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Want kind of Present my Polish girlfriend's Mom would appreciate?

Ayoub87 1 | 4
15 Jul 2015 #1

Well, this might seem cheesy, but actually it's something important and would love to find the best Present to give her for our first meeting.

In my culture, it is super important and reflect good manners to bring something with you while visiting someone. And there's different gifts for different occasions. I was thinking about a bottle of wine but not sure if it's the best thing, since I Poland Vodka is more famous and more consumed but the population (I didnt meet a lot of Wine lovers).

I've also heard that it's not common to bring présents or accept them? is this true?

Thank you for your contribution.

InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Jul 2015 #2
A bottle of wine????? Do women in your country get bottles of wine as presents????

More seriously, just get nice chocolates (expensive brand nicely wrapped not a Polish brand bought at Carrefour or Biedronka for 13zl;)) but if she is on a diet ;), or some flowers. You may also bring her something typical from your country (not food, but a small item that she would keep as a souvenir). Personally, if I were you, I would bring something typical from where I am from + some flowers...
15 Jul 2015 #3
the best Present to give her for our first meeting.

Tea. The contents are not as important as a packaging.
OP Ayoub87 1 | 4
15 Jul 2015 #4
Well not women but parents, they appreciate it sometimes. Depends also if they are religious or not. anyway the Chocolate is a very good idea but again I need to ask if she's on a diet or not.

Thanks for your help :)
InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Jul 2015 #5
@Ayou; Poland has no wine culture and unless they are used to foreign travelling, they won't appreciate it.

Yes, like Harry says, tea could do the thing since Poles drink a lot of tea. If you buy tea, go to those fancy shops and buy top quality tea nicely wrapped. I don't know the name but in shopping malls, there is a chain selling good tea including for gifts.

If chocolates, also to go to fancy chocolate places (preferably foreign since they know Polish things). You know, if such places, they sell small boxes nicely wrapped and in fact, even if she is on a diet, it'll be ok (my mistake) as you won't bring kilos of chocolates.

If they are typical things such as sweets, small decorative objects from your country and that you can get hold of, go ahead as an small additional gift.

The best I suppose is to ask your girlfriend ;).

Good luck! :)
f stop 25 | 2,513
15 Jul 2015 #6
Ah, Morocco! Ceramics, leather, embroidery... there are so many beautiful things to choose from!
InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Jul 2015 #7
@Fstop: is the guy from Morocco? If so, yes, he can bring something typical (including some sweets)...

If he's from Morocco so most probably Muslim + they are from Poland = NO wine ;)
OP Ayoub87 1 | 4
15 Jul 2015 #8
To sum it up :)

1. Everyone is okey with idea that a local thing from Morocco would be the safest bet. I agree, that actually has been taking care of. but I'm a bit concerned she wont like it that's why I'd love to bring her something Poles appreciate more.

2. Tea sounds great, and also as many said : PACKAGING is important, so something fancy would be cool !

As for wine, I guess I'll drop that idea, since the wine culture isn't developped in Poland.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Jul 2015 #9
Re Moroccan thing, just get something decorative and small. What about a small "tajine" dish with its lid or a mint tea set (tee pot + small glasses)? They won't use them but keep them on a shefl as souvenir ;). Also get great tea or chocolate or flowers. Yes, important that tea and chocolates are nicely wrapped so go to fancy shops and not to Biedronka ;)

Don't bring 50 gifts because you'd look ridiculous and they could be embarrassed. So, what I would do: smalll thing from Morocco + chocolates OR tea OR flowers (or may be : chocolates OR tea PLUS flowers).

@Ayoub: I don't know how the word is transcripted in English but this is waht I mean with "tajine":

Gift for a Polish mum

don't get one too big! ;)
Wulkan - | 3,251
15 Jul 2015 #10
As for wine, I guess I'll drop that idea, since the wine culture isn't developped in Poland.

It surely must be very developed in muslim country Morocco.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Jul 2015 #11
@Wulkan: I don't know how to understand your comments ;). Even though Muslims are not allowed to drink alcohol, their countries do produce wine and other alcohols. I remember about good date and fig liquors in Tunisia and of good wine in ... Egypt.
Wulkan - | 3,251
15 Jul 2015 #12
their countries do produce wine and other alcohols.

That means they have developed wine culture

I remember about good date and fig liquors in Tunisia

The local Tunisians will have a great chance of drinking it now themselves since the number of tourists will drastically drop now :-)
InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Jul 2015 #13
@Wulkan: sorry, I thought you meant to be smart with the Muslim religion ;)

@Ayoub: maybe you could bring a few different types of spices bought on the market...(if the mother likes to cook).
OP Ayoub87 1 | 4
15 Jul 2015 #14
@Wulkan: Well, before dropping any assumptions do a little research. Although Official religion in Morocco is islam, among them like any other religion, you'll find those who do practice and those who just are muslimes because they were born in a muslime family. Anyway, latest studies shown that Morocco is ranked 5th worldwide in Beer consumption (Germany ranked 6th !!) and is the 1st to export wine in the arabe region (we do have a strong wine culture). Plus just for your information, Morocco and Turkey arent considerate arabic because it's not the main language and it's taught in School (we speak Dialect, a mixture between old arabic, French and portuguese). but I found your comment funny though.

@InPolska: Your ideas are great. I've done the spices thing the first time I was there, left them to my Gf since didnt have time to meet the Mom, she loved it. I made up my mind, Tea and a decorative Tajine. Thank you so much
InPolska 11 | 1,821
15 Jul 2015 #15
@Ayoub: personally I would love to receive a Tajine or a mint tea set from someone coming from Morocco. As said, they'll use them as decorating objects.

Yes, buy good tea!

Of course, one does not arrive empty handed but most important is the athmosphere

Just dress up a tiny bit, be polite, smiling, eat at least a bit of everthing they serve (in case you don't like their food) and all shall be alright! :)
Polsyr 6 | 769
15 Jul 2015 #16
@Ayoub87; I suggest a bottle of good quality olive oil from your region. A friend brought me a bottle from there years ago and I still remember the taste and smell.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
16 Jul 2015 #17
Yes, Polsyr, is right ;).

Good olive oil is expensive in Poland and more and more Poles start using olive oïl rather than their Kujawski at 3zl something ;).

A few years ago, a Tunisian brought me 3 bottles (nicely wrapped since gilt) of olive oïl and I could tell a huge difference with what I buy here.
25 Mar 2016 #18
Question: What kind of present my Polish girlfriend's mom would appreciate ? Ayoub 87.

I don't want to appear flippant, but I am sure she would like a very rich son-in-law
as a present. Only saying!
Hellooo - | 28
25 Mar 2016 #19
Why need you give gift for here parents ?
Good gift for your girlfriend it's more then enough

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