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What are my chances of finding a decent Polish lady?

westerngent 1 | 2
6 May 2011 #1
Hi,looking for some advice from guys here please.i really like the polish ladies in the town where i live,although they are much younger than me..i'm 52 now,they look amazing with wonderful bodies and they are so friendly.i'm not having much luck here in the uk,tried lots of dating sites without any its time to look outside my own borders.i've not visited poland and would love some advice on where to start.i'm suppose to be the spitting image of the polish prime minister...ha ha,dont know if this would help.any help much appreciated,thanks.
ann ann
6 May 2011 #2
spitting image

what does it mean?
OP westerngent 1 | 2
6 May 2011 #3
it means double....look a like,twin.
pgtx 30 | 3,156
6 May 2011 #4
so how is it to be 52?
southern 75 | 7,095
6 May 2011 #5
Try decent ukrainian ladies.They usually fall for older loaded men.
6 May 2011 #6
dating sites would be a good begining. Problem is that it's hard to meet anyone in Poland unless you have already some friends here.
OP westerngent 1 | 2
6 May 2011 #7
been to ukraine,kiev was great.interested to try somewhere new,and polish people seem friendly.
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240
6 May 2011 #8
i'm suppose to be the spitting image of the polish prime minister...ha ha,dont know if this would help

not really lol...

what are my chances of finding a decent Polish lady?

depends what you're after and what she's after, if you like younger women then it's gonna be more difficult to find one who won't try to use her pretty looks on you and want you to pay pay pay till she gets bored and runs off. just being honest, how much younger are we talking about here? i don't know if you have a better chance of finding a girl who meets all your expectations by travelling to Poland, what about the language barrier? try to chat up local Polish women, no point going all the way to Poland if there's so many of them out here. or are you just hoping that maybe native Polish girls in Poland will be nicer ad more sincere?? you're not going to go there and kidnap one and bring her back are you lol? if anything, especially if the girl is still quite young, her parents will probably strongly disapprove. there are a couple of Polish dating sites out there for people who live in UK so maybe check that out if the Polish factor is so important to you.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
6 May 2011 #9
Good luck, but I really think that getting married shouldn't be about the nationality, but about the person. A dating site is the last place to look into... join some kind of a class of institute, look around you and perhaps you will get to meet the right person.

If it must be a Polish, then come Poland, join some course, or start some course. Make sure you meet more people, something good can happen.

But here, where people don't really know you, it is not possible that you meet a great advice.
Marek11111 9 | 816
6 May 2011 #10
Slim to none but the clock is right twice a day good luck.
valpomike 11 | 197
7 May 2011 #11
The Polish women are all good, just some are better than the rest.

Midas 1 | 571
7 May 2011 #12
been to ukraine,kiev was great.interested to try somewhere new,and polish people seem friendly.

I see we've got a man of some experience on our hands. Welcome.

First, let me congratulate You about narrowing Your target down rather well. Because, let's face it, unless You're famous or wheel and deal in showbiz Your chances of getting it on with a British girl in her 20's ( especially a girl with an "amazing and wonderful body" ) don't look too great with You not being a spring chicken and all. Hence You're right, Poland, Ukraine and perhaps a few other states in Eastern Europe are definitely the right places to look for one.

Now, my initial piece of advice is - don't rule out looking in the U.K. completely.

Sure, it is not 2004/2005 anymore and Polish women no longer arrive by thousands every day, many of them looking for a local guy that will make their life much easier. But depending on where You live ( a bigger city, London ideally ) You still have a fairly good chance to become a sugar daddy to some Polish girl in her twenties or thirties who'll simply love You if You let her stay in Your place "for free" and cover the bills. I know a few chaps ( one of them in his late 40's ) in London who successfully used [] ( which stopped allowing personal ads a while ago ) to snatch a girl from Eastern Europe, they placed ads along the lines "Well-off British gentlemen with a house/apartment in ............ looking for a lovely Polish/Czech/Lithuanian girl for friendship, travel and perhaps more". I know, cheesy and very down to business, but it worked for my colleagues, though usually for a few years at best. Find the site, post an ad, don't even post Your photo, You'll most likely be positively surprised by the results.

Now, regarding looking for Polish women in Poland specifically - use a Polish dating site ( like sympatia .pl), don't bother posting in Polish, post in English, write that You think that "Polish women are the most beautiful in the world" and act like the proper English gentleman. The women You're looking for will consider You very special and better than the locals because You are a foreigner ( about 20%-30% of the Polish female population share this belief ), hence underline the fact that You're much different from Polish blokes.

Hope that helps, best of British luck,
rtz - | 46
14 May 2011 #13
You have to choose: beauty or decent (you know, that's all they have, can't blame that)
sobieski 107 | 2,128
14 May 2011 #14
Try decent ukrainian ladies.They usually fall for older loaded men.

You mean they fall for them until the moment they get a EU passport? And then goodbye....
scottie1113 7 | 898
14 May 2011 #15
so how is it to be 52?

It was so long ago that I can't remember!
guesswho 4 | 1,289
14 May 2011 #16
what are my chances of finding a decent Polish lady?

none ;-) (kidding)
grubas 12 | 1,390
14 May 2011 #17
His chances are not as slim as some of you suggest.I know an American, he is 54, **** poor (former musician) and looks like Howard Stern.He has a 2 y/o son with a 23 y/o German (frome Western part) girl and they live together.She's not a supermodel but not bad looking either (I would do her).Now the best,he is so lazy that only she is working (makes little money) and he stays at home watching little J.They are not married and she already had PR card when she met him.
30 Aug 2011 #18
I know a polish women who is 71 years young, nice built, good looking who lives in Edgewater, Florida. She is widow and is looking for a nice Polish guy near her age.
wielki pan 2 | 250
30 Aug 2011 #19
I know a elderly polish lady looking from somebody from the west.. She has no money but cooks lovely meals.. are you interested??
al111 13 | 89
30 Aug 2011 #20
the clock is right twice a day

Shouldn't that be a "Broken Clock"???
Any ways to westerngent i feel for you man and i understand where u're coming from. In the mixture of all this don't ever sell yourself short in other words don't sound desperate. If you're a decent bloke (of which i think u're) don't look no further start in your area get to know the Polish Ladies. From what u're saying i'm sure u're not looking for young ladies (might be that u were once married or simply u don't like the idea) but the truth is u have to start somewhere. To find a Polish Woman close to your age who can speak english will be very difficult both here and back in the UK. So if you're looking for someone above 30 (if thats what u're looking for) start in your area at least get to know Polish women, then if that fails start internet dating don't use the websites in the UK to look for Polish women i have heard lots of bad things coming out of there. There are many good polish dating sites, all the best to you Matey.
Jimmu 2 | 157
30 Aug 2011 #21
I married a Polka because the woman I love is Polish. I didn't marry her because she was a Polka!
your polishgirl
27 Jun 2015 #22
message me aleks11111993@gmail
James mallone - | 9
28 Jun 2015 #23
I'm afraid that there's a very obvious and simple answer to that....
InPolska 11 | 1,821
28 Jun 2015 #24
Just find yourself a decent woman! Who cares about her nationality?

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