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My reaction to a thread against foreigners marrying Polish girls

loveinair 2 | 3
18 Dec 2011 #1
hello friends.i just read a thread where u ppl saying bad things about foreigners that they marry polish girls for papers....this is just rubbish.

love is the most beautiful thing is this world.u can fall in love with anyone.that time u dont see which country is she from.just spread the message of love.stop creating every one is mature enough to think for herself.

on the other hand there are bad ppl everywhere but dont label whole nation or community as same because of such people.i hope i would recieve positive response ....and start making new friends here i am also new and its my first thread
pawian 200 | 21,070
18 Dec 2011 #2
I see.
So ,when are you coming to Poland to marry a Polish girl, EU citizen, and receive the Polish and EU passport?
Wulkan - | 3,243
18 Dec 2011 #3
hello friends.i just read a thread where u ppl saying bad things about foreigners that they marry polish girls for papers....this is just rubbish.

So you say that some of those people go to jail for that because it's just rubbish?
Seanus 15 | 19,706
18 Dec 2011 #4
Sham arrangements are not in the interests of the collective though some genuine ones exist. Freedom of association is counterbalanced by reality.
PolishNutjob 1 | 74
18 Dec 2011 #5
So exactly which inferior minority group do you represent?
calcedonia 4 | 67
19 Dec 2011 #6
if Im single I will marry with polish girls because they are so polite so smiley face so educated and so beautiful, Im Turkish and my wife also european but not EU passport holder I dont give a **** that eu passport, why people use polish women for run to UK or any west european countries ,poland is much beautiful than all western countries.I dont understand they go there for to be 3. class people, for use in low class works, I can say polish are realy good, person must marry with them for good life not some paper.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
19 Dec 2011 #7
Is polygamy practised in Turkey?
calcedonia 4 | 67
19 Dec 2011 #8
In modern Turkish law made forbiden 100% and not common in Turkey Turkish women never agree that, and Turkish man dont do that ofcourse. Buttt in Turkey east in east near the iran and iraq border Kurds and arabs use it, they are like first human(not all,who lived like that) they use 4 women and make some times 10 child of each women 40 children and grandchildrens. they are tribe, they live not in our century, they dont want Turkish goverment make school in there if there is school they never send girls in school, and they forced marry to young girls with old guys ,exemple girl 14 guy more than 60 years old, if girl not agree and run some of them family member fallow her and kill her, there are not like Turkey like afganistan because we never seen this stuation in west Turkey, south Turkey and north Turkey onley in east, and this mentality people move west Turkey and many problems we have, European say Turkish not entegrated in Europa but in Turkey even they didnt entegrated live modern life, European thinking all Turkish like that but most of them who go to europa these people , ofcourse they are right dont want these people because even we dont want them in west Turkey ,they are not use Modern rules they use them stupit firt human rules. What else Seanus? :)
Seanus 15 | 19,706
19 Dec 2011 #9
I think that was more than clear enough, thanks! :)
modafinil - | 418
19 Dec 2011 #10
What is it with Polish girls marrying for a paycheck, though. The other European A8 countries never appear in the news for it. In the UK it seems to make news on a monthly basis esp.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
19 Dec 2011 #11
It tends to be Indians and Pakistanis that make speculative enquiries but they won't get too far with most Polki.
OP loveinair 2 | 3
19 Dec 2011 #12
seems like polish men are really jaleous of polish women like them.i woud be more happy if polish women participate in this debate.i never said all the asians are good ppl nor u can say all the polish are saints as well.every society got bad ppl.some mate asked me when im coming poland for european the answer is if i fall in love with a polish girl.i would come there but for her.else wont.dont u ppl marry any british girl and french,italian or american.y it becomes big deal when it comes to asians.and dont polish girls marry them for money ?.yes they mistake is on both the sides dont judge only one.dont try to tell them whats right and they know whats good for them.i think acceptance is a big thing.ur men just cant accept us as their mates.......
ali akram - | 1
21 Feb 2013 #13
you polish are jealous from pakistani as they marry with your beautiful females .hahaha wow u have no power to stop ur females because they choose the best .so make yourself best instead of blaming pakistanis
Wulkan - | 3,243
22 Feb 2013 #14
You in the other hand have the power to stop your women marrying foreigners... you stone them to death if they go with the infidel xD
22 Feb 2013 #15
Bigotry is pretty cool when it's somebody else you're stereotyping and not yourself, huh? Oh, you put a little emoticon smile after it, I guess it's okay, then.
legend 3 | 664
23 Feb 2013 #16
Pakistan is one of the most backward savage countries in the world.
You have your own terrorists killing you, you have American drones killing you,
you have almost weekly disputes with India between military shooting.

We arent Jealous, we dont want you to cut ppls heads off, take woman and then abuse them.

No blanket statements and abuse.
Dreadnought 1 | 143
23 Feb 2013 #17
Easy way to stop all these savages trying for an EU passport...make it compulsory for the girl to live in Paki land/wherever... for 10 years before her husband would benefit from right to stay in EU. All this nonsense would soon is easy to spot because the husband always wants to come and live in EU. Where he dumps the stupid girl + babies and legs it to UK or Germany with his EU passport in tight grasp...apparently there is even one of these stupid girls in the local village. Sucker Sucker Sucker!!!!
23 Feb 2013 #18
I personally know 2 women who got married with Arabs. They both went to live in their countries and they both escaped a couple months later. These marriages have no future. Too many cultural differences. Why don't you marry your own women?
Khayyamabrar - | 2
24 Feb 2013 #19
i have some polish frnds as i know them they are very polite and caring, i want to marry a polish girl. bczi know her culture and open for her
Ironside 51 | 11,337
24 Feb 2013 #20
If you are Muslim it is not the same culture.
local_fela 17 | 172
27 Feb 2013 #21
Where he dumps the stupid girl + babies and legs it to UK or Germany with his EU passport in tight grasp..

Sorry for your daughter!
Dreadnought 1 | 143
27 Feb 2013 #22
ha ha....good sense of humour daughter lives in UK and is MD of a company that is doing quite well....she is proud to have produced two white babies with her UK white husband. Please educate your daughter to the danger that lies out there.
thetenminuteman 1 | 80
27 Feb 2013 #23
I do love when immigrants to a country complain about other immigrants.
welshguyinpola 23 | 463
27 Feb 2013 #24
I married a Polish gorl, I am a foreigner and I dont give a flying f*** about papers. I have a UK passport which takes me much further than a Polish one
Ironside 51 | 11,337
27 Feb 2013 #25
I have a UK passport which takes me much further than a Polish one

a one way ticket ?
ufo973 10 | 89
27 Feb 2013 #26


Ironside 51 | 11,337
27 Feb 2013 #27

any links or just your yelling voice?
APF 4 | 106
27 Feb 2013 #28
Birds of a feather flock together ..
25 Mar 2013 #29
Pakistani ppl had a good sense of humor and they are very fear of nature 60% of paki ppls are white pure white you will never beat the paki in any sense they are hardworker as well if you know the Pakistani who live in Poland or Eu you must appreciate with his positive activities and yes you are right there is a terrerissum, drone attacks by USA its just because of every powerful country want to stay in Pakistani land and Pakistan is the country in Asia who connects every country skipping 1000 of miles by sea/land this is the future of trade, and some one said about the marry with polish girl its a heart connection and its decided by God you never knew that what happens i know thousands of pakistani who married American girl but still they do business with pakistan i admit that they live USA but still love pakistan... Please think positive about pakis its a sincere nation from all over the world..... plz feed back at sirvechali@yahoo
2 Apr 2013 #30
I have a Canadian passport so when I marry my girlfriend we will have UE and North America basically under wraps. But obviously we don't care about it, its for the love. Anyways, cry all you want ;)

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