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Woman 23, man 47 years old. What do you think about ?

jamshaid 2 | 20
27 Dec 2013 #151
Yes bro it is not look natural, it seems greedy and you are right, she want love money and benefits after him.....
22 Jun 2014 #152
I am 26 and dating a 47 yr old for 8months. I've said I don't want to meet his family yet as I know they'll probably think I'm using him but that's not the case, we love each other and the age difference doesn't matter if you really care about each other and have things in common. Some people are too quick to judge
Englishman 2 | 278
23 Jun 2014 #153
I agree with this. I'm in my 40s and would rather date a younger woman, not because I'm superficial but because I'd like to have children and I know it's a lot easier when a woman is in her 20s or early/mid 30s. Maybe men and women mature at different speeds too, so we have more in common with each other when there's a difference in age.
12 Jul 2014 #154
man this and you need to get your act together getting the gym stay young beautiful looking at think I should you could do if you work out get your body in shape maybe you can keep up with this woman but remember stress levels that she has to your life is going to be astronomical you need to chill and do your own thing
29 Jul 2014 #155
Why don't you ask us ? I'm 42 and my girlfriend is 25. We have been together for 3 years now. We love each other and we are very similar. We don't fight and we have very fun times together. We will stay together as long as god allows us to enjoy each other. We don't fit into any of the stereotypes written here. We are two couples in love period ! To us age is no factor. We don't worry about tomorrow we live for today and today for us is another in paradise. We don't care what you think we are both adults. Take your negative jealous thoughts and live in your own self misery. Love is love maybe you don't know how it feels how pathetic!
Meowmeow 5 | 58
1 Aug 2014 #156
If he can get his manhood hard as steel and is rich, why not?
artur88 - | 1
1 Aug 2014 #157
The heart wants what the heart wants
2 Aug 2014 #158
Just touched base with an old friend and I remembered this thread, knowing her I thought she might have a younger b/f and sure enough, she is a buyer for a big store and as well as that she runs a small shop.....she has been single a long time and she is 49 (but one of those looks like 35 women.....they are always slim and petite) she tell me she has 3 younger guys on the go at the moment, 2 are just long term friends with benefits ( 27 and 31) and the third works in her department at the big store, he is 23 and she takes him with her on all the big conferences/trade shows, she says all the girls she knows do it, they all have a guy tagging along who is not their partner/husband.....I asked about the age gap, but she reminded me that her husband was 15 years older than her when she married him!! she likes the age gap and says it has never been a problem....for her.
13 Sep 2014 #159
I don't see a problem with it at all. I am a 45 year old guy who has a 23 year old irlfriend. She issmart, college educated and very hot. Although I am 45 I take care of myself and workout 3+ days a week...and no gray hair (thanks to my genetics). I was initially skeptical on how long this would last. I started out as just havingg fun and a good time but we are still dating after almost 9 months...and our lve for each other grows stronger day by day. But don't think I haven't thought about 20 or 30 years in the future....I could be old and healthy or I could be wearing a diaper and have t be taken care of.....
jon357 74 | 21,696
13 Sep 2014 #160
I am a 45 year old guy who has a 23 year old irlfriend

That's not a big difference in the scheme of things, not something you should worry about (you should maybe even count your blessings)...

Although I am 45 I take care of myself and workout 3+ days a week

This is important for both your sakes. Not that 45 is old.

and no gray hair (thanks to my genetics).

Genetics or no genetics, grey hair can be turned to whatever colour you like with a can of Grecian mousse and 30 seconds in the bathroom :-)

and our lve for each other grows stronger day by day

That's good. Nearly all relationships have their crisis eventually and you should be prepared that in yours, when that crisis happens, age may well play its part.

I could be old and healthy or I could be wearing a diaper and have t be taken care of.....

I know couples with similar or larger age gaps than yours in both those situations and they manage, even when age-related illness comes into the picture. I think from the fact that you write 'gray' 'college educated' and 'diaper' that we're from different countries, however by the time you're older, you'll probably have a normal National Health Service or something close to one and they are very used to providing support to people and their younger (or even older) partners. Remember, all it takes is a car crash or a serious illness and it could be you who is pushing the wheelchair rather than your partner. Unfortunately, I speak whereof I know. That doesn't diminish your love though.
14 Jul 2015 #161
having a 25 yrs old girlfriends for a 54 yrs old man is little headache coz she is playful but somehow romantic. You can never sleep adequately believe me...hahaha.
Michael Myers
7 Oct 2015 #162
I'm a 41 yr man Girlfriend is 26 I am tired of her stick to your age Group people only thing stopping me I have 3 kids with her that child support Ain't no joke! If I could go back and never met my girlfriend I would jump on that time machine in a heartbeat stick to your group age peopl. I am 41 in my girlfriends 26

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