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Technical inspection for an American Mustang in Poland

3 Oct 2018 #1

I'm Mexican and I moved to the UK in 2015 and I took my mustang with me, I had to make several modifications to the car, mainly with the lights to meet the UK regulations (and I thought the EU regulations), this was done by a company in the UK, they handled everything including taking the car to the technical test and registering it.

Now I've moved to Poland and again I took my car with me thinking that this time it would be easier because I thought that all the modifications done to the car in the UK would apply to the EU, but when I took it to the technical test in Poland it was rejected because the lights are pointing straight forward and they should point a little to the right. In the UK it was not necessary to do any horizontal adjustment (in this case to point to the left) because the rule said that it didn't apply for HID/Xenon lights, it was for older headlamps like Halogen. I tried to explain this to the technician but he refused to approve it and he said I must change the lights, which it would be very difficult/expensive and it probably would damage the headlamp.

Please does anyone have an advice for what I can do? Does that rule also apply for HID headlamps? Do BMW/Mercedes HID headlamps point to the right?

Thanks in advance,
terri 1 | 1,663
3 Oct 2018 #2
In Poland you must have the car lights adjusted exactly as the Polish driving law stipulates.
lul bul - | 48
3 Oct 2018 #3
Doesnt cost much,just couple of hundered Zlotays and you will be all set.
OP Sergio
3 Oct 2018 #4
Thanks both for your answers.

@lul bul
But do you know where I can do it? I live in Katowice.
I know that if they were Halogen headlamps it would be easy, but I', not sure that HID headlamps can be modified.

So does that rule also apply for HID headlamps, I thought it was just for the halogen ones as they disperse the light in all directions.
lul bul - | 48
3 Oct 2018 #5
Any inspection place will recommend you a mechanic shop near by.
Alexbrz 3 | 78
4 Oct 2018 #6
Its not easy or cheap at all with Xenon lights, they have a lens in front of them.

It is correct that they have to be pointing to the side tho. No matter what type of lamp you have.
This is also why lights from UK parts cars are not usable in EU.

Your easiest way is replacing the whole light unit. Will be expensive tho, but im not sure you will get your lenses adjusted anywhere

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