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How Can I Get a Polish Driving Licence? (Non-EU citizen living in Poland ) - required documents

15 Aug 2014 /  #1
Hello guys i ve been living in poland for 2 years and its gonna be my 3. year, so i wanne get a polish driver licence what papers should i have to apply ( btw i have polish residance card for 1 year) and i cant speak polish :D also i wanna ask that how many days will take to get my licence ?
15 Aug 2014 /  #2
What you need are the following: a (filled out) application, proof that you have been here in Poland for at least 185 days, 1 photo 3.5/4.5cm, proof of payment for examination, a medical exam documentation, and a certificate of theory test completion.
OP simsiko  
16 Aug 2014 /  #3
Well Where can i apply ( i mean where are the driving courses) i live in warszawa can u give me a number or an adress, and what about the pricess. Thx For helping :)
16 Aug 2014 /  #4
The first one I found:

OES - Nauka jazdy - Warszawa
Długa 44/50 lok. 14 (Metro Ratusz Arsenał)
00-241 Warszawa
phone: 791 792 322
open at thursdays 17.30- 20.00
(or after phone registration)

The prices:

The Basic Course in English (B Category) is 1789 PLN

You may find also something interesting at this thread:
OP simsiko  
16 Aug 2014 /  #5
Thank u so much i was searching for it too i found IMOLA i think its really good thx for help :)
26 Aug 2014 /  #6
hello guys im gonna get my residance card at september 3. but my card starts at 4/11/2014

so i wanna get a polish driver licence is that possible to take it from september3 or i must wait till 4/11/2014 ?
9 Mar 2017 /  #7

Driving licence- UAE(Dubai) into POLISH

I am having UAE(Dubai) driving licence. Can i change my UAE(Dubai) driving licence into poland driving licence?
If yes what is the procedures?
What are the other possibilities?

Kindly advice me.
9 Mar 2017 /  #8
Yes you can change you must have legal residence here. you have to go city office and apply with your Dubai license in original and with its translation. mean while you can drive with Dubai license and with International license

if you need details send me email on sksherwani2k@yahoo

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