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Recognition as a Polish citizen on the basis of marriage with a citizen of Poland

MarkC 6 | 20
29 Oct 2018 #1
Hi Guys,

Has anyone applied for recognition as a Polish citizen? If so, have you applied on the basis of marriage?

I went to apply with all documentation after mountains of research and was asked to provide information of my income (działalnośc, umowa o pracy etc.) and also legal entitlement to a place of living, however, as I'm not applying on the basis of living here a certain amount of time with a permanent residence I was under the impression this was not needed. Let's say it's certainly not stated anywhere that I do.

After some additional research I found this - WAŻNE! Jeśli ubiegasz się o uznanie za obywatela polskiego na podstawie art. 30 ust. 1 pkt 2, 3 i 7 ustawy o obywatelstwie polskim, to nie załączasz dokumentów wymienionych w pkt 12 i 13. Jeśli natomiast ubiegasz się o uznanie za obywatela polskiego na podstawie art. 30 ust. 1 pkt 3 to przedkładasz także decyzję o nadaniu ci statusu uchodźcy w RP.

Basically, the points it refers to is that if I'm applying on the basis of point 2 (marriage) that point 12 and 13 (these are the points referring to income and housing) are not required. So, am I dealing with simple bureaucracy here or what? I haven't spoken with them since finding this information, but it makes sense, no?

Any input is appreciated in advance.

Many Thanks,
delphiandomine 87 | 18,070
29 Oct 2018 #2
Are you already a permanent resident in Poland for the required time (2 years minimum) and do you have the B1 certificate for Polish?

If you don't have permanent residency / the valid B1 certificate in Polish, then you can't apply for naturalisation / recognition.
OP MarkC 6 | 20
29 Oct 2018 #3
Hi Delph,

I have everything. Trust me, I've done my research and prepared everything I need in stages.

Exam done, certificate received, permanent residence done etc. the lady in the urząd went through everything with me to make sure I have all the other documentation in order before I come back. I'm going back because the only one thing I did not do was umiejscowić akt urodzenia - didn't realise that was required. Other than that she said it was all hunky dory, but that when I returned I need to attach the income and housing documentation - to which I was told just to make a certificate of using the place as it's not in my name, and then to get it verified by a notary that my wife is the owner of the property. Complete mess around.

The only problem is the above information I found saying it's not necessary to provide this on the basis of marriage.
delphiandomine 87 | 18,070
29 Oct 2018 #4
In that case, correct, there's no obligation to provide housing / income if you're applying on the basis of marriage to a Polish citizen.

Simply submit the application as-is and wait for the decision. It's an administrative decision, so if they reject you, they have to provide the legal basis for rejection - which obviously has to comply with the paragraph you found.

Out of interest, last year, you posted saying that you didn't hold permanent residency. How did you manage to meet the two years requirement if you didn't hold permanent residency then?
OP MarkC 6 | 20
29 Oct 2018 #5
Thanks for the advice.

Ahhh yes, I see what you mean now. Well as you know now I have the permanent residency, and as for the 2 years if you remember in my post I was unsure how to interpret this so I simply mentioned this and I was informed that it's ok, and they just need 2 check 2 years back (or rather I need to provide proof) that I spent this time here in Poland.

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