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What documents are required for dependant visa for Non-EU citizen holding work permit in Poland?

avigoel 1 | -
16 Oct 2014 #1

I recently got the National Visa - D for 1 year. I am currently in my national country. My Visa duration is from Dec 2014 - Dec 2015. I don't have any residential address as of now.

Now, my wife needs to apply for dependent visa before I fly to Poland. What all documents I can show to the embassy?

Currently, I am holding:
1. National D Visa
2. Work Permit
3. Offer letter

Please help!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
16 Oct 2014 #2
Read here: migrant/Visas.html or send them question if you don't find enough information.
9 Feb 2015 #3
Hi avigoel,
Did you get the details? My work permit is currently under process with the polish embassy. Should be getting the same by end of Feb ,after that I will be going for Visa D application.

Any advise on how easy/difficult it is to get dependent visa for spouse? Any steps to be carried out would be most helpful!
rahulthegreates - | 2
9 Feb 2015 #4
Update: I went through some of the links provided here and I'm now thoroughly confused.
Is it possible to get a visa for my wife while I am in India? ie, can I submit her application along with my visa D application? Or do I need to file for Family Reunification after reaching Poland?

Would truly appreciate your urgent assistance here. Thanks!

20 Jan 2018 #5

Doubts on work visa


Recently I'm selected for a company in Poland. But yet some confirmations to be done. In the meanwhile, I would like to know if my parents and my 2 years baby is allowed to travel or not.
Leon Fernandez
18 Sep 2018 #6
I am a Christian and got married in church so if my name is added in my wife passport will that b enough ?? Cus as I am a Christian I don't hav ny registration certificate ,so will this be fine if only spouse name is added ..please someone let me know I will be thankful

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