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Temp residence in Poland (came here on a Schengen visa to get my US visa extended)
PESEL or NIP in Poland for an American married to Polish citizen
Question on conversion of a Schengen visa to Polish Temporary Residence Card (TRC)
13 - Because i heard that its possible but i am quite confused of which one it is.....

Lawnesta12 - 6 Oct 2010 ImHarrykrish - 9 Jan 2018
Both parent are Indian and child born in India; does child can have Poland permanent resident card?
Visa to Poland? Invitation by a Polish student?
Need some advice about two residence permits (from Poland and Belgium)
Laws regarding suing the police and their operatives in Warsaw
4 - So it was probably a while ago. Did you get an 'obdukcja'?...

LawLOVEANDORDER - 19 Dec 2017 jon357 - 20 Dec 2017
Question on international law - a person from Poland caught and extorted in the USA
Polish grandparents, citizenship? Parents moved from Poland to Australia before my birth.
What a "factura" is a factura? Car repair cost in Poland.
Business Registration - Poland or United Kingdom
6 - You don't need to living in Poland in order to be liable for taxes here....

LawSME-Polska - 15 Dec 2017 Taxpaying voter - 15 Dec 2017
My permanent residence card is being cancelled due to divorcing within 2 years of receiving it
Polish Citizenship for a foreigner whose parents was born in Poland  2  3  4  5  6
Want to divorce wife - Need Help (married in Poland)
Polish import taxes/fees - sending gift for a friend in Poland
Poland says My MARRIAGE is NOT VALID
Can Poland's Birth Certificates Destroyed in War be Recreated/Reregistered?
Permanent Residence in Polska: procedures, list of documents, etc.  2
Immigration Open for Foreigners In Poland?
Forex Market in Poland
I can change my last name to my father's second?????
As a foreigner non EU citizen working in Poland, can I get visa for my spouse?  2
34 - @dovla I took it to mean that her visa is valid for a total of five months. I...

LawFaisal Khan - 30 Jan 2013 DominicB - 21 Nov 2017
Bank Account in Euros - Is it possible to negotiate exchange rates to zloty with a Polish bank?
Holiday entitlement in Poland (conditions for receiving holiday)?
Allegro for non-Polish users -- Cancel order, bank transfer, contacts for help, etc.
Renew my Polish passport (as non resident) that expired 2010. Whats the procedure?
Poland's Karta stalego pobytu - how long does the procedure take?
Can a foreigner from outside the EU with a Polish work permit visit other EU / Schengen countries?
7 - Where are you from?...

Lawfrd - 1 May 2014 SigSauer - 7 Nov 2017
Can I have Polish passport with Poland's pobytu karta (residence card)?
A Polish company have not paid me
Finding proof of Polish passport of my grandfather
A complicated Poland's divorce case - for whom baby and the flat?
What is NIP number?
Poland's Residence Permit for Parents (Non-EU)
Unusual situation with Poland's work permit and karta pobytu / moving to another city?
3 - Yeah outside of EU....

LawTurtleButtocks - 26 Oct 2017 TurtleButtocks - 26 Oct 2017
How to legally do an agency contract in Poland?
Tourist visa to Poland for Indian citizen, invitation letter.  2
Overstaying Tourist Visa and not getting deported from Poland? I'm from USA
Birth certificate for marriage in Poland
Questions on Civil Wedding Ceremony in Poland- Do we get the certificate on the day?
25 - It is if you want your marriage to be recognized in the Philippines....

LawNorthernScot - 23 Jan 2014 DominicB - 17 Oct 2017
Re-entry into the Republic of Poland
2 - Hi, i think the best way to look at this is to ask your girlfriend to come to India...

LawImHarrykrish - 16 Oct 2017 dammestxp - 16 Oct 2017
Residency decision letter vs residency card and Poland Visa D
What if a foreigner doesnt want to get retired in Poland ? Retirement money back?
Polish Husband Left me for another Woman / Abandoning his Wife
My Polish friend can sponsor a visa to me, what are procedures in Poland?
Permanent residency after 3/5 years but no NIP so far...ok?
Poland - Temporary Residence card - Karta pobytu - required documents  2  3  4  5
Do I need Polish company to employ someone? I have UK registered business.
Poland/England handwritten Will without witnesses
I am an American citizen seeking a temporary redidence card and a work permit in Poland
Waiting for karta niebieska... (blue card) - can I change my job in Poland?
Regarding karta pobytu and unpaid tax in Poland
Polish/EU Citizenship by Descent  2  3
Need residence permit in Lithuania - I'm from Poland
Schengen visa for a Moroccan guy married to a Polish girl
13 - @Ironside i see thanks for the head sup...

Lawabdellahrh - 18 Sep 2017 abdellahrh - 19 Sep 2017
I'm on Schengen Visa - can I work in Poland? Post training.
6 - i am in same state as of above ! Can someone please help here...

Lawdiksj - 14 Jul 2015 Aquarian - 11 Sep 2017
Poland's Karta Pobytu (Residence card) Rejection
Regulations on Online Betting in Poland
4 - Is it possible to do matched betting in Poland ?...

Lawbydplay1106 - 6 Sep 2017 spiritus - 7 Sep 2017

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