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Applying for Polish citizenship through marriage in middle of divorce proceedings

MarkC 6 | 20
26 Sep 2018 #1

Just a quick one. Has anyone had experience of this?

Now I should explain my situation to make things a little clearer. I'm an EU citizen (British), married for 7 years now, however, as per the title, in the middle of a divorce. I've lived in Poland for 5 years and now I have all the things I needed to get together for Polish citizenship.

Technically, as I'm still married and going through the delights of a long and painful Polish court procedure I'm (legally) able to still apply on the basis of marriage - or so one would think. But, my question is how would this be viewed by the dreaded urząd?

Now, obviously, the Polish citizenship to me in one sense is not necessary. I say this as I could understand if I was from some let's say dodgy non-EU country, then naturally alarm bells would be ringing right away. So how, if at all, would this have any implications for my application?

We have a son together who lives here in Poland (British and Polish citizenship) who lives with me, just FYI.

Thanks in advance, guys.

terri 1 | 1,664
26 Sep 2018 #2
The best way would be to get the marriage registered in Poland (if you have not already done that) & go through the citizenship procedure. I would not tell them that you are going through a divorce unless they ask or already know. If they know already, then the basis for your citizenship (i.e. married to Polish national) do not apply.
OP MarkC 6 | 20
26 Sep 2018 #3
Hi Terri,

Thanks for your input. Tbh, I probably won't tell them, however, my marriage was registered in Poland around 5 or 6 years ago.

The only thing is if they check with my ex to see our status. I'm unsure they will do this considering I am able to provide all details, proofs and Polish marriage certificate, that plus I'm an EU citizen. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm sure they'd be all over me if I was from a non-EU country.

Still open to anyone else's input.

delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
26 Sep 2018 #4
Mark, I strongly discourage you from attempting this. You can tell them the situation and see what happens, but the karta stałego pobytu will still be valid after Brexit anyway. They can and will dig into your personal circumstances, so it's best to be straightforward.

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