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Polish Visa, Work Permit, Residency for Spouse of Polish Citizen

terri 1 | 1,663
6 Jul 2016 #61
Some men only married their wives because they wanted an EU spouse. Once they get an EU nationality they will leave this wife and marry one from their own culture. Simples!.

If they asked their EU wife about nationality/how long etc...the wife might suspect something. (And you don't need to be Columbo to suss that one out)
gregy741 5 | 1,232
6 Jul 2016 #62
Some men only married their wives because they wanted an EU spouse.

looks like.this cant be normal marriage.those polish girls would be able to get all information within minutes -online.yet fokin army of arabs asking- "am married with polish woman ""how get visa" :how get passport" "how to shengen" ?
sebastian rubin
28 Nov 2016 #63
hi all..
we need help please.My husband is from Poland we live in the UK .I have been here for 8 years and my husband about 11 years.

we have been married for 3 years. we have 5 months old baby as well.
Now my husband wants me to go Poland with baby and stay with his parents. I dont mind at all.
but my question is do i need visa for that? if yes how and where can i apply ? and how long will i get for?

we are planning to go to solicitors but dont know what kind of solicitors do we need. we both confuse.
DominicB - | 2,707
28 Nov 2016 #64
@sebastian rubin

You realize that you left out a lot of important information, like where you are from, what is your status in the UK, whether you speak Polish, whether you intend to work in Poland, and where you plan on living in Poland?

Briefly, I wouldn't wish living in close quarters with a Polish mother-in-law on a dog, especially if you do not speak Polish. It sounds like a recipe for disaster. You will be socially isolated and totally dependent on your husband and his family, and you will feel trapped. If you and your husband cannot afford your own apartment at some distance from his parents, then it would be foolish to go.
30 Mar 2017 #65
Myself abdul lateef I am planning to study in poland.could my wife gets a dependent visa
Jaff 1986 - | 1
30 Dec 2017 #66
Hi all
I am an Iranian guy who lives in uk for the past 11 years. I have resident permit in uk( ILR) I met my beautiful fiance two years ago and we are about to get married. I am happy in uk and so is she. We visited Poland twice for the past two years and I loved Poland. As I read the previous comments, I saw people getting judged and it puts me off to ask questions but not every one is here to get visa and a passport plus a yellow blond girl from Poland and f** them off in future. Some guys truly wants to get married and settle some where!

I want to know if I get married with a polish girl how I can move to Poland ?
I have properties in uk and also I am about to buy a house in Poland under my fiances name.
Can I register my name to the house that we are buying for my resident permit ? Can we apply after the marriage for temporary card? And am I able to travel with her and stay in Poland? Do I have to work in Poland once I obtain residency?

Thank you.
Mr_Eman - | 1
22 Feb 2018 #67
Please my girlfriend is a Polish citizen and we want to get married so I can move to Poland. Currently she is in Poland and I am in Ghana. Please we need you advice.
2 Apr 2018 #68

Spouse of Polish Citizen - National Visa


I am a non-EU citizen (Asian to be specific) and my spouse is Polish. We are currently living outside of Poland and plan to move to Poland due to my spouse's family concern. Given the fact that none of us has a job in PL as yet, would I be eligible to get a national visa and TRC in Poland based on my spouse's nationality?

Also, would I be eligible to work in Poland?

My spouse's parents are sick and we must be in PL as early as possible.

Any help is much appreciated.
4 Aug 2018 #69
Hello there! I'm from Philippines and married to a polish citizen. We plan to apply for visa that I can stay long time. We have child as well. What for documents I need to prepare and I'm wondering which visa to apply, either spousal visa, emigrant visa or permanent stay visa. I'm very confuse since we don't do the first step yet. I hope to get answers from my inquiries.


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