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Do I need to get a temporary residence permit before or after I arrive in Poland?
Residence Permit for an American in Poland? Partner of a legal resident 90/180 day Schengen immigration policy
Help with Postal Customs office in Poland. I need to get an item that is being withheld there. Rolex imitation
Obtaining citizenship while working in Poland
Exam for Drivers License in Poland after passing theoretical test in Germany?
Buying an unregistered car in Poland?
Eviction process from an apartment in Poland
Trying to get visitation and partial custody of my son in Poland. (Fathers rights?)
Settling into Poland to make it a new home; documents, drivers license, tax code, etc.
10 - Sounds as though you're all set....

LawDirk diggler - 24 Jun 2017 Lyzko - 24 Jun 2017
How to register my UK motorcycle in Poland?
How can a Non-EU citizen extend a D Visa?
5 - Merged: Help for extend residence Hi guys I'm not Eu citizen and I have Karta pobytu and...

Lawsomethingsflesh - 15 Apr 2011 mohi1980 - 19 Jun 2017
Lost without my daughter - father rights in Poland
Car Insurance in Poland (A/C)  2
Paying tax on UK I.S.A. in Poland?
I have recently been scammed in Poland. My company accounts frozen.  2
How to get custody of my children? I am a foreigner on a Poland's karta pobytu (temporary residence card)
English man marrying Polish woman in church - no marriage certificate?
Poland's Citizenship Requirements - Is a permanent resident card necessary ?
Sport fishing in Poland - Do you need license or buying permit to fish in the sea and coastline?
Temporary Resident Permit TRP in Poland - How can I get?
US citizen looking to live in Poland for 6+ months like a long-term tourist  2
Residence Permit Via Marriage to a Polish woman?
Visa Stamp if you overstay (American with a Polish Wife)
Hello, Question regarding a grandparent who has died in Poland and an American Grandchild (me)
An international student in Poland wants to stay here permanently and get Polish citizenship
Registering sp. zoo with person who is not in Poland
Moving to Poland from Canada - documentation questions
Indefinite contract - Statutory Termination Period
3 - @delphiandomine Thank you very much for your reply!...

Lawc0mmon - 11 May 2017 c0mmon - 15 May 2017
Cost of importing a car from Germany to Poland?
Will a notarized photocopy of Polish documents be enough, or will they need to be Apostilled?
Problem with renewal of Polish children's passports due to separation, advice needed.
3 - How did you go if I may ask?...

LawKanciastoporty - 29 Aug 2014 Iza22 - 15 May 2017
Confirmation of Polish citizenship of my mother (born in Poland)
Can I obtain Polish citizenship by birth instead of the one I have, by naturalization?
10 - ..and your parents marriage cert and your own birth cert...

Lawnachimson - 10 Dec 2012 rozumiemnic - 8 May 2017
Can anyone help me in getting my Polish Passport?
Is it ever worth it to renounce Polish citizenship?
Confirmation of Polish Citizenship - how to obtain required documents?
Buying a car in Poland for business and ZUS declarations
5 - Will it be a brand new car or used ? If brand new, u have also to pay excise....

LawPaladine - 1 May 2017 polishlawyer - 2 May 2017
Driving a class 2 moped in Poland without a license?
2 - No, you need to have a registration plate on the bike, and you need to have a document that...

Lawjonasmalmborg - 27 Apr 2017 delphiandomine - 30 Apr 2017
Lviv born. Can Polish ancestry be claimed?  2
Going in and out of Poland on a non-Polish passport
Resignation/Cancelling Karta Pobytu - Poland's resident card
A non eu national married to a Polish woman - the custody of the little boy.
Granting Polish citizenship by the President (for money)
15 - It's not much of a secret that the whole thing was aimed to give dodgy Russians an easy...

Lawunuser_lol - 20 Apr 2017 delphiandomine - 22 Apr 2017
British Driving licence confiscation in Poland
Highway Code equivalent in Poland?
Buying a house in Warsaw without Polish citizenship and stay there on a student/work visa.
Inheritance law in Poland - child's right to real estate
Chance for citizenship of Poland; my great grandmother born in 1898 - confirmation, granting by the President?
8 - Delphiandomine, thank you very much for your answer!!...

Lawkwr66 - 7 Oct 2013 unuser_lol - 17 Apr 2017
How to pay a drinking fine in Poland?
4 - It's easier just that tiny amount....

LawWhenInPoland - 14 Apr 2017 Marsupial - 15 Apr 2017
Information regarding Polish Work Permit
Retirees immigration regulations in Poland  2
How long can you drive a car registered in another EU country in Poland?
Report a stolen iPhone or other theft in Poland?
Question about the drinking laws of Poland.  2
How can I get media in Poland court hearing - my wife lied that I tried to kidnapped our baby?
Legal Advice of how to close a company owned in Poland
Court date for marriage document exemption
Residence permit in Poland. Starting an own business is enough to get this?
14 - Ask them for a sample contract and send it to me, I'll soon tell you if it's a...

LawPeruvian - 24 Mar 2017 delphiandomine - 28 Mar 2017
Urgent: Polish work permit, require to travel UK for temporary assignment for period of more than 6 months
Will opening an online company in Poland help with obtaining a visa?

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