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PAKISTANI marrying a Polish Girl

raxa 1 | 4
28 Jan 2013 #1
Hello, How are you all?

I am living in Germany and i don't have German papers. Now i have found a Polish girl and we have decided to do marry in Poland. I wanted to ask some questions about my case.

1. Is it possible to do marriage, when i am illegal entered in Poland?
2. What are the requirements?
3. How long i have to wait for residence card after doing marriage?

I would be very thankful to you, if you reply very clearly.
Thanks a lot.
Bieganski 17 | 896
28 Jan 2013 #2
What's the going rate these days for sham marriages?
OP raxa 1 | 4
28 Jan 2013 #3
What do you mean with this ******** question Bieganski? If you can't answer, don't do bashing about my girlfriend... She is not for sale. You are really cheap thinking man.
Bieganski 17 | 896
28 Jan 2013 #4
You are the one who admitted to living in the shadows; "illegal" was the word you used to describe yourself.

So why aren't you smart enough or man enough to build a legitimate life for yourself and your bride-to-be back in Pakistan?
ukangel 8 | 56
5 Feb 2013 #5
Raxa,some people on this forum are very judgemental.if ur polish girlfriend is willing to marry you whether u r legal or illegal,don't worry about those who are nasty to u.I can't help u on ur query but I wish u good luck. N raxa don't b offended with the next thing I'm going to say.

And for those who think that polish women are not after money,then why do u think it will b a sham marriage.clearly show that some polish women are after money whether to earn it in the good way or not.
ilyeshallo - | 9
7 Feb 2013 #6
i think you can"t even enter to POLAND if you dont have papers.
ukangel 8 | 56
7 Feb 2013 #7
He can enter Poland from Germany by coach as there is no control on coach
Nacjonalista 4 | 96
7 Feb 2013 #8
No you can't marry if you are not a legal Polish citizen. Find a girl from Pakistan.
alex67 1 | 14
7 Feb 2013 #9

2.To be Legal
3.You will not get a residents card unless you apply for one and to do this you need to be legal.
4.This sounds like you are only wanting to get married to obtain a residents card.???
5.If you truly love your girlfriend then go back to Pakistan and visit the Polish embassy and go through the correct procedure legally.
OP raxa 1 | 4
7 Feb 2013 #10
Thanks a lot and we are going to Pakistan in few days. Thanks for your good reply.
Wulkan - | 3,243
8 Feb 2013 #11
thanks god! just make sure you both stay there
APF 4 | 106
8 Feb 2013 #12
I hope so too!! Like I told, Pundi, we dont need both of you here .. and hopefully a student who needs the money, gets your Burger King job!
8 Feb 2013 #13
Ha. You know, whenever I'm IN Poland, I always meet amazing people, both men and women. Real gems of Slavonia. Then, when I come online, I see the dregs, the wastes, the worst of the worst. You must all be hiding inside with your MCI laptops. I'm not Polish, but I'll go there whenever I please. So should the Pakistani gent or anyone else. You don't have a say, you don't even have the guts if you DID have a say, to tell him otherwise to his face. Let the authorities worry about it. Hey, OP, don't make decisions based on the cowardly lot that snivels over their keyboards about foreigners. Do what you want, and whenever you wanna do it. Never let anyone without a gun tell you what to do. Ever.
OP raxa 1 | 4
8 Feb 2013 #14
I hope so too!! Like I told, Pundi, we dont need both of you here .. and hopefully a student who needs the money, gets your Burger King job!

You are relly funny my dear friend. She is not student, she was doing job in Germany as salesman in H&M. We have spoken to a lawyer in Hamburg and he is suggesting to do marry in homeland, So in few days we are going there together. One more thing i'll have to see because i am doing Ausblidung (Course) here, so i will have to apply for holidays. I don't think that it is easy as it sounds....

Thanks a lot to everyone to help me. I am not gonna reply here anymore because my issue is solved.
ufo973 10 | 89
8 Feb 2013 #15
Kid let me give you an advice.

1>There is no jobs here, half of their own population is in uk, germany etc....
2>if you by chance found a job you will be paid 1100 to 1500 zloty which is lower then even your own country coz i have been to Pakistan.

3>Expect racism...

Moral of the story! try to settle where you are or return to your own country with your new wife.
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859
8 Feb 2013 #16
I'm not Polish, but I'll go there whenever I please.

We are the indigenous people of Europe. We have every right to decide whom lives in our lands.

You are but a mere guest. And never forget it.
Wroclaw Boy
8 Feb 2013 #17
You are but a mere guest.

were all guests
OP raxa 1 | 4
12 Feb 2013 #18
Hey Guys, Good News.
We are going to Pakistan and will be back soon after Marriage and will show you all pictures of Marriage is gonna held in Pakistan. :D
APF 4 | 106
12 Feb 2013 #19
Please stay there, start to rebuild your country, then visit your wifes country, start to rebuild it too .. but please .. stay out of my country, ok?
mvefa 5 | 591
12 Feb 2013 #20
hahaha i knew this thread would claim for blood. It still amaze me how Europeans can be so forgetfull. Not so long ago we were pouring like rats on north america, southamerica, Australia and even Asia. But other people is not allowed in Europe? i smell double standards?

Oh by the way, since things are not that pretty anymore in here, hundreds of thousands of europeans are emigrating again to Southamerica...should they close their borders? i wonder what your thoughts will be.
APF 4 | 106
13 Feb 2013 #21
I dont have anything in common with people from hundreds of years ago ..
mvefa 5 | 591
13 Feb 2013 #22
What about the ones leaving now? by the hundred of thousands?
sha666 - | 5
11 Jul 2018 #23
yes you can marry in church

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