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How can I meet a Polish lady for a serious relationship ?

espana 17 | 910
7 Mar 2012 #31
How can I meet a Polish lady for a serious relationship ?

get your wallet out .
8 Mar 2012 #32
Worth every penny.
8 Mar 2012 #34
Dear foreigners,
We wouldn't agree with people who say that Poles are easy. It's not true, you shouldn't believe them. If you want to meet a nice girl(even for marriage) you should learn polish and try to be a little bit like men from here. I think there is something important for you to know. If you want to be in a serious relationship you shouldn't make promises and then break it.It will break every girl's heart.

Best wishes
EM_Wave 9 | 311
9 Mar 2012 #35
We wouldn't agree with people who say that Poles are easy.

It's funny how many people disagree with you.
ShawnH 8 | 1,508
9 Mar 2012 #36
And even funnier how many people would agree with her.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
20 Feb 2015 #37
Salam Alikum. i want to meet with a lady for serious relationship so it can finish with marriage


In Poland arranged marriages are ILLEGAL. So forget that. Try to find someone in middle east.

20 Feb 2015 #38
No, arranged marriages are not illegal in Poland, they are entirely legal.

Given you clearly know very little about Poland, why do you have so much to say about it?
20 Feb 2015 #39
Given that the post was written in 2009 and this thread has been dormant for 3 years, I hardly think the OP is going to reply to you Levi_BR.
Levi_BR 6 | 219
20 Feb 2015 #40
Harry, or you are faking stupidity or you are really like that?

By arranged marriage any NORMAL human will understand forced marriages. And they are illegal according to the convention of 1st of August of 2014 from the CE, which Poland is a signataire (as also all other Council of Europe countries).

The penalty is Jail for those that force a marriage, WITHOUT right to Bail.

Stop spreading false information.
20 Feb 2015 #41
If you aren't intelligent enough to understand the difference between arranged marriage and forced marriage, that's your problem; do try not to make it anybody else's problem.

Arranged marriage is perfectly legal in Poland and has been happening here for as long as Poland has existed, but I suppose one needs to have at least a basic knowledge of Poland in order to know that, and you clearly lack that knowledge.

I do wonder how well you can read English; the OP gives no indication that he wants a forced marriage. What he appears to be looking for, if not a genuine marriage, is what is the major problem that involves Poles: sham marriage. Although that's much more of a problem outside Poland than here in Poland.
Wulkan - | 3,249
20 Feb 2015 #42
What he appears to be looking for, if not a genuine marriage, is what is the major problem that involves Poles: sham marriage.

It should be clear to anyone that he is looking for a sham marriage.
20 Feb 2015 #43
Arranged marriages have gone on for a long time in UK too, and for very similar reasons though at the other end of the 'wealth' scale. As a boy I was always intrigued as to why the young 19 year old lady Priscilla Barely-Frognam (made up name) would be marrying the 49 year old Lord Harry Hinge-Piggot (made up name)??(Town & Country type magazines as found in dentists waiting rooms) As a working class boy I had no idea about the marrying antics of the wealthy. Just why would a pretty young thing marry an old bloke (old to me then) As we now know, it was all about land/wealth and keeping it in the family/families and making their holdings bigger and the wife of the heir to the throne, she would be required to produce an heir and a spare as they say. (in case of unfortunate boyhood accidents like falling from a polo pony and breaking his neck). It would have been explained to this pretty young thing that although she would very probably be married to an old boring bloke with nothing in common (except the hunt ball), she would have much greater wealth and ability to buy (stuff = diamonds, pearls, sports cars, holidays to exotic locations and her children would lead even richer lives...a sacrifice but a good one for her offspring) once she had produced the babies she would probably be pretty much left alone if the man was not to her liking and with all that wealth that she was marrying into, if she were discreet and didn't cause a fuss or embarrassment then she would be free to have fun. It is a bit different in a small farming community, but if you can marry your daughter off to the boy next door, the addition of both properties will probably bring greater wealth if not immediately, then to the children of such marriage at least, at some time in the future...a well run bigger farm is always more efficient and wealth producing than a small strip farm, no matter how well run...everybody wins even the parents if they can get along happily. Hence these are both types of arranged marriages at the very least pushed and urged/connived along by both sets of parents.
20 Feb 2015 #44
I suppose it's possible the OP was looking for a genuine marriage but just didn't understand the linguistic and cultural differences when it comes to marriage in this part of the world and where he's from. But, with that said, I'm pretty sure he'd also settle for a sham marriage.

Hinge-Piggot? I was at school with his brother. Third son, so the door spent his time playing rugby and cricket before moving on to Sandhurst and the Guards.
Vox - | 175
20 Feb 2015 #45
Did you mean Hugh Piggott?

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