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Polish girls hard in relationships

6 Mar 2015 #151
Oh come on EnglishGuy, surely you can admit it has now become common place to see below average looking women wearing the trousers in a relationship with a guy who could do much better look wise. I'm in London and see it every day.

Stop being so Britishly over polite and tell it how it is, or are you trying to suck up to the ladies? ;)
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,839
6 Mar 2015 #152
but what do you mean by 'wearing the trousers'? Are they wearing trousers? Or do you mean they are taking charge in the relationship?

How do you know this if you see people in the street? Or do you mean the women are talking too much?

Would it be OK to wear trousers if they were more beautiful?

I must say it always makes me smile a bit when I see a Polish couple in the supermarket where the man decides what they will buy, and pushes the trolley as well to make sure she cannot smuggle any banned items in.
8 Mar 2015 #153
In my relationship I wear the trousers but the missus chooses which one.
UncleGoodAdvice 1 | 28
9 Mar 2015 #154
It's not disrespect, We just trying to point out some issues which occur in every relationship not only with Polish girls. I am not surprised that British guys are desperate and have to look for love among female emigrants. Most of you have no chance to pick up good looking British girl as there is not that many of them, competition is to high and their expectations are usually much much higher than Polish girls. So in many cases you base your choice on look only and that usually leads to complicated relationships. Personally I am avoiding any relationship with village girls ( in my case Polish girls) as they are usually very strong bonded with their families and for example her mother's or sister's opinion will be always more important than your.

More than 40% of Polish population are village people and mainly their mentality is based on 3 things - the family, vodka and the church. There are a lot of cultural differences between Polish people from cites and the countryside. Different nations;)
Veles - | 164
9 Mar 2015 #155
I live in a village and am unable to agree with you.
Englishman 2 | 278
9 Mar 2015 #156
Stop being so Britishly over polite and tell it how it is, or are you trying to suck up to the ladies? ;)

I'm not sure where to start with this. Have you seen Rozumiemnic's post? What did you think? Had it occurred to you that other women might react similarly to your post? If so, do you think this is a way for you to win a woman's friendship, or love?

Who are you to judge whether a woman is 'below average looking'? Is there something wrong with women 'wearing the trousers in a relationship'? Is this more of a sin if the woman isn't (in your eyes) all that attractive? Who are you to say a man could 'do much better looks wise'? Do men ever fall in love because of something other than looks?

Am I trying t o 'suck up to the ladies'? Well, in my experience, showing respect to women is a much better way to get to know them than throwing insults. You should try it some time :-)

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