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What's the deal with Polish Urząd and time scales in Poland (specifically for Karty Pobytu)

MarkC 6 | 20
27 Feb 2018 #1
Hi Guys,

I'm just wondering if somebody who's applied for Karty Pobytu (as an EU citizen) could give me a realistic indication of waiting times?

The Urząd tell me 3 - 4 months and that I should call to check; I find it quite crazy that there isn't even an automated email or SMS they can send out when it's ready especially considering they took both my email and mobile phone number.

Also, if the time of 3 -4 months given is correct, what's with the wait time? I could understand as a non-EU citizen, but for an EU citizen you literally have to provide them with all proofs anyway, so it's not like they have to go running around to find all of this.

Thanks in advance.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
27 Feb 2018 #2
somebody who's applied for Karty Pobytu

Yep, quite barmy, but true. Waited 15 weeks for mine, even though I had an out of date one as a basis to start on, and 26 years of tax returns etc etc etc. A lot of bureaucrats have to get paid you see.
OP MarkC 6 | 20
27 Feb 2018 #3
Thanks, Doug.

Yes, indeed very barmy.

I have this image of Urząd and the application going from desk to desk each labeled "Month 1, Month 2, Month 3, Month 4 etc". It processes the first month and then it's moved from desk to desk before finally printing it in month 4.
OP MarkC 6 | 20
28 Feb 2018 #4
Update on this... I randomly decided to give the Urząd a call this morning as I had a spare 5 mins. It's ready!!!

I'm shocked. Today is exactly 2 months to the day that I applied. So, maybe a little hope for anybody else who may be waiting for their card and is hoping to have it a little quicker than the given waiting period.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
2 Mar 2018 #5
Today is exactly 2 months to the day that I applied

Excellent; you're set. Depends on the Voivodeship? In Katowice it was held up because they were dealing with the relatively large Ukrainian application. My card has been bent by a truck running over it, so I guess I'll be back there before long looking for a replacement:(
O WELL 1 | 158
3 Mar 2018 #6
I thought it was a law that one has to change adress where one lives and have to apply at the voivodship where one resides??or change adress?I assume you live in tri city area doug??
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
3 Mar 2018 #7
I assume you live in tri city

No. Domiciled and running a business in Katowice. I spend some of my time in Tri City as well. Thanks for the enquiry though. I also run a Katowice registered car here, though others are under the misapprehension that you must change your registration to a different city. If people want to interpret the law in such a way and pay extra charges because they are still afraid of the authorities and believe it to still be an authoritarian system, then that is up to them.

What you are suggesting is, in fact, unenforceable., Please do feel free to report to your local office if you feel a crime has been committed:))
Honeymoon55 6 | 28
13 Jul 2018 #8

Poland's Karta Pobytu! Why and what could be the reason of the delay ?

I applied for Karta pobytu on the basis of marriage in January 2018 in the kancelaria (with no appointment) I just went to the reception and submitted my documents and got stamp in my application. I was supposed to wait around 2 months to receive a letter to know my case number and probably to come give my finger print or submit any extra document, However, it's been 6 months now and I still haven't received any single letter, call, message , email etc etc. Is that normal ? what could be the reason of the delay ? should I be worried ?

N.B: I came to Poland as a full time student 3 years ago so I've been renewing my Karta pobytu normally for the past 3 years and I'm also working as a full timer.
13 Jul 2018 #9
Unfortunately, yes, this is now considered "normal". In some voivodeship (dolnoslaskie is the worst) the average processing time is more than 9 months, in many cases more than a year, with the first letter sent after 6-8 months.

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