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I'm getting married to a Polish guy and need advice before visit his family; gifts, topics, customs

Steveramsfan 2 | 306
22 Nov 2009 #31
I now know to eat small portions to make room for the 2nd and 3rd helpings.

Learn to say in Polish :-

good morning, good evening, please, thank you, excuse me, cheers and goodbye.

Its always good to be polite in the language of the country you visit.
22 Nov 2009 #32
good morning, good evening, please, thank you, excuse me, cheers and goodbye.

you forgot na zdrowie;)
Ironside 51 | 12,474
22 Nov 2009 #33
I was going to make, the poles don't like Germans, Russians, Ukraines, and Jews, add on Dark skin people, its a fact of life, not all poles but the majority. sorry no hard feelings but stating a point.

You are not even Polish buster to make statements like this, also she will be fine in Poland.
You have been unpleasant for no reason.
Steveramsfan 2 | 306
22 Nov 2009 #34
you forgot na zdrowie;)

It means literally "On your health" but is the same as "cheers" in the UK

22 Nov 2009 #35
lol you're right. this word shouldn't be traslated into English. all foreigners i have met so far knew nasdrovje :)
Ogien 5 | 241
23 Nov 2009 #36
poles don't like dark skinned people, your place is not Poland.

I hope that was meant to be a joke. If not, you are an idiot. I personally love the looks of Sicilian women.
bolek 6 | 330
23 Nov 2009 #37
[quote=Ogien]I hope that was meant to be a joke. If not, you are an idiot. I personally love the looks of Sicilian women.

Joke or no joke the point was made that poles don't like dark skinned people, I didn't have in mind light or olive skinned people, thats a fact of life. You may want to visit Poland and see for yourself. I don't personally agree with that mentality, Ask the question, how many dark skinned people are employed by a polish company?

Am I a idiot, probably, just like everybody else.
OP ekcampos 3 | 12
23 Nov 2009 #38
Bolek, just stop already. LoL

So Tomek was talking to his parents and all of his aunts and uncles, and they are really excited for me to visit! His older sister, who is my age, just got married and I will be staying with them for a few days in Warsaw. Then I will stay with his parents for the rest of the time in Suwalki. During this time, I'm somehow supposed to visit all of his aunts and uncles. I'm really excited to go. It's going to be an adventure especially since he isn't going!
wildrover 98 | 4,436
23 Nov 2009 #39
You seem like a lovely person , and i am sure his family are going to love you to bits....If you get any negative comments from People in Poland , they will probably come from the kind of people that are not worth bothering with anyway....

Enjoy your time in Poland , i wish you every happiness with your future husband...
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,594
23 Nov 2009 #40
It will be good. Polish people (esp. outside bigger cities) have a tendency to stare at everyone who doesn't look Polish. Older people do it more than young ones. But it will most likely not cause you any problem, it's just something they do.
24 Nov 2009 #41
Polish people (esp. outside bigger cities) have a tendency to stare at everyone who doesn't look Polish.

It's not just lack of "Polishness": they'd stare at any sign of individuality whether it's unusual hair style, dress you are wearing etc or just because they don't recognize you or simply because they have nothing better to do. It could be annoying but is not dangerous. They also often times comment on your appearance. Just smile and say "dzień dobry".
wildrover 98 | 4,436
24 Nov 2009 #42
I have been stared at many times , as i obviously do not look Polish...I no longer think of it as rude , its just the Polish way.... never had any real problems with anybody due to being a Brit in Polska...
24 Nov 2009 #43
I have been stared at many times , as i obviously do not look Polish...I no longer think of it as rude , its just the Polish way

I'm Polish and I have been stared at when my father bought a farm outside of Kraków. Village people would stare every time I'd drive my car through. They could not figure out what business city people would have being in "their" village. It got better after only 15 years so cheers!
wildrover 98 | 4,436
24 Nov 2009 #44
Village people

Yes , i can relate to that , i live on a farm on the edge of a small village...they can,t quite believe that an English person would leave the wondefull UK to live in a Polish village , they can,t believe i actually prefer it here...
ChrisPoland 2 | 123
24 Nov 2009 #45
It should be noted that in Poland direct eye contact with strangers can be held for a longer time than is acceptable or comfortable for some visitors. I also get the sense that some people expect you to give them a stare and that it would be rude not to- I'm thinking about a woman dressed for an evening out- so I always oblige. (I heard that women dress to impress other women anyhow)

We have a house in the village too and we get our fair share of staring (I call it gap-ing). At the same time we bought our house, a German/Polish lady bought an old mill to turn it into a restaurant. The local gossip was that I was that lady (not true) and that I planned to make a brothel (not true). When confronted by one very brave neighbor, I cleared up the confusion and joked that if a brothel was moving in at least there'd be jobs in the area. My joke didn't go over too well.
Lady_Love - | 5
26 Nov 2009 #46
ekcampos, me da mucho gusto tu caso! mujer disfrutalo, vívelo, gózalo, no estés mas nerviosa que te irá muy bien, FELICIDADES! se ven muy lindos juntos...

now.. u have to tell me how did u figurate that guy beacuse im from Mexico too and i have a polish bf and..sometimes i don't get something about him, well dear and about the comment of the skin color that bolek said baby u may find some ppl like that i don't know.. but come on that's stupid, my bf loves my color too... ;) besos bonita ciao!
Senach 1 | 47
26 Nov 2009 #47

You will do fine,and i wish you all the best.
OP ekcampos 3 | 12
16 Apr 2010 #48
If anyone cares for an update. I went to Poland and it was AMAZING! His whole family loved me. I would move there in a heartbeat if I had the opportunity.

poles don't like dark skinned people, your place is not Poland.

And yes Bolek, people did like me. Polish women were extremely friendly, and his family kept teasing me because a lot men on the street, in the mall, at restaurants, etc. kept giving me googly eyes...They must have thought I was cute :-)
Ogien 5 | 241
9 May 2010 #49
You shouldn't be surprised. Polish men seem to love Latin women. I live in Connecticut and there are a lot of Polish guys dating Latinas here.
OP ekcampos 3 | 12
17 May 2010 #50
Yay for us Latinas :-)
MareGaea 29 | 2,751
17 May 2010 #51
Well, that's no wonder, Latinas are pretty hot if you ask me.



M-G (grin)
czbi - | 2
16 Oct 2010 #52
I think Polis in general are every womens dream. He can carry his women with care and love. You can assure of his warm and tender loving feelings for you. If I will choose between Flilipino, amerikan scandinavian men I would prefer Polis as my first choice. Beating up wifes have nothing to do with nationalities. It has something to do with family upbringing, discipline and their point of view. I think the only problem with Polac is that many of them that cannot speak english and that's the reason why many intrepeneur really takes advantage of these people. But I bet ya, Polacs works harder than anyone else. Even a low wage they work for it. They are hardworking people.

I will fly to Gdynia one day for a wonderful vacation out in the countryside near the beach. I would love to see the place of my ex. At least now, I am in a very good status and have the capability to see the world and see him. He he he
16 Oct 2010 #53
My hair is dark and long. I am very much into exercising, gym and pilates. I am slim but not slender. No one can resist not to looks back when they saw me.I

attention seeker.are you looking for boyfriend or what?
Barr_2009 1 | 252
16 Oct 2010 #54
I have been stared at many times , as i obviously do not look Polish...I no longer think of it as rude , its just the Polish way...

this is interesting, so there's such a thing as 'the Polish way'.
POLENGGGs 2 | 150
16 Oct 2010 #55
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From my experience the "in-laws" will probably try to feed you a lot and will often give you a second (or third) helping without asking.

Ha ha, that's so true! And tell you that you are skinny and need to eat more :) Even if you are overweight.

Ahh, you say you do Not Like The food.

,maybe makeup allergy/diet if do not want to Hurt their feelings

As for the groom - ale zryty ryj
Zamowilas go z interneta?
Rysavy 10 | 307
4 Dec 2012 #56
I'm red haired ,but dusky with hazel to black eyes... not from my Portuguese (ethnically a Boheminan basque /castal) who are mostly grey eyed blondes or Ubertall, redhaired green eyed Scotts; but from my Boheme Weis and my 1/8 Cherokee. My Solvak friend was also very dusky, duskier than I.

My Wadusili is quite enamored with me... but is very intrigued with my curves and my appearance. ^_^ his entire family are golden toned, pale , honey blondes with blue eyes.

I am also learning basic speaking Polish at present. I like it better than my own second language of Boheme. Plus I surprised him and still do. I think dude needs to take some purple happy vitamins.

You make a cute couple! Congratz on your plans!
berni23 7 | 379
4 Dec 2012 #57
Where did that come from?
Looks like you are on

some purple happy vitamins

. :D
JonWynkoop - | 1
16 Jan 2014 #58
Merged: Going to Poland to visit a Polish woman and need advice regarding her family

Okay so this is going to be quite long and I will most probably get some interesting replies. :p Bring the Thunder! haha...So I have always had penpals all my life I love communicating with others around the world because....I mean come on man there is so much more out there than just America -_- ....and Texas at that! I was contacted by a girl two years younger than I and she was unusually shy but for some reason was very attracted to me. We instantly hit it off and began talking, exchanging stories and skyping literally on a daily basis for months. Talking about our deepest thoughts in life and sharing everything, EVERYTHING. We fit together like a puzzle piece it was just that simple and we fell in love. Even me being at the lowest point in my life she was there no matter what and never left my side. Her family loved me because they had never seen her so happy, they welcomed me to come and stay hell even live there! Her mother always took pictures of her family for me and would come drink wino with us on our skype dates....and her dad and brother even came to say hello quite a bit on webcam. We got to a point where she was literally ready to leave her family and studies to come live with me here.( btw she lives in a small village located in Cegłow.) AT that moment I took a look at my life and said oh CRAP....I was smoking pot everyday and was just surrounded by problems, so I did something very stupid/smart which I kinda regret....I took a leave of absence and quit talking to her( don't judge a man...I wanted to get my sh*t together for this woman and give her the love she deserved, just should have chosen a better way) She was devastated by this(obviously -_-)....anyways My mother got a new home and got away from a horrible relationship so her and my siblings and I were finally able to live in peace, I quit my dirty pot habit, saved up much money working for a good company (Dr.Pepper), got into college studying Engineering and when I was ready I approached her again.(Us knowing each other for over a year and a half now) Well I came back to a surprise when I left she was depressed and pretty much literally wanted to die, another man was there for her in these id say...two months to comfort her and give her advice about us(obviously dude loves her as well)... WELL now I am caught in a love triangle. She loves me and this man has also became important to her...she tells me the only thing she wants from me is to come stay and visit her and everything will finally be perfect. But she is still terrified I will leave again and will not trust a lot of things or give up talking to this boy until I come.(women)...Im not her families favorite person anymore but I am still welcome to come and possibly get hit in the jaw by her father XD Moral of the story I am going to Poland to prove to her and her family that I love her and am capable of making her happy and being a good man. I am going to be going there March 8th-March 16th. Im nervous as sh*t!! Im not worried about me and Amelia, we are fully compatible and once we are finally able to embrace I have no doubt old scars will heal and a grater love will blossum. Im worried about her family and would like advice on how I should approach the situation. Things have been hard knowing that another dude is competing with me and he lives in Poland, but when the love is right, its right and I know without a doubt her heart lies with me as I offered to let her be with this man and she said no, she just needs to physically see things not hear them over skype. Im in a crazy situation and people tell me im stupid but f*ck it man Im in love and im confident, just really hoping I can get some advice from Polish men/women. Her parents don't speak English but she is excellent and is studying translations and can translate everything perfect.l have learned Polish alphabet and basic phrases, words, and greetings for her and even am looking into getting a CELTA to teach there and stay a bit longer in future. Really hope I can get some decent advice and maybe some secret Polish remedies for p*ssed off parents :p hahaha. Also Im nervous being in a new culture and area, farthest ive traveled is NYC... If you read all this thank you and I much appreciate your time.
pashavolk 3 | 8
16 Jan 2014 #59
I think that you shouldn't worry too much. You are not the only person in this world who travel to another country to meet someone who only seen on skype, so maybe you are crazy :) but you are not the only one. Maybe learning the language more will help you, because counting on someone else to translate everything is not really working. If I was you I will buy flower for her and her mum and sister :), maybe something to drink for the boys, smile, pay attention to what's going on around you and pray :). If is meant for you and her to be together you will be together :) Goodluck
smurf 39 | 1,966
16 Jan 2014 #60
OK, first of all, get to know the joy of using paragraphs, Jebus, my eyes! ^_^

2nd, go for it man, you have nothing to lose and sounds like you're crazy for this girl.

3rd, get a hotel/bed & breakfast room, don't stay with her family, they'll prob put you in a separate room and you won't get to get it on with your new girl, and trust me, she's going to want some action after finally meeting you.

4th, to get things OK with the family you're going to need to do a few things, buy vodka and then drink vodka, vodka and more vodka with the Dad/brothers and you're going to have to help around the house doing housework/chores and whatever else that will put you in their good books. Flowers and chocolate for the females in the house are always a good idea.

5th, you're stepping into a culture that's quite different than yours so keep an open mind and just enjoy the ride.

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