. BUT. If you and this guy are in Poland then I can understand better. I lived in Poland for a year and a half. I got used to the racism towards me and blacks but was SHOCKED at the widespread, shameless racism against asians. I had this lovely student in her late 30's that was very sweet and kind to me, and complained about how polish people treated her badly because she once had lunch at a restaurant with a black contractor from her job. Then later it came out by accident that she strongly disliked asians and she openly admitted without shame that she would hate to have asians live near her, or work in her workplace. I was so shocked I started asking around and a good majority of the people I had considered tolerant and liberal openly made fun of chinese people and admitted that they would rather not associate with any.
NorthMancPolak 4 | 645
12 May 2012 #17
Not really.....

The vast number of Polish-Polish relationships prove otherwise ;)
natasia 3 | 368
12 May 2012 #18
yeah, and I've only had two Polish husbands because i speak and look Polish (really, not joking) (about why, and about the speaking and looking) ... and now that i have nailed the cooking/making the house look spotless while at the same time fixing stuff up so his earning potential is growing ... i am a CATCH. ; ) So, from the sun, maybe think of bumping up your household and business skills to compensate for not being Polish? ; )
12 May 2012 #19
It really doesn't matter, to 90% of chicks what your chormosonal makeup happens to be. You listen to her, or do a good job pretending, you compliment them, you buy them stuff, and you never ever take them for granted; and even the most mediocre guy in the world can get a chick ten times better than what his soul probably reflects him deserving. If it's a matter of landing one SPECIFIC girl, it's even easier. You find out what that girl is looking for, what she WANTS you to be, and you merely become that thing. How long you stick with it is a testament to your commitment and patience. Differing nationalities, races, religions, etc; none of that matters. Those are slight obfuscations, at worst, but usually fuel for fantasy at best. There's no such thing as "leagues". We've all got the same toolbox, just different tools. If you're weak on one front, exploit it on another. Some women find a lack of confidence endearing. These women are called friends.
tropicalgirl - | 3
19 May 2012 #20
i guess, polish guy likes asian girl either for their adventure part or life time. we'll never know LoL
calgaryimmig - | 7
22 May 2012 #21
hi :)
i don't think there's an issue like this one with dating..

go ahead and date him, and you'll know if you're compatible with each other :)
21 Mar 2014 #22
I think maybe it can work...I am Chinese,I have fallen in love with a Polish man, I am just a small girl,I also feel the same with you do, I just feel that Polish girls are so hot and pretty,and I am not confident. but my boyfriend told me many times that he loves me and he think i am pretty,,everyday and night. And his personality makes me believe that there's true love between us. So,I think you should be more confident about yourself,and the relationship between you and that Polish man,After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
23 Jun 2015 #23
My dear I am Pole as well and I LOVE Asians girls. I want to relocate to China/Japan/South Korea. It's not about ethnicity.

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