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On a date with a Polish guy, but no more approach since then. What does this mean?

9 May 2015 #1
So I met this Polish guy the other day, and he's actually my classmate. We've talked couple of times and suddenly he asked me out! Well, at first I thought he was joking until he asked me about it again the second time. So we went to the zoo together (too cute) and things went pretty smoothly. But it's been a week now and I don't think he's done any more approach. Did I do something wrong? I actually started to like him because of the date. Or he's just taking things slowly?
DominicB - | 2,707
9 May 2015 #2
Are your fingers broken? Any reason you can't pick up the phone and call him yourself?
Wulkan - | 3,169
10 May 2015 #3
But it's been a week now and I don't think he's done any more approach.

Maybe he has done his bit and now it's time for you to make your move. As you said you started to like him so do something about it.
10 May 2015 #4
Most people when not interested just play dead. If the guy had been interested, he would of course have reacted and therefore no need for the girl to make a fool out of herself and call. At best, the guy shall come back with a stupid excuse weeks or months later after trying with other girls. To the OP, just forget about him (most probably not worh it since no courage to tell the truth) and make yourself available for someone better! :)

@Wioletta: You went out on ONE date!!! If the guy has not come back to you, it is easy to understand that he does not want to go further. One date is not a relationship so just forget him and make yourself available to someone else better! :)
Marsupial - | 871
10 May 2015 #5
This has nothing to do with poland. This happens to people everywhere. If you came here to get some insight you are much better forgetting the nationality and looking at the reasons for this experienced by most humans. Maybe he doesn't like you enough, maybe you are ugly, maybe he is shy, maybe he has 11 other secret girlfriends....blah blah blah I could write an essay on it. It's like asking why half of people who get martied here get devorced here where i live and why 2 woman a week are killed in domestic violance by their partner. There are too many reasons, look at the personal reasons the answer is there.
10 May 2015 #6
@Marsupial! well said!
Such threads are most ridiculous. Some immature posters want to believe that Poles are a "different race" and that of course the 38 millions and so Poles do think/react in exactly the very same way ;). Of course, if the guy has not reacted, it is because he's not interested in the girl so what's the purpose of opening a thread in PF? Maybe the OP should post on a psychological forum and ask "what's wrong with me since I cannot get a guy?". When a guy goes on a date, likes the girl and wants to go further, he calls right away.
DominicB - | 2,707
10 May 2015 #7
If the guy has not come back to you, it is easy to understand that he does not want to go further.

Not at all. He may just think that she is uninterested. Erroneously. Or he may have kicked the ball in her court and is waiting for her to kick it back. She loses nothing by picking up the phone herself and calling him, which is exactly what she should do if she is interested.
OP wiolletta18
10 May 2015 #8
I was actually wondering if Polish guys like to take things slowly? Well, he flirts with me sometimes since the date.
Veles - | 200
10 May 2015 #9
He is mostly probably afraid about your reaction and that he will screw up something.
jasmine26 - | 1
26 Nov 2015 #10
Merged: Confused on how to proceed with a Polish guy

I'm an Indian. I have been to Poland for a few weeks on a business trip. On my last day, I went out with this Pole( he was my colleague) for drinks.We talked and laughed the entire time and things got a little intense and we got intimate. I left the nest day but I still think about him I don't know if he thinks about me. He was really sweet and finds me very attractive, even now we talk now and then but no so often because of workload on both sides but whenever we do he's really sweet. We got a pretty good read on each other during the time I was in Poland and I think I like him but I'm not sure how to proceed. I don't want to seem clingy to initiate any deep talks now just because we got intimate and I don't know how he feels about me. Please advice...
nothanks - | 630
26 Nov 2015 #11
Here is the thing folks. When you are really into someone "he/she is clingy" isn't considered. Meaning you don't care how often that person contacts you. But if it's someone you kinda like but aren't sure about, then yeah.

So usually, when someone is distant: they just aren't that into you. Doesn't mean they can't become more interested but at the moment they are just keeping channels open before someone else/better comes around

You can either sit and wait OR take a shot & move on.

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